The Power of a Sunset

Guest Blogger Rick Kessler shares his family's story about camping in Tawas this summer.

Sunset at Tawas Point State Park

If a sunset can capture the attention of a 14-year-old girl and two boys, ages 11 and 9, you know it must be a good one.

And that was just one of the highlights of our camping trip to Tawas Point State Park this summer.
We had spent the week playing in the waves on the Lake Huron side, swimming in the warm waters on the Tawas Bay side, exploring the sandy trails along the peninsula, and biking through East Tawas to Tawas City and exploring the downtowns of each. Lunch at G's Pizza and ice cream at Marian's Dairy Bar were highlights, and by the end of the last day of our trip we were whipped — but not whipped enough to be lured away by the promise of a glorious sunset.

My wife and I were sitting around our campfire when we were alerted to the sunset. The kids came racing back on their bikes, demanding that we get our camera and head back to the beach with them. We arrived in time to capture the fleeting moments as the sun dipped below the downtowns of East Tawas and Tawas City, with Tawas Bay in between us. Leftover rain clouds from earlier in the day provided for a spectacular site as the sun's rays poked through them.

We stayed there for a good 15 minutes — an eternity of calm for our active kids. Eventually, the amber glows of the sun were replaced by Michigan's state bird — mosquitoes — so we returned to our campsite, devoured the best s'mores ever and slept in the next morning. The perfect end to a perfect week of camping.

Rick Kessler

Rick Kessler, an editor for The Oakland Press, is a lifelong Michigan resident and a fan of Detroit's sports teams as well as those of his alma mater, Michigan State, and whatever teams his kids might be playing on. Rick and his family are avid RV campers who are gradually making their way to each of Michigan's state parks. You can contact Rick via email, or by leaving a comment below.