End of Summer Inspiration

Photo by - Chris Arace

M37 Road Trip

While summer isn’t quite over, it is starting to wind down, and you may be thinking about planning one more big trip or even a few more day trips before the leaves start to change and the weather begins to cool. When we asked our fans planning a vacation if they prefer to get there fast and take the highways, or enjoy the journey, taking back roads and making stops along the way, most of them said they enjoyed taking their time.

With that in mind, one of our Facebook fans was recently inspired by our barn photo theme, and took her kids out for a barn hunt of their own! Some of the other recent photo themes have been sunrises & sunsets, and lighthouses. Maybe it’s time to go on a lighthouse road trip with family and friends! It’s a great opportunity to see beautiful lighthouses and experience some areas of the state you may have never seen before.

 Photo Credit - Steve OsgaWe also have more than 50 pre-designed road trips, many with themes such as Hemingway’s Michigan, Historic Harbortowns, Ports of Call, and more. There are road trips for every area of the state, so whether you want to make it a trip closer to home, or a week-long vacation, you have plenty of options.


Need more inspiration? Depending on where you are in the state, these places can be part of a day trip, or added to your vacation itinerary!Photo by - Sandi Hansen

michigan.org has even more travel suggestions! You can search by the area you are interested in, and then narrow it down by event and things to do. It’s a great way to research the area where you live or are visiting, or to find inspiration for a trip to a new location.

Photo by  - Catherine BradfieldEvery month we post an Events Roundup featuring events in every area of the state. We organize the events by region, making it easy to find events close to home, or when visiting a new area. From our August Events Roundup, you can see that there are still lots of festivals to check out in August.

Of course, you don’t want to forget to enjoy this nice weather! Sometimes all you need to do is get outside and swim in one of Michigan’s beautiful lakes, play on the beach, take a hike, or hop on a bike!

We hope that these suggestions will inspire you to make those end of summer plans and enjoy the rest of this Pure Michigan summer.

3 thoughts on “End of Summer Inspiration

  1. We write down east, west, north, south, on pieces of paper, wad them up, throw them up in the air, and the one that falls the farthest away, we head in that direction. No highways, no fast food joints, mom & pop motels, and lots of dirt roads.
    Turns out this trip is east. Hello Thumb area!

  2. Just an idea. Pick a direction and drive, no roads over 55, no chain resturants and if a road looks interesting to someone in the car you must go down it. Stop at things that look interesting. No agenda just exploration. My girl friends and I started this when we all had teenagers and ran away from home once in a while. We have eaten at great places and seen some interesting things. We found a wood carving in a tree on a dirt road somewhere outside of Newago once.

  3. I do not get to go back to Michigan very often and these pictures really stired my memories. Is there any way that I could get copies of these pictures? I would like to ry and incorporate some of the images in stained glass if the good Lord would help me.

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