You’re Invited: Hunting Web chat with Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Please join us Thursday, November 17 at 11:30 a.m. for a live Web chat with Brent Rudolph, the Deer and Elk Program Leader for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Brent will take your questions on hunting in Michigan. All are welcome and we will answer as many questions as we can during the hour-long chat. Check out Brent’s Q&A on hunting in Michigan from last week. We hope you can join us!

3 thoughts on “You’re Invited: Hunting Web chat with Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  1. I have been seriously hunting deer for going on 30 years all over Michigan and beyond. I spend countless hours in the field scouting and hunting with Bow, gun and muzzle loader. I have good pulse on whats going on out there and am sure to be true that the timing of our seasons is way out of wack. Having an early doe gun season then the youth hunt less than a week before bow is very harmful to the way deer move during bow season. The deer are already on high alert and more Nocturnal. Our gun season is already too long and in the southern region Black powder is less than a week later and it is 2 weeks now. The deer never get a chance to relax and come out of the woodwork. It was WAYYY better when there was a 2 week break between gun and Black powder. More deer would be taken with a 2 week break because it would be like the gun opener all over again. The way it has been the deer are so deep into hiding you don’t even see anything hardly and there so spooky …well you know what I’m saying. If Michigan hunters and the DNR REALLY WANTS QDMA we need to get with the program and adopt the seasons and rules that ALL our surrounding states have. No early doe season [ except maybe designated game areas ] One buck per year period, shorter and later gun season [possibly 2 short seasons W/ a gap], long gap between gun and black powder, Mandatory deer check on every deer taken [ you guys have no idea how many deer and where they are being taken....what a joke ] , keep giving lots of doe permits [ where numbers allow] and you would truely know that if you had a deer check ]. Me and all my friends that are good hunters and want quality deer hunting are ALL going out of state and spending there money WHERE THE BIG DEER ARE. It is a crying shame because if we had the right rules and seasons this state in 2 or 3 years could be as good as OHIO, ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, KANSAS and many others. Now I know you guys are trying to do your best but you know what I’m saying is true…..nothing personal. Until some drastic changes are made Me and my friends will be doing most of our hunting and spending our money out of state. Have a great day….Kevin. P.S. There needs to be a no sighting in law for a week before gun [ Its like a shooting gallery around here right up till dark the night before gun. ITS STUPID!!!!!!! the deer totally know its gun season before it even gets here. Way more shooting the night before gun than on opening day. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE !!!

  2. by the time I saw it on Facebook it was over, lol.

    My big question is with Calhoun County having one of the largest deer to car accident ratios, why hasn’t the state purchased public hunting land in Calhoun County. Other than private land there is no state land to go public hunting. I did here a rumor that the Calhoun Conservation District was working on some private land that would let the public hunt there though. Although I not a deer hunter myself, I do think we should have more hunting in our county. Especially with all the deer to car accidents.

    Thank you,

  3. Hello, I am currently in Finland as an exchange student, from Rapid City. I was wondering, how do I tune in on this chat? I believe that my host father is interested in the hunting system in Michigan, and would love to make it possible for him to tune in on the discussion.

    Thank you!
    Emily Barber

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