Link Roundup – April 21, 2011

Facebook photo credit - Gary McCormick

Welcome back to the weekly roundup, Pure Michigan Connect fans! This is National Parks Week, and all of our featured links are celebrating National Parks, or the Michigan outdoors! The photo of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse was linked to on our Facebook page by Gary McCormick. We’d like to thank our fans on Facebook and Twitter for sharing their favorite links, and we’ve gathered a couple as well.

  • Do you have a Michigan bucket list? A list of all of the places in Michigan you’d like to see during your lifetime? Marquette’s Examiner page has declared kayaking by the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore an event that is a must-add to your bucket list. Most people tour the Pictured Rocks on foot or with a boat tour. However, for the visitor that wants a more unique and intimate experience, kayaking is an ideal alternative.
  • For the more adventurous among us, Michigan’s Lake Superior offers an opportunity to surf! Check out the gorgeous pictures of the surfers that traveled up from Chicago and Milwaukee as they battle the freezing cold waves.
  • Congratulations go out to Marquette, for making Outdoor Life’s list of the top towns in the United States for hunting and fishing. We already knew it was a gorgeous place, as well as ideal for hunting and fishing; we’re just glad that everyone else knows it now too!
  • Not only is Marquette a great place for fishing, the whole state is as well! Field & Stream has named Michigan the #1 state in the United States for fly fishing! In Michigan, you’re never more than a few miles away or so from a fly-fishable body of water.
  • mLive recently wrote a really interesting article about the introduction of salmon into Lake Michigan in the 1960’s, a risky venture that aimed to change Lake Michigan from a commercial fishery into a sports fishery.
  • Finally, if you are in the area, or can make it to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Friday, April 22nd, you have an amazing opportunity to join a park ranger on a sunset hike on the Empire Bluff. It should be beautiful!


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