Link Roundup - May 19, 2011

Photo Credit - Amber Wood Antolovich

It’s time for another link roundup! Our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter have shared some great links with us, and we want to share a few that we thought were particularly interesting. It seems like every week we are saying spring is just around the corner, but the evidence is already all around us. Check out our photo of the week! Have the flowering trees bloomed in your area yet? Thank you to Amber Wood Antolovich for sharing this beautiful image.

  • Five times is the charm! Congratulations go out to Ann Arbor chef Alex Young, of Zingerman’s Roadhouse for receiving his first James Beard award! In the food world this award is equivalent to receiving an Oscar for achievement in motion pictures. Great job, Alex!

  • Have you been hearing about all the great things happening in Detroit lately? Want to experience some of them for yourself? The New York Times recently put together a great itinerary for 36 hours in Detroit. It certainly makes planning a weekend getaway a lot easier!

  • You cannot truly understand the vastness of the starry sky until you get far away from the lights in the city. Lucky for us, the Headlands property in Emmet County has recently been awarded the prestigious International Dark Sky Park designation; joining just 5 other parks from the United States. This is a view that must be seen at least once!

  • Holland, Michigan-based Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream Co. has released their limited edition flavors for 2011. Every June, they receive 35-40 flavor nominations, and a flavor development team works together to pick out the flavors for the following year. Look out for the new Red Velvet Cake, Peach ‘n Raspberry Twister, and more for 2011! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?