My Haven

Thanks to Joy Alekman for this wonderful guest blog post and poem about her favorite Michigan vacation destination.

 My Haven

I am in my haven now
I sit on the beach and listen to the waves crash
and feel the wind caress my back
I am at peace here

My phone is in the car
The computer is at home
Work is far away from here
I am in my haven now

I build sandcastles with my sons
and feel the sand through my hands
I like the wet sand better
I like to make castles and dig holes
I build my haven here

The wind blows and the waves are high
I love to stand right where they crash
and feel their power, the cool splash
and then jump into them
My haven is always here for me.

I wrote this poem last year as my family was vacationing in South Haven, Michigan.  This is an annual trip that we take.  My parents rent a condo and take my family there for a week of summer fun.  We go in August, and we always look forward to this tradition.

I love the things that stay the same in South Haven: the old movie theatre (where you can see a first run movie CHEAP), the clean beaches, and the quaint downtown.  I love discovering new restaurants from year to year, and seeing which shops are still open and which ones are new.

We always eat dinner at Clementines, a family friendly restaurant which gives great service and always good food.  For breakfast, no place is better than the Phoenix Street Café.  For dessert, we love Sherman Dairy Bar.  You just can’t get a bigger scoop of ice cream anywhere!

One thing we always do each year is go blueberry picking.  There are a few different blueberry farms in or near South Haven.  We go to DeGrandchamp Farms.  My kids love eating the blueberries right off the bushes.  I love baking them into pies!

At least one night on our trip we let the kids stay up late to watch the sunset.  There is nothing more beautiful than watching it while sitting on the beach.  You can see the sun slowly melt into the water.  The colors are absolutely beautiful. 

I have such fond memories of our past years vacationing in South Haven, and I know my children do too.  I look forward to this year’s vacation, and more to come.  South Haven is part of my life and part of my heart.  I love it there.

Joy Alekman works full time and takes care of her family while also writing her blog, Intense Auburn.  She enjoys traveling and especially going to the beach.  She loves to make people laugh.

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