5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Take a Michigan Vacation (CLOSED: Plus a Giveaway!)

Traveling is a great way to reconnect and have fun with family and friends.  But, did you know that studies have shown that taking vacations can lead to better productivity, less stress and better health.  

However, many people aren’t taking advantage of their vacation days.  More than 40 percent of Americans say they didn’t take a single vacation day last year, according to Skift.

In honor of National Tourist Appreciation Day, here are five reasons why you should treat yourself to a Pure Michigan vacation.  We are also giving away a $100 gift certificate to the  to kick Pure Michigan Store start your summer!  See details below.


Photo courtesy of Castle in the Country Bed & Breakfast

1. Recharge Your Batteries: A 2011 study by Expedia found that 35 percent of Americans feel better about their job and are more productive after a vacation. Vacations help us recharge because we sleep better during and shortly after them. When we return, our brain responds quicker. To recharge your batteries, try a relaxing weekend at one of the 400 cozy Bed and Breakfasts throughout the state.

2. Unleash Your Inner Picasso: Staring out at a beautiful Michigan sunset isn’t just a treat for your eyes; it’s good for your brain too! Studies have shown nature scenes activate areas of the brain associated with less stress. Daydreaming allows you to be more creative and be a better problem solver, too.  Take a look at our Instagram page for inspiration on places to take in a Pure Michigan sunset.

Tunnel Park

Photo courtesy of Holland Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

3. Great Lakes, Great Relaxation: Stress is known to be harmful to our health. One of the many antidotes to stress is a vacation, especially near water! One study showed that people were five percent happier when they were near a body of water. The color blue is known to stimulate positive emotional responses, too.  With numerous beaches to choose from along 3,126 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, a Michigan beach vacation is good for you

4.Connecting While Relaxing: Picnics on the beach or canoeing as a family can strengthen your bond with loved ones while creating unforgettable memories! Some studies suggest that group travel builds social ties, which encourages life-long learning.

Copper Harbor Trails

Photo courtesy of Copper Harbor Trails and Hansi Johnson

5. Get Physical: Active vacations are proven to lower health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and more, according to the Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a mountain biking excursion in Keweenaw.

Vacations offer the opportunity to discover new things and places to enrich and transform your perspective. Where will you take your next Pure Michigan vacation?

Do you want to score a $100 gift certificate to the Pure Michigan store? Simply tell us in the comments section below what your favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is and what item from the Pure Michigan store you’d want to pack in your suitcase. We’ll then select one lucky winner at random to win a $100 gift certificate. To be eligible, simply submit your comments (along with your email address) by Thursday, May 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST. We’ll contact the winner Friday morning using the email address provided (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

UPDATE: This contest has ended and the winner has been contacted via email. Thank you to all those who participated!

129 thoughts on “5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Take a Michigan Vacation (CLOSED: Plus a Giveaway!)

  1. Mackinac Island, Traverse City, or anywhere I can find some bike trails. Would love a Michigan hoodie!

  2. The “big beach” at Ludington State Park. This is my peace, my calm, my heart. I spent nearly every summer there growing up. I moved to TENNESSEE in 1991. It’s been tough to make it back and I’ve only been a few times in 20 years. Headed there this June to introduce my kids to the most beautiful spot on earth.

  3. I love visiting various relatives in the Elk Lake/Traverse City/Charlevoix area: Cherry Festival, picking up petosky stones on the beach, playing in the Lake Michigan waves. I love the Michigan mittens in the Pure Michigan store.

  4. My favorite pure Michigan vacation is a week in the Ontanagon area. We spent a week there about 10 years ago and would love to go back. I would live the pure Michigan Cooler.

  5. I think any of the beaches are great and the dunes are amazing. a hooded sweatshirt would be greatgreatfor sunset watching.

  6. Mackinac Island is my favorite Pure Michigan vacation. Definitely need a Pure Michigan hoodie for a trip to the island!

  7. My favorite Pure Michigan spot is the Mackinac Bridge area. My family loves to stay at the Straights State Park. When I was young my family would camp there every Labor Day and we would walk the bridge. We are going this summer and plan to visit Mackinac Island – the most beautiful island in the world! I would bring the Pure MI travel journal with me to capture all our adventures.

  8. I can’t pick a favorite spot. There are so many great places in Michigan. My parents own a cabin outside of Glennie in the heart of the Huron National Forest, my go to spot! I’ve been dying to visit Isle Royale and the Porcupine Mountains as the photos I’ve seen are amazing! I think the most interesting and serene place I’ve been is camping at the mouth of the Two Hearted river. All I could think about was Hemingway has been here and the footbridge across the river was great.

