Pure Michigan Winter Fun

Come experience the sights and sounds of Traverse City events  from guest blogger and native, Mandy Jarboe, as she chronicles her "Pure Michigan Moment" on Pure Michigan Connect.

From the elegance of the downtown dining to the casual luxury of the classic boutiques, Traverse City is a town permanently etched in the expansive and rich history of Michigan. It is a place that took root in my heart and is a constant part of me. The beautiful and artistic town has been my home nearly all my life, and there has been no greater fortune than to grow in harmony with it. Even as a study abroad student in the glamour and hustle of Rome, I couldn’t get the gentle bayside town out of my mind.

Traverse City contains a magic that starts at your toes and swiftly fills you with uncompromised joy. The Opera House resonates with music, the Film Festival causes an outpour of locals to gather at the beach for collective laughter, and the tart taste of cherries during the Cherry Festival recalls to visitors more peaceful days. In the wonderland of winter, the town gathers at in the heart of downtown to witness the lighting of the beautiful and immense holiday tree, singing carols and laughing when, inevitably, the countdown reveals a strand or two of uncooperative bulbs. To have grown up in this unique and enticing town has filled me with not a few hours, or a few weeks, or even a few months of memories, but a lifetime of them. My life has been full of beaches, sailboats, snowmen and beauty. How blessed I have been, as my entire life has been Pure Michigan.

Traverse City native Mandy Jarboe (left; pictured with her best friend Alexis Palmquist also of Traverse City) wrote about her “Pure Michigan Moment” for Michigan Travel Ideas. She’s a senior at Grand Valley State University in Allendale studying marketing and management. Mandy says, “Luckily I am able to get back to Traverse City for all the wonderful holidays and white Christmases!”