The Winner of the Pure Michigan Tournament

On our Facebook page over the last few weeks, we’ve held our own version of March Madness and had our Pure Michigan fans choose their favorite activity in Michigan. Thousands of votes were cast and the list was narrowed down from 16 to eight to four and then the final two.

In the finals, Watching a beautiful sunset in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan defeated Taking a bike ride on Mackinac Island in a close race with more than 1,300 votes cast.

You can never go wrong with any of the hundreds of fun activities in Michigan – everything from camping to fishing to visiting a museum to watching the beautiful fall colors to skiing and ice climbing. Thanks again to everybody who voted! Below, you can check out two Flickr galleries of some great sunrises and sunsets from around the state that you all have shared on our Facebook page:

4 thoughts on “The Winner of the Pure Michigan Tournament

  1. Locations north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle experience no sunset or sunrise at least one day of the year, when the polar day or the polar night persist continuously for 24 hours.

  2. LOVE THIS! Also, Grand Haven beaches was recently named one of the top in the world! How fitting for GH to win this! :) 

  3. Oh come on! That’s not fair! Way more people have been to Grand Haven. Mackinac Island is impossible to beat! Rematch!

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