A Texan Travels “Up North”

Thanks to Terry Porter for this great guest blog piece on her photo tour through Michigan – we hope you enjoyed your visit from Texas!

I found out that in Michigan “Up North” is a state of mind.  You are south of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but North of everything else.

This kinda capsulizes our trip, looking down the road from the car.

This kinda capsulizes our trip, looking down the road from the car.

Our photography road trip began and ended in Ann Arbor.  A friend picked me up there at 6:45 AM on October 10.  We drove to pick up two other Michiganders, all of whom I know only through the Internet.  And then we were on our way.  

Fallasburg Covered Bridge near Lowell, Michigan

Fallasburg Covered Bridge near Lowell, Michigan

Our first stop was at White’s Bridge near Lowell.  Then a few miles away, we stopped at the Fallasburg Covered Bridge.  Both of these were very picturesque with fall foliage around them.

We drove on to Glen Arbor near Little Glen Lake.  Near Sleeping Bear Dunes, one of our group pointed out a grouping of barns, with a huge barn and two smaller ones in the same style. We came back to this location late in the afternoon when the light was wonderful.

Then, our plan was to watch and photograph the sunset from the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Unfortunately, the wind picked up and the sand started blowing, not good for cameras.  We had dinner at Boone Docks Restuarant in Glen Arbor and retired to our hotel room where I was taught how to play Euchre.

The next morning we drove to Fishtown in downtown Leland, MI.  Wonderful old buildings and nautical objects.  Then on to Traverse City which I remember for pumpkin ice cream and Adirondack chairs as well as beautiful Traverse Bay.  Soon we headed into Michigan’s interior, with Jordan Valley as our objective.

Beautiful red fall leaves in Michigan!

Beautiful red fall leaves in Michigan!

We drove through the beautiful Jordan River Valley and found beautiful fall color, trees in intense hues of orange, yellow and red.  Dead Man’s Hill was particularly scenic.

Our group stopped for lunch in Gaylord, and when we got out of the car saw snow flurries for a few seconds, a treat for a Texan!

Otsego Lake State Park, beautiful fall colors

Otsego Lake State Park, beautiful fall colors

We waited for sunset at Otsego Lake State Park, a little south of Gaylord, and although it was quite chilly we got some nice lake shots.

Grayling was our hotel’s location and we played some more Euchre.  For some reason, night time geocaching in a cemetery seemed like a good idea, although we never found the cache.  Even daylight didn’t help us when searching again the next morning.

All too soon, we made our return to the South of Michigan and I headed home.  I truly enjoyed my time “Up North”!


Terry Porter is a photographer who met up with 3 Michigan-based photographer friends that she met online for a Pure Michigan fall color photography tour.  You can leave a comment below to let Terry know what you thought, or contact her via Twitter.  You can see more of Terry’s photography on her Flickr photostream.

6 thoughts on “A Texan Travels “Up North”

  1. Terry, didn’t know if you had heard or not but Whites Bridge was recently destroyed by fire due to arson the community has decided to rebuild it though. You’ll have to make another trip to photograph the new bridge when its finished.

  2. Wonderful pix!! We do the color tour every year through the Jordan Valley and are never disappointed. did you get any Petoskeys?? come back soon!

  3. What a treat .Whites bridge was always one of my favorite spots canoeing the white river was always so gorgeous. Although I spent most of my time in Croton dam where I lived. Also a beautiful river the muskegon, I had a friend in Belding and whites bridge was our picnic area Thanks for the pics and have a wonderful fall.

  4. beautiful pictures – of course, how can one go wrong with Michigan and fall combined? I especially loved the one of the covered bridge. Thanks for sharing!

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