The Benefits of a Small Lake

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Reflections at the water's edge are beautiful

Thank you to guest blogger Tom Harpootlian for sharing his love of relaxing on a Small Lake in Michigan.

What I love the most in Michigan are evenings on a pontoon boat with good friends – lifetime friends. There is nothing more relaxing than just chatting and enjoying the peace and tranquility that a small lake in Michigan offers.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Lily pads are very calming

It’s a still, quiet, refreshing place. Fallen trees and rocks along the shore reflect in the water and form pictures worthy of a Saugatuck art gallery. Lily pads and wildlife provide a calming place for contemplation and companionship with nature.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Loons have a very captivating call

A loon calls from the lake to his mate and then dives deep to find some supper. The sky turns a golden hue as dusk creeps across the water. Watching families play a game of volleyball or sitting by a campfire on shore almost makes me feel like an intruder, an anonymous observer. But then I think they can see me too so we are not so different. Each of us is enjoying a slice of Pure Michigan.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Time to head home

What do you love about Michigan's inland lakes?

Tom HarpootlianTom Harpootlian lives in Ortonville, and is a retired GM engineer that loves photography and gardening.