A Michigan Beach Vacation – the ideal summer getaway

Michigan Beaches Lake Michigan Summer is officially here in Michigan, and there’s no better way to celebrate than by visiting Michigan’s stunning beaches.  We’ve got miles of freshwater coastline and thousands of inland lakes, and with that comes miles of sandy beaches for you and your family to come play on. 

Not sure which one to pick? 

Destination 360 has pulled together information on the most popular beach destinations in Michigan to help you decide.  It includes a breakdown of dining, shopping, and entertainment in the area.

Daily Candy recently did a write up of their favorite Michigan beaches, and it’s got a ton of great information to help you decide.  Michigan Vacation Destinations also has their favorite Lake Michigan beaches, if you know you’ll be heading out that way.

Sun, sand, and surf…what more could you ask for?  Michigan Beaches

  • http://www.hirschstudio.com Bruce Hirsch

    Visiting beaches in Michigan is wonderful family activity!
    I get to spend lots of time on Michigan Beaches because I photograph families on the beach!
    I have taken my family to many differnt beaches in Michigan over the years.
    My kids still talk about those vacations!