  9. I love going anywhere in the UP!!! I would love to get the ladies microfleece jacket.

  10. My favorite place to go is the outskirts of St Ignace. I love the small motels, the views of the bridge, Lake Michigan, the white sand dunes & the gorgeous sunset’s. Would love to be able to pack the tri-blend hoodie, carry the tote bag and have the bandana on my dog.

  11. I would like to visit the Western side of Mich…a nice beachy area to enjoy a picnic and a beautiful sunset….and for a beautiful evening of star-gazing….I just need to breathe..
    …c_lynn_3@hotmail.com…I would defiantly take the snack crate…actually all of them that are filled with food !!!!

  12. You shouldn’t be asking to post their emails on a public forum, Pure Michigan.

  13. MY favorite place of all time Is Holland, Mi. I have been there 3 times, and each time with special. My daughter, my husband and best friend. it truly is a paradise getaway. wellscheryl65@yahoo.com

  14. Our favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is Copper Harbor. It has it all,: beautiful beaches, hiking, water falls, and the view from Brockway Mountain is indescribable. We went there on our honeymoon 31 years ago and I never tire of it. We would definitely need the Pure Michigan Iceberg Cooler for picnics at the beach and the Pure Michigan Firepit for cooking and to enjoy while we watch the stars and just maybe the Northern Lights. There is nothing like our Pure Michigan anywhere else on Earth!

  15. Grand Haven is a favorite destination with the kids but there are so many places I haven’t been! Top on my wish list are Traverse City and Lake of the Clouds! I can’t wait! I’d probably pack the michigan breakfast gift crate so I could brew a cup of coffee, watch the sun rise and cook a yummy Pure Michigan breakfast! Heather_cavin@yahoo.com

  16. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is Traverse City, aka home. I spent my first 30 years looking at that bay. I long for a tower room at the Park Place, so I could look out over my city again. I live across the country now, but I miss it something fierce. I would pack the Pure Michigan mittens so I would have a handy map to show everyone where I am from.

  17. My favorite Pure Michigan destination is Elk Rapids. It’s close enough to Traverse City to enjoy all the festivals (cherry, film), but secluded enough to be a nice quiet town. From the quaint library where you can do puzzles overlooking the water, to Siren Hall Elk Rapids has something for everyone. And the movie theater with the hand painted ceiling is not to be missed! Being right on bay it gets cool at night, so I would have to pack the full zip fleece jacket from the Pure Michigan store to keep me warm.

  18. I love, love, love everywhere I go above the bridge. And when I talk about the Upper Peninsula, I always say, “the Upper P” to get everyone’s attention. My most favorite place is Marquette. It feels like I am coming back to my lost hometown. And I would love a hoodie from Pure Michigan to wear when I go on my next Michigan adventure.

  19. Definitely would visit Grand Haven. I lived near for over seven years and miss the area dearly. All my suitcase would need is some comfortable clothes to stroll along the pier and my dogs leash :)

  20. I love so many places in Michigan. Pictured Rocks would have to be at the top of my list though. Love Lake Superior and the natural beauty of the land. I love the hoodie in the Pure Michigan store.

  21. A pure Michigan hoody would be perfect for an early morning 2 mile walk through the dunes to Lake Michigan at Saugatuck State park before heading into town for a gourmet lunch and some art shopping.

  22. I love the Bayside (made in USA!) tee. I’d pack that in my little motor home for yet another trip to the UP. I love the Keweenaw, and I’d take my fat bike along to The Fitz in Eagle River. I’d get there early enough for a long ride down the beach, stopping to wade and search for agates. I’d end my day with a great dinner paired with one of the fine Michigan brews they serve.

  23. My favorite vacation spot in Michigan is anywhere in the U.P. across the bridge and down Route 2, it can lead you to so many beautiful places and wonderful surprises. The air off Lake Michigan is a relaxing break for anyone who loves nature and water. If you love animals Garlyn Zoo is a great place to be.This zoo offers so many wonderful animals to look at from their tigers to their bears. If you follow I-75 to Rt.123 (the other direction) you will run right into history, Whitefish Point.The history of Edmund Fitzgerald and many other shipwreck histories are told there in there Shipwreck Museum. While you are there you can book a room for the night at their Crew Quarter where you can get a very peaceful rest, Plus, wake up to the sounds of Lake Superior. While you are there visit their beautiful lighthouse. The daughter of the Light Keeper that use to take care of it designed the inside of the lighthouse back to it’s former state before the house re-open for tours. If you turn in the other direction and keep going down Rt. 123 you will run into Newberry where Oswald Bear Ranch is located. If you want to meet a bear in the U.P. this is the place to be. The owner comes out to greet you as well as his bears and there is a lot of bears to meet. The exhibits the bears are in is beautiful and makes you feel as if you are right there with them. Plus, you can get your picture taken with a cute little cub while you are there visiting. While you are in Newberry go see what people are talking about when you hear them mention Tahquamenon Falls. These falls are the largest falls we have in Michigan and they are a masterpiece from God with a flow of 50,000 gallons of water per second. Other activities you can do while you are at the Falls include camp, hike, take a boat ride, and enjoy nature. Plus, get yourself something good to eat at their brewery, the food and drinks are to die for. There is so much to do in the U.P. that I could go on and on and the people that live there are great to be around too. I love the U.P. and to me it is the best place to take a vacation and possibly a great place to raise your family since you might come up there and decide to never leave. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!

  24. Our favorite is a day vacation. We drive up the east coast of Michigan, starting at Selfridge Air Force Base and go up to the lighthouse in Port Huron (sometimes a little farther) sit and walk on the beach. There are numerous stops to sit by the water & watch the people, the boats, etc., maybe a little shopping. Then we do the return drive and stop at one of the restaurants with a water view for a nice dinner. A relaxing day and we are refreshed from our experience. No two trips are ever the same. I would purchase Pure Michigan t-shirts.

  25. Pure Michigan is more than just a campaign slogan, it’s an emotional spirit that the Mitten State is unified by. My favorite place that exemplifies such a spirit is Mackinac Island. Traveling there every summer while growing up was a treat that I have not been able to experience in college, but once I complete my applications for dental school this summer, I would love to relax and simply take in the timeless essence that the island has to offer. I’d also love to have a Pure Michigan hoodie to wear on the chilly ferry ride over!

  26. I love Michigan and one of my favorite places to vacation is Ludington! I grew up spending a lot of summers there and still yearn to go back & enjoy it! I would love a Pure Michigan hoodie to wear walking the beach in the evening :)

  27. My favorite Pure Michigan destination is the Traverse City area. The bustle of TC, the artistry of Interlochen, the beauty of the bay and Lake Michigan. It just doesn’t get any better. What else would say “Pure Michigan” than the “Great Lakes State” t-shirt? john_g_g@yahoo.com

  28. My husband and I want to visit Grand Rapids. Every summer vacation we try to learn a. little more abour a former President. This year it is Gerald Ford. we would be thankful for any gift from the Pure Michigan store — though I would enjoy a jigsaw puzzle to put together with the grandgirl.s

  29. How can I possibly only pick one when I’ve never been a single place in Michigan that wasn’t awesome? But, since I must pick a favourite Michigan vacation destination, I choose my own backyard, Huron County. There is a reason that we chose the thumb to be our permanent residence – small town living in such a beautiful, picturesque atmosphere. The people are so friendly and welcoming, and we have gorgeous scenery to accompany it. The gorgeous lakeshore, the changing seasons, so many lovely lighthouses, natural wonders (like Turnip Rock), abundant wildlife – it’s paradise on earth. Many call this a vacation destination, and it’s my favourite by far – and not only do I get to call it a vacation destination, I get to call it home!!

    It’s also very difficult narrowing down what item from the store I’d want to pack most, but I think that the Michigan ice cube tray is really unique, and we could make Michigan shaped ice cubes to put into our cool refreshing cocktails to enjoy as we sit on the beach with our toes in the water!

  30. My favorite time spent in Michigan was right after 9/11 happened and we couldn’t take our planned trip. We get into our car and drove the western part of Michigan and was amazed by the small towns and beautiful scenery we found. Found a quaint bed & breakfast called Yelton Manor. Then traveled up the coast and found some very very beautiful towns. Such as St. Joseph, Benton Harbor and many more. St Joseph had a wonderful Inn and restaurants.

  31. My favorite Michigan vacation was Mackinac Island with my family when I was young. We stayed at the Grand Hotel, and got all dressed up for a dinner one night. We took a carriage tour and had the best guide, and older man who told us lots of stories and pointed out different things all over the the island. Looking back, it was a very special trip and one of my favorite places in Michigan.

  32. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is Mackinac Island. I would pack a Vineyard Boat Bag to carry all my souvenirs and fudge. :)

  33. Gladwin MI, Lake McGilvery! I have gone here since I was 3mos old! My dad has a cabin here and I have great memory’s fishing, mushroom hunting, swimming, hiking! I’m 53 and all things I learned with him have made me a great Boy Scout leader! I love the great outdoors and enjoy teaching boys about camping! monalisarobison@sbcglobal.net

  34. Our favorite Pure Michigan vacation spots are Torch Lake in the summer and Munising in the winter. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous aqua colored water of Torch and love spending our days there. We equally enjoy a day floating in the middle of Torch, a river ride to Shorts in Bellaire with a stop in Alden for ice cream, or a visit to one of the sandbars in Elk Lake. Evenings are spent around the bonfire with friends.
    When winter arrives it is time to head north for snowmobile season. We love riding the trails in the U.P. and Munising is a great starting point to ride in any direction.
    The baby rib long sleeve hoodie and pullover hooded sweatshirt would be great for nights around a bonfire burning in a Pure Michigan fire pit. Our frosty beer mug and stemless white wine glass would be filled with chilled beverages from the iceberg cooler.
    I could go on and on with a list from the Pure Michigan Store but I’ll leave it at that! :)

  35. Traverse City is one of our favorite Michigan vacation destinations. Visiting the wineries, picnicing at the beaches, the great shops & restaurants– so much to do!! Sure would love the firepit to use next to the beautiful lake we live by in the Irish Hills!

  36. We love to go to paradise in the U.P. We love to just go up there and drive and Geo cache. It is beautiful there.

  37. I really enjoy Mackinaw City. The lake is right there, shopping, and really great places to eat. There is always something going on to take the whole family to as well. I would buy a hoodie or a coffee cup. Two things I like to collect.

  38. My favorite everyday Pure Michigan location has to be our local beach in Holland. Beautiful and we are so lucky to get to go there regularly. For a trip, my favorite Michigan destination is Pictured Rocks. Took the boat tour last time and hope to get a chance to go back and do a kayak tour as well. I’d love to see it from both perspectives.
    If I won the $100 for the Pure Michigan store, I would probably get a bunch of the smaller items for our many loved ones who come to visit us here from around the country and I’d love to give them a little token as a memory from their visit. The cookie cutters, ice cube tray, ornament and cups all caught my eye. But I’d also have to get some of those cute Michigan mittens for myself!!

  39. There are so many places that are ideal Pure Michigan vacation destinations! I love the U.P., the Sunrise Side, Metro Detroit, Lake Michigan, and my own neighborhood, Lansing/East Lansing. I would pack the Anvil-Made in America Short Sleeve Tee. It looks great to wear alone or for layering.

  40. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation is right here in St. Joseph, Michigan. We just recently had our Blossom Parade, SouthWestern Michigan’s salute to the produce that is grown locally. There is Silver Beach with it’s beautiful sands right here on Lake Michigan. With the Carousel and CuriousKids Children’s museum. The Nationally known Art Show in July and all the festivals the local towns have all summer. Then we have the Berrien County Youth Fair in August. Fireworks, parades, upicks, etc. Why would anyone want to vacation anywhere els when we have the best family vacation right here at home. Enjoying all that Michigan has to offer right at our doorsteps!!!

  41. My favorite destination is Traverse City. Beautiful views, nice people and amazing food. I would back a Michigan tee-shirt to show my pride!

  42. My favorite place to visit is Ludington – grew up going there. I would love to have Pure Michigan hoodies for my whole family to pack for our trip to Ludington this year :)

  43. I had gone to Hope College and I took my husband to West Michigan for the first time six years ago. He said “I can’t believe you went to college here, it is amazing.” We have been back many times and love Holland, Saugatuck, St. Joseph, South Haven, Leland, and Traverse City. We are going to South Haven this summer. I love the store and the natural tote and the Michigan cheese board, so cute!

  44. Traverse city /Leelanau peninsula for wine tasting. Pure Michigan hooded please :)

  45. My favorite place in Mi. is just about any where in Mi. We’ve been to Silver Lake which I found the beaches on the dunes completely relaxing & my husband and I just got back from a weekend in Saugatuck which was relaxing as well. Our main goal for the trip was to just simply “unplug” from the rest of the world and the first place I thought of was Mi. New Buffalo and Union Pier has also won over my heart. But my all time favorite place in Mi. are all of the locations I have yet to visit because as long as there are new places to check out, I will keep coming back to Mi.! I would bring the ladies baby rib hoodie since I always get a hoodie from everyplace I go.

  46. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is Elk Lake. It’s our home away from home and it’s a little slice of heaven. There are so many day trips we can take from Elk Lake (Traverse City, Leelanau, the Dunes – the list goes on). I would love some Pure Michigan Hoodies to keep us warm on those cool Michigan summer nights!

  47. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is Harbor Spring! I would pack the Tri Blend Hoodie for the cooler nights on the beach.

  48. My favorite Pure Michigan destination is Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes/Empire! We love the beaches, dune hiike to Lake MI and want to explore the new bike paved bike trail during our next trip! I LOVE Pure Michigan photos, so I could buy the Iceburg cooler to bring along on all of our Michigan adventures!!

  49. My favorite vacation is always the UP in the summer! Waterfalls, Pictured Rocks, Porcupine Mountains, Marquette, blueberry picking, paddling lake Superior, and so much more. The women’s French terry sweatshirt would feel great on those cooler evenings under the stars!

  50. I love The Lewiston/Atlanta area and I love Detroit. Been gone fior 20 yrs. would love a visit.

  51. Favorite Pure Michigan vacation ‘destination’ is a long Labor Day weekend in Paradise, enjoying all of the local hot spots like Tahquamenon Falls (the brewery is great!) and a picnic at Whitefish Point. The weekend ends with the Mackinac Bridge Walk and lunch at Scalawags in Mackinaw City before the drive home to Berkley.

  52. My favorite destination is a Michigan triangle…first a visit to downtown Detroit and a Tigers game, second across the state to Holland, MI and Lake Michigan, and then the top of the triangle would be Mackinaw Island and the Grand Hotel. I would love to have a Michigan sweatshirt to wear around Utah where I live now.

  53. My favorite spot is Tahquamenon Falls State Park. I just like to stand there and breathe. I love every bit of Michigan and I cry every time I have to head back home to Mississippi. I would pack a Pure Michigan tee shirt, a Pure Michigan sweat shirt, and I really like the iPhone case.

  54. I’d love to visit Mackinaw Island for the first time and stay in a gre a t B&B and eat at the wonderful restaurants. I just went to the Pure Michigan store and have my eyes on that Carharft jacke.

  55. My Favorite place to visit would be Mackinaw Island to get Fudge an then travel to show my Husband my other favorite place…. ive been in Florida now for 15 yrs miss the season changes… an id Love to pack the Pure Michigan Hoodie

  56. My favorite place to revisit would be Old Mission Peninsula. I see it as a combination of Cape Cod and Napa Valley all rolled into one. The lighthouse at the top is a must see. A stay at the Chateau Chantel would be luxurious! A hoodie would be my selection!

  57. I love camping around the state– so many places and so many places I have yet to see… And all year long, so many festivals and venues around the D!… Tigers, Lions, Riverwalk, Music, Food, Art… the list goes on! Pure Michigan – Favorite?? hmmm…. July 4th with in The Thumb- Port Austin/Caseville! The fireworks on the water are awesome! Store item.. Mircofleece.

  58. IF I had to pick one favorite Pure Michigan destination it would be the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore / Platte River Campground. We typically meet my 4 children and their children for a week long of fun. There are many free things to do within the SBNL and we try to do as much as we can but when we just want to chill we will float down the river and hang out at the beach! Oh and I could use the Pure Michigan Cheese Board to serve yummy cheese with my favorite wine(s) from they many vineyards in neighboring Leelanau Peninsula!

  59. My favorite Pure Michigan destination is South Haven, at Clementine’s followed by Sherman’s Ice Cream, and I would love to pack the Pure Michigan Hoodie.

  60. I am totally in love with the beaches at Ludington. We generally tube down the inlet to the beach, spend the day in the sun and surf and then camp overnight in the state park. I would love to have the fire pit from the Pure Michigan store to become the envy of all my friends.

  61. Sleeping Bear Dunes area is my favorite Pure Michigan place. I love the hoodies!

  62. I would love to explore the Traverse City area and check out the wineries in one of your Women’s Agriculture Polo Shirts. We live on a certified organic farm in the thumb of this great state and enjoy travelling to various locations for some down time.

  63. My favorite place in Michigan is Mackinac Island!! I went there as a child and have taken my children there to experience what I did growing up! I also love Traverse City & Petoskey and Cheboygen! I love to visit Tahqualmenon Falls…I always think they look like flowing Root Beer!! :)
    Sagutuck is wonderful as well as Grand Haven and I have enjoyed camping at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park near Muskegon! Ann Arbor is a cool town to hang out in. And I loved going up north to Boyne Mountain and Boyne Highlands! It truly is a Beautiful State and I am glad I was born (Grand Rapids) and raised there!!

  64. Ludington is my favorite place. And I would love the pure Michigan coffee cup so I can remember my week on the lake when I’m home in Oklahoma.

  65. Gosh just one? I guess my favorite so far is Mackinac Island…Would love to head up there with the ladies’ baby rib hