Link Roundup - February 3, 2011

Facebook photo credit Mary L. Royan

Hello again everyone! The photo of the week was posted on our Facebook wall, and we love seeing these girls enjoying all the snow we got. They look like they are having a blast! We are so excited about the links we have to share with you all this week!

Now, those girls are enjoying the snow, but apparently not everyone feels the same way. @JulieKay0919 shared an auction on eBay, where someone was selling “Top Quality Michigan Snow,” and they actually had bidders!

How many snowmen can you make in 2 hours? We couldn’t guess, but the cities of Saline, Zeeland, and St. Clair could tell you! They all took part in a snowman building contest last weekend to win the “Snowman Building Champion of the Free World” trophy. Saline won the prestigious prize, for building 483 snowmen!

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do with snow. But have you ever thought about making a dessert out of it? Andrea Oliver-Cerroni shared her recipe for snow ice cream with us. We haven’t tried it yet, but if you want to, there is plenty of raw material for it right outside your door!
1 gallon of snow (16 cups)
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1 tblsp vanilla

She then simply blends hers with a stick blender in a large bowl. Enjoy!

Michigan is truly blessed with wonderful artists. We got to see a couple of our own rewarded for their talents last month when an author/illustrator husband and wife team won this year’s Caldecott award for their book, A Sick Day for Amos McGee.

Another creative Michigander is designing one Michigan-themed asset each day. They may be used by “ANYONE who advocates for the great state of Michigan," free of charge. So far he has posted a Made in Michigan badge, a gorgeous Detroit skyline, and Michigan-themed buttons you can use on a webpage. Follow the hashtag #MIcrush on Twitter to see the new item posted each day or check out his blog.