Scoot-A-Palooza, an annual snowmobile trip


Lakenenland Sculpture Park, east of Marquette

Lakenenland Sculpture Park

Cheryl Renaud, shares her “Pure Michigan Moment,” of how her brother convinced her to enjoy a Michigan snowmobile ride throughout the Upper Peninsula.


It all started with my brother, John, who has had the nickname Scooter for as far back as I can remember. To celebrate his birthday (February 20), all John wanted was for friends and family to get together and go snowmobiling. No cake, no presents, no singing – just snowmobiling in the Munising area. Growing up, our family always took a snowmobile trip around the Higgins Lake area, but eventually we all gave it up as a hobby except my brother.

In 2009, John rented a little log cabin in the Shingleton area and talked six of us into the trip. Even our mom came! Record snow fell that week and conditions couldn’t have been better.

In preparation for our second annual trip (February 2010), my brother convinced my husband and I to buy our own snowmobiles instead of renting them. The winter weather didn’t cooperate, so there were only four of us, but that didn’t slow us down.

Hot Dog stand along trail

Hotdog stand along trail

We traveled far and wide on our new snowmobiles. On one excursion my brother took us to the little hotdog stand hidden along a trail!  We toured Lakenenland Sculpture Park (wow!). Several times we stopped at Shingleton’s Bear Trap Inn for awesome pasties. To top off our adventure, we rode all the way over to Harvey, near the Ojibwa Casino!

I’m so excited for February 2011 to get here!  I just can’t wait to discover more on the third annual birthday snowmobile trip!

This year, Cheryl’s posse includes cousins, friends and family members—12 total. Unfortunately, her mom won’t make the trip due to back problems. The group plans to head to the Munising area, where they’ve rented a log cabin. “With such a big group, I’m sure it’s gonna be hectic. Some of the group may ride during the day, others may go out at night, but I’ll be doing EVERY ride—I love it that much! It’s so beautiful up there!” Cheryl wrote about her “Pure Michigan Moment” for Michigan Travel Ideas.

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  1. loved this story we rode about 10 years ago and had a blast all the time but when my brother passed away we stopped then 5 years ago i had lung cancer so doing alot in the winter was kinda limited for me but 3 years ago my husband said we are getting a pair of sleds well i wasnt sure i could do the riding thing any more but we have 6 grown kids so 2 sleds we got well we live in East Tawas the frist year i was able to ride and it is usally 30 if we go out we got 900 miles on them that year we rode around here and there is great trails and the AuSale river is jest beon words in the winter and our daughter and son in law came up and we went to Kalaska and rode it was great last year only rode 4 time lack of snow and the past two weeks its been to cold but hay if you can get out there and ride do it i do miss my brother riding with us but i know he is with us on every ride

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