The Benefits of a Small Lake

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Reflections at the water's edge are beautiful

Thank you to guest blogger Tom Harpootlian for sharing his love of relaxing on a Small Lake in Michigan.

What I love the most in Michigan are evenings on a pontoon boat with good friends – lifetime friends. There is nothing more relaxing than just chatting and enjoying the peace and tranquility that a small lake in Michigan offers.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Lily pads are very calming

It’s a still, quiet, refreshing place. Fallen trees and rocks along the shore reflect in the water and form pictures worthy of a Saugatuck art gallery. Lily pads and wildlife provide a calming place for contemplation and companionship with nature.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Loons have a very captivating call

A loon calls from the lake to his mate and then dives deep to find some supper. The sky turns a golden hue as dusk creeps across the water. Watching families play a game of volleyball or sitting by a campfire on shore almost makes me feel like an intruder, an anonymous observer. But then I think they can see me too so we are not so different. Each of us is enjoying a slice of Pure Michigan.

Photo Credit - Tom Harpootlian

Time to head home

What do you love about Michigan’s inland lakes?

Tom HarpootlianTom Harpootlian lives in Ortonville, and is a retired GM engineer that loves photography and gardening.


  • cathy rowley

    Hi, My name is Cathy and I am an artist, teacher and frame shop owner here in beautiful Michigan. I spend alot of time working but when at all possible i look to the Great Lakes of Michigan for inspiration, and at a recent mini vacation in Glen Arbor where i spent every chance i got on the beach just taking in all its beauty and collecting rocks and glass. I have been back home and to work for just a month or so and I can not stop creating art and jewelry…I have been painting for many years but my new love is jewelry making and I have made about 50 pieces with the rocks I collected there on the shores of Lake Michigan…Sleeping Bear Bay…WOW the beauty of nature!!!

  • charlene romanow

    Me and my Husband Live near M15 and Main St.> Right outside of Clarkston Town.We Boat,Hike, Kayak lakes and Lake Michigans Shores too…New Large Jet Ski just bought now.Great Sport! We are so lucky to use our State Parks and Waterways and enjoy the Beauty and Nature Everywhere. I so much agree.I wish we were retired. Not quite yet! I am on Facebook you should hop on mine…I have many posts there to enjoy! I Liked your nature pics….we have photos abounding as well.~Enjoy Tom!

  • charlene romanow

    Me and Husband enjoy the nature of the lakes as well. We live right outside of Clarkston. Very Much liked your Photos.

  • Anne Korte Gareau

    Hey Tom.

    I use to work with you at GM on Clark Street. Hope retirement is treating you well.


  • Kerstin Sima

    Hi, I live in Sweden, have a brother in Groose Point Farms whom I visit now and then. Don´t really know how I found “Pure Michigan” but I enjoy it very much. It is so nice to look at the photos and read what people write. Next time I go there I know a couple of places I will visit.
    Thank you for a great site.

  • Noreen

    When I started to read your article I immediately thought of Big Fish Lake State Park. I really enjoy that small lake every summer. Then I scrolled down and saw that you were from Ortonville! I am a lake lover, not a landlubber!

  • Cheryl

    Love Pure Michigan site! Up North is the best, we especially love Traverse City area. Gaylord and Petoskey are our other favs. Family cottage on Lk. Huron, Candian side,
    right across lake from Lexington. This IS THE BEST STATE IN USA! Not many natural disasters from mother nature here.

  • Leigh Young

    I grew up on a small lake in Kalkaska, Michigan. There has been a family of loons nesting on the lake since I was a small child. The loons are as nosy and territorial as the people…the best fishing spot on our lake is right in front of the “old homestead”. People stopping to fish gives everyone an opportunity to chat and find out the latest news. If you don’t want to interact with others…small lake living is not for you!

  • LeeAnn

    Hi..I just wanted to say how much i enjoyed your pictoral and narrative of our lakes..wonderful piece. I, also, am on Facebook and I’d LOVE to get some copies of these photos..I am in the process of revamping a room and would like to represent Michigan and your photos do this very concisely. I grew up in Alpena, MI but moved to the lower mid-Michigan. I DO so much miss the upper part of lower Michigan, but have found many ways to enjoy our fine state here, as well. Thank you for your blog. A fan….

  • Lori (Gould) McKee

    Hi Tom – I know you from HPBC. And I used to room with your sister, Julie. Congrats on the blog post on Pure Michigan – I saw it on FB.

  • Sharon Curtis

    Very lovely and inspiring. I’m really looking forward to our visit!

  • Lora Evans

    I live in SW Michigan In the fruit belt. Sister Lakes is my home 10 small beautiful lakes, boating,fishing for blue gill,bass,sunfish etc. Resorts and a few camping areas, we are about an hour and a half from Chicago, It is a playground for the city dwellers in the summer. We have ducks and Blue Herons and some seagulls that must have wandered here from Lake Michigan,10mi west from here. My favorite is the fall so quiet and beautiful.

  • Linda Parker

    Thanks for reminding me how great the small lakes of Michigan can be. My deceased husband built a small cottage on Bankson Lake SW Michigan near Lawton in the 50′s. We sold the cottage with it’s beautiful views of GOD’s nature in 2000. 50 years of wonderful memories! Watching children delight and grow year after year. The change of seasons with fall being the most colorful! You have helped to flood my mind with many happy thoughts.

  • Sue Beth Balash

    Tom~ Thank you so much for posting this! It is exactly what I needed on this Friday evening! Nice pictures! Your writing made me feel like I was there. :) Keep posting!