Link Roundup - April 7, 2011

Facebook photo credit: Tyler Moseley

Welcome back, Pure Michigan Connect readers! This week’s photo was submitted to our Facebook page by Tyler Moseley. He’s really living the good life, isn’t he? What a gorgeous view! Now, let’s get down to the weekly roundup, shall we?

Lonely Planet is an internationally known guidebook - with a website, TV show, and more, and they’ve named the Great Lakes the #1 top pick of places to visit in the United States!

In 2009, Bike Magazine named Marquette the number one place in the U.S. to bike and live. They’ve embraced this distinction, and have recently launched the website Let’s Bike Marquette, The website provides information on trails, shops, blogs, and even where to rent bicycles.

Another one of the many wonderful places to visit in Michigan is the Mackinac Bridge. It’s not just a tool we use to get from one area of Michigan to another; it’s also a work of art. Take a look at this video filmed atop the Mighty Mac. It’s certainly a new way to view a Michigan treasure.

Do you know what a CSA stands for? It’s Community-Supported Agriculture, and it gets more and more popular each year. A CSA consists of a group of people who buy shares in a farming organization, where the risks (and rewards) of a crop are shared between the farmer and the individuals. They usually consist of a weekly pick up or delivery of the farmers goods, and can range from fruits and vegetables, to meat and dairy products. If you are interested in buying shares in a local CSA, there are some great resources on the web. This one shows a great map of the CSA farms in Michigan.

You may notice that there are some areas of Michigan that do not have CSA coverage. Don’t worry; there are other ways to get great fresh produce in Michigan. Michigan Farmers Market Association offers a great tool to find farmers markets in your area.

Lastly, if you are one of those people that not only want to buy local fresh produce, but also want to read about it, mLive hosts a blog called Farm Fresh Food. It brings stories from Michigan’s own farms about where our food comes from, and the farmers who produce it.