Beach Reflection

Special thanks to Guest blogger Courtney Decker Bradford for detailing her optimism for the upcoming seasons, and a personal reflection of another beautiful Michigan summer!

Sunset in Ludington

As I sit on the beach as dusk falls, I am in awe of the vibrance of one of God's brilliant creations - the sunset.  The boats drifting in with the backdrop of sun and seagulls leads to reflection.  Not the sun's reflection on the water but my reflection - I reflect over the past months as summer reaches its end in this great State.  I remember my family's dinner at "The Hamlin" restaurant in Ludington and our trip to "31 Flavors" where large amounts of ice cream were consumed without guilt.  I smile as I reminisce over the long walk through the woods to a more private beach area in Saugatuck.

For my family, saying "goodbye" to the warm sandy beaches of Ludington and Saugatuck for 8 months is a tough conclusion to a very care-free summer - no more school to get up early for, sketchy bedtimes, and fireflies dancing by windows at night, all come to a quick end as fall encroaches.

But is it really the end?  It may be a reluctant stop to a Michigan summer but it is clearly not the end of fun in the State of Michigan as fall and winter approach.

As the colder nights set in, our family talks are of pumpkins, cider, hayrides, coats and costumes.....of snowmen and snowdays.

Frankenmuth at Christmas

We start making plans for the ultimate "Christmas town world" as one of my children calls it.  The town of Frankenmuth offers a very colorfully lit up welcome as one enters.  Bavarian treats, decorations of the world, gift shops galore and "Zehnder's" restaurant are just a few of the enticements the town offers.  But Michigan itself glistens in winter with snow and seasons of greeting.  Sledding and skiing are enjoyed through the State.  From Cannonsburg to Escanaba, winter sports are plentiful.

So as one of summer's last fireflies drifts through our backyard for 2010, we say "hello, colors of Michigan's fall", and "welcome".

Courtney Decker Bradford works with a contracting firm for the state of Michigan and holds a degree in English, Communications, and Professional Writing. While not at work, Courtney enjoys freelance writing and exploring our great state for all its seasonal excitement.