From Our Community: "Pure Michigan is ..."

What is Pure Michigan to you? Earlier this week, when we asked fans on our Facebook page to finish the sentence “Pure Michigan is …” the feedback was overwhelming.

Our state is many things – a place to enjoy the four seasons, a place to spend time with family and a place we call home.

Here is a round-up of some of our favorite responses.

“where I wanna be this summer!” – Karen Leigh Wampler

“bliss” – Aric Prillwitz

“ place else i would rather be.......” – Maurya Koppen Withrow

“magical” – Derrick Chamberlain

“a place where all my worries disappear and life begins.” – Shanna Stanley

“...where we are getting married!! Mackinac Island here we come!!” – Jessi Leahy

“WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!” – Juanita Warrick

“my home that I miss!” – Debbie Leach Christian

“everchanging.” – Elizabeth Girbach Campion

“the best state to live in, the place to be. I've lived in many states, Michigan is the best.” – Sue Cova

“Pure beauty!!!” – Mikee Garcia

“where the best fishing in the country is.” – Sean Jenkins

“full of adventure!” – Tammy Reeves

“Pure Michigan is Pure Magic!” – Betty Perrone

“...Pure amazing!” – Alex Burns

“four seasons that I would not want to live without. every season has its own beauty.” – Cathy Dudley

“Beautiful woods, lakes, streams and surprises.” – Judy Chasney

“Sunsets and sand dunes.” – Kathryn DeCou

“the true northern experience.” – Stephen Marc

"The changing of seasons each year. Each one special." – Lynn Criddle

“Is, just that! Pure Michigan!!!” – Marƙ J van Simaeys