From Our Community: 20 Reasons to Love Spring in Pure Michigan

Today marks the official start of the spring season! Earlier this week, we asked fans on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and Instagram “what does spring in Pure Michigan mean to you?”

With fresh blooming flowers, springtime activities, warmer temperatures and longer days, springtime in Pure Michigan means something unique to everyone. 

Jack Martin Photography Photo by Jack Martin Photography

Below is a roundup of just some of our favorite responses from fans. If yours is missing, tell us in the comments section below what spring in Michigan means to you!

Opening Day, tournament basketball, hockey playoffs, the smell of fresh cut grass, ice cream runs with my kids and sunshine! - Twitter user @Hulka_Sgt

Coming out of your slumber and being adventurous! - Instagram user @hannahtreyes

Bass fishing!  -Instagram user @gretelweller

Turning off the heat and opening windows. - Vicki Loss Lautzenheiser

Photo courtesy of Rachel Bosma Kramer Photo courtesy of Rachel Bosma Kramer

Spring to me means baby animals. -Rachel Bosma Kramer

Cherry & apple blossoms, lilacs, tulips, blooming shrubs, starting plants & flowers, bright, crispy, sunny weather, spring festivals, fishing, spring cleaning & sprucing up the home place! Love it! -Carolyn Faye Suddeth

Trillium and Lady's Slippers. A time to slow down and take a breath and remember the beauty in creation is meant for my pleasure and enjoyment. -Virginia Taylor

Tulips, lilacs, birds singing, open windows, fresh air. Hurry, hurry spring! -Nancy Barense

Robins, tulips, lilacs, fresh air, sunshine. I can't wait. It has been a long, hard winter. -Mary Lisa Robinson

Spring means morel mushroom hunting time! -Carol Kubsik Bosch

Fresh smell of flowers and warm spring air. Light happy rain with sun shining. -Dorothy McLean Christenson Green

Northern Michigan Weddings. Lakeside ceremonies are always popular around the Great Lakes! Also love all the beautiful wild flowers! -Above The Bay Limousine

Birds singing, green grass, sunshine, the earths re-birth after a long winter, and smiling faces of those enjoying the beautiful spring of Michigan. -Deborah Sylvain

When I was a child living in Laurium it meant skiing until mid-April or later without the heavy layers we wore in January & February! -Debbie LeClair Hierholzer

Photo by Becky Pies Photography

Tulip time in Holland! -Becky Pies

Grass, tulips, flower buds, sunshine, warmth and smiles. -Lori Smith Vera

Trilliums in abundance! Dogwoods blooming. Flowering trees & bushes, daffodils, tulips, chartreuse green leaves & buds, warm southern breezes, getting dirty in the yard. Opening the windows. -Jim Gladstone

Beautiful Warren Dunes beach, ice cream at Oinks and bare feet walking in the sand. -Susan Chervinko

New beginnings! -Terri Motto

Golf and Tigers baseball - Mike O' Baron

What do you love about spring in Pure Michigan?