The Most Beautiful Place in America

Last week we, along with our Pure Michigan fans, were excited to hear that Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes was in the running as one of Good Morning America’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in America. Now it’s official, the Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore is #1! Of course, we already knew that the Dunes were amongst the most beautiful destinations in Michigan. In fact, it’s one of the most popular topics written about on the blog by guest bloggers.

  • John Nicka wrote about his experience camping in the area, and his climb of the “Big Dune” in A Morning at the Dunes.
  • Terri Ketchum also wrote about her Sleeping Bear Dune Climb, and learned a really helpful tip about the best way to get back to the top in My Michigan Moments.

    Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan - Photo Credit - Maureen Wolak

    Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan

  • In the post, Slow Down and Shut Up! Jess Venlet takes a trip with her boyfriend to the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and is reminded to slow down and appreciate the beauty around her.
  • Stacy Niedzwiecki, one of the winners in our 2009 pro photography contest, submitted a blog full of gorgeous pictures taken at the dunes in A Musical Montage.
Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore - Photo Credit - Darryl Svoboda

Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore

If you are thinking about making a trip to the area, why not make it a road trip? The Tastes and Treats of Traverse City road trip takes you through the gorgeous area around the Sleeping Bear Dunes, and highlights some of the best places to eat, including the Hearth & Vine Café that was mentioned in the Good Morning America article.

Photo Credit - Mark Mogle

View from Pyramid Point at Sleeping Bear Dunes


Whether you have always aspired to visit the Sleeping Bear Dunes, or if you’ve been recently inspired to make the trip, we warmly welcome you to Pure Michigan.

38 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Place in America

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  2. My husband and I have been to the dunes its so beautiful, the trails the views are just so awesome. Everyone should get a chance to go there.


  4. To me, any place I can see (and hear) the waters of Lake Michigan is the most beautiful in the world – some may think that I’m a little biased concerning my birth state but I don’t think so!

  5. I have lived in Michigan all my life and I don’t remember ever visiting the dunes. We did this week, truly a beautiful spot. Way to Go Michigan….absolutely breathtaking.
    We love the Leelaneau Peninsula…..and have visited many times, but somehow we didn’t make it to the dunes before but we will be back.

  6. Guess the Trolls can keep the traffic jams & wall to wall people
    The Yoopers know where the most beeautiful place is in America, and Michigan…if you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand

  7. Still find it hard to believe it was voted the most beautiful place in the country. Have any of these people been out of Mich and traveled to the west of the country . Real beauty everywhere you look

  8. When we were growing up in Michigan my parents took us to the Dunes…what great fun… later they bought property near the Lake and a cabin.Beautiful…happy times!

  9. I was thrilled to hear the news we were the most beautiful area in America.But of course my family already knew that! Our home is right on M-22, the scenic road to the dunes. Everyday my husband and I marvel at how lucky we are to live in this beautiful area year round.

  10. I’m not sure how you can be homesick for somewhere you’ve never lived before, but, that’s how I feel about Northern Michigan! Love, love, love it!! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  11. I have been on this beautiful lakeshore since 1951. My grandparents discovered it in 1921 on fishing trips. It is the most magnificent place on earth and will always be a treasure to us.

  12. Just drove home last night from Northern MI. Loved waking up to the most beautiful place in America! Felt like I never left! We love our summers up North! The lakes are truly beautiful!

  13. I remember going there with my parents in the 60′s and I climbed all the way to the top and then I fell all the way down, rolling and rolling. It seemed like forever. People were at the bottom waiting for me to help me. A lot of sand in my mouth, but it was beautiful there..

  14. I grew up in Kalkaska, which is about 25 miles east of Traverse City. We’d have big family reunions in the summers and all the aunts/uncles/cousins would head out for the dunes. We had a ball!!! I live in Oklahoma now, and I truly love it here. But I’ll never forget those fun summers…

  15. Great Lakes Photo Tours has been conducting Eco/Photo Tours at the most beautiful place in America for years. Join us once again this October 14th – 16th for The Homestead Resort’s ‘Autumn Dunes’ Photo Tour Weekend. The vast beauty of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore will be yours for the taking :-)

  16. This is my most favorite spot on the Earth. We had our honeymoon there, and plan to vacation there with our kids for many years…

  17. The beauty of the freshwater Great Lakes, the 10,000+inland lakes, the pine forests, miles & miles of beaches, w/the crown jewel being the Sleeping Bear Dunes, dozens of islands in the great lakes, & the joining of 2 peninsulas w/the Mighty Mac (Bridge), is a sightseers dream come true. Pure Michigan. I’ve loved the yrs we spent in northern Az & Red Rock Country, and the mts there are one of a kind, but I still love the piney north woods of Michigan.

  18. My husband and I moved to traverse city in ’04. We have loved every minute of it!!!! I always vacationed here every summer as a little girl and now this heaven is where I call home. Northern Michigan is truly a hidden gem!!

  19. Met my wife in Traverse City in 1975. Went to see The Dunes then for the first time. I still love my wife and The Dunes. A great choice America.

  20. I 1st visited Sleeping Bear Dunes on my honeymoon in 1964 and have been there many times since then.

  21. We are seriously addicted to this area! I took my boy and girlfriend there for thier 1st time in June, we cant wait to go back next year, LUV IT!!!:)

  22. This does not surprise me; I have always thought it the most beautiful place in the world. Wish I was there right now-hang on 6 more weeks.

  23. We live in Mi. and we were there when our boys were young, they now have children and granchildren. I think it is time to visit again. I know how beauriful they are, so happy they were named the most beautiful place in our wonderful America

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