Interview with David Arquette

David Arquette, who is in town filming Scream 4, was kind enough to spend a few minutes talking with us about his love of Pure Michigan on Saturday.  We met up with him at Rear Ends, a clothing boutique in West Bloomfield, where his clothing line, Propr, can be purchased.

David hasn’t been shy about sharing how much he and his family have been enjoying their time here in Michigan – his Twitter stream is filled with pictures of sunsets, picnics, restaurants, and sporting events.  To honor his time here, he designed a special shirt just for us!

Don’t worry Spartan fans – we let him know that we wanted a green and white one too, and he’ll be releasing one soon!

We hope you enjoy the interview!

3 thoughts on “Interview with David Arquette

  1. As a former Michigan resident living in Arizona, people really have no idea how beautiful Michigan really is. The Pure Michigan ads are brilliant and always make me homesick. Michigan should be pitching for former Gulf Coast tourists – they would love it!

  2. It seemed like he was very willing to speak positively about Michigan. The interview could have led him a bit more. For instance, the whole question about first impression he automatically assumed people had a negative impression of the state (either that, or he himself did, but didn’t want to acknowledge it) so his response was “no” he didn’t have a negative impression. He was very kind to do this interview.

  3. I think that David should come up to the U.P! He would LOVE it up here. There is the Mackinac Bridge, Tuequamenon Falls, Mackinac Island and all of the other small things that are great up here, Just sayin… :)

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