More than 50% of Michigan is covered in forest, so you are never far from an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it’s a hiking trip deep in the woods, or a shopping trip down Main St., the posts here feature it all.

  • Beaches
    You’ll find posts here featuring the many gorgeous beaches found throughout the state. From the singing sands on Lake Michigan, to a beautiful sunrise over the lake, Michigan has it all.

  • Biking
    These posts feature experiences had on the more than 13,000 miles of bike trails.

  • Boating
    Sailing, water skiing, wake boarding and Great Lakes cruising are always Pure Michigan. You’ll find posts featuring trips on the waterways of Michigan here.

  • Camping
    A camping trip is something that everyone in Michigan needs to try at least once (or twice! Or more!). If you’re looking to relive a camping memory, or experience a trip through another’s eyes, this is the place for you.

  • Fishing
    With four Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes and hundreds of rivers and streams, you will never want for a great place to fish. The posts here feature stories about the fishing experiences had on those bodies of water.

  • Golf
    We’ve got posts featuring some of the more than 850 public golf courses and world-class resorts rounded up here for all of those who love a good golf story.

  • Hiking
    On a trail in Michigan, we can hike more than 200 miles on the shores that connect Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, and there are miles of trails to trek in the wilds of the Upper Peninsula. Go on a hiking adventure with the writers of the posts found here.

  • Hunting
    From big game to small, the thrill of the hunt can be found in Pure Michigan. Take a journey into the woods with the posts found here.

  • Nature & Parks
    In Pure Michigan you’ll find six state forests, four national parks, and 97 Michigan state parks, Michigan nature preserves, refuges, gardens and arboretums. Folks from the city and the country can always find a bit of nature in Michigan. Read about some of those experiences here.

  • ORV
    Michigan offers over 3,100 miles of great tracks for an off-road vehicle adventure. Read about the adventures that others have had in Pure Michigan, and maybe find a little inspiration for your own trip.

  • Paddlesports
    In Michigan we're never more than six miles from an inland lake or river, and always within a quick drive of one of the four Great Lakes. They give us many opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy some kayaking or river rafting. These posts feature some of those paddlesport adventures.

  • RVs
    Owning an RV is more than something you have, it is also something you experience. Read the posts here about enjoying life with an RV on the open road.

  • Shopping
    Looking for a little insider information about great places to shop in Michigan? Look no further!

  • Snowsports
    Sometimes we need to be reminded of how much fun can be had in the snow. These posts can be just what we need when we have had our fill of shoveling snow and scraping windows.