I am Michigan









Photo credit - Megan Hastings









Megan Hastings shares her “Pure Michigan Moment,” about spending her childhood immersed in Lake Michigan’s natural beauty and how she wants her children to do the same.

Photo credit - Megan Hastings

Reckless Abandon

I grew up in an old yellow brick farmhouse in Oceana County. During my childhood, Lake Michigan was like a third parent: It taught me how to stay above water, how to laugh at myself and how to view the world in the colors of the sunset. My playground was an orchard: It was always there, waiting for play—for me to climb, to run and to taste.

When I grew up, I moved away to see the world and what it held for me, but it wasn’t long before Michigan called me home. That’s because you are what you love … and I am Michigan.

Photo credit - Megan Hastings

A Michigan Girl's Playground

Now I am a mother of three, and at every opportunity, I make sure their childhood is just like mine. I tell my kids to take off their shoes so the beauty of this special place soaks into their soles/souls. That probably sounds silly, but I want the lake where I spent my childhood days to be a third parent to them, too. I want them to feel the sand beneath their feet as they walk along the shores of Lake Michigan, and I want them to feel the springy cushion of the grass growing between orchard rows. I am Michigan, and now, my family is Michigan, too.

Megan, from Lowell, wrote about her “Pure Michigan Moment” for Michigan Travel Ideas.