Find Your Inner Jack London: On You Huskies!

Thanks to Dan Donarski for this guest blog piece on the magic of dog sledding and advice on where you can experience it this winter.  If you've never been dog sledding, make it your Pure Michigan resolution this winter to get out and try it!

Not more than 10 or 15 years ago, you would have been hard pressed to find more than one or two venues for dog-sledding in Michigan. Now there are a dozen or more spread out in both peninsulas. At some of these venues, you’ll be a passenger in the sled; at others you’ll be taught the basics and actually get to steer the sled.

Dog SleddingSnow squeaks under the pressure of the sled. The wind streams past your ears. You can hear the dogs pant, all creating a soft musical rhythm. The quiet of the snowy woods envelope you. That is, at least, once the dogs settle into the run. When you first start out, they (and you!) will be barking and/or squealing in delight. If you’ve never done this before, your smile will be that of a young child on their first adventure sledding down a hill. It is, in a word, bliss.

And, while romance and dog sledding don’t exactly come to mind in the same sentence, they most certainly will at The Terrace Inn, one of Petoskey’s historic inns in Bay View. You see, on the weekends of Jan 22-24 and Feb 19-21, the Terrace Inn will be offering yet again their very popular dog sledding packages.

On Friday afternoon, you’ll be going to school learning the ins and outs of this old transportation style. Saturday finds you in the woods behind a well-trained team of sled dogs, coursing through the beauty of a winter wonderland. Late in the afternoon you’ll return for a toasty fireside reception before enjoying a sumptuous dinner in their classic dining room. This dinner, and breakfast both Saturday and Sunday, are included in the package.

Now, that may seem like enough romance, but the Terrace Inn provides even more.  The weekend package includes appetizers on Friday night.  They also offer an upgrade called “A Touch of Romance”, which will provide you with roses, chocolates, and a bottle of wine for your room.

Dan DonarskiDan Donarski is an award-winning journalist/photographer and author. He specializes in the outdoors and adventure travel. When he's not out and about he lays his head in Sault Ste. Marie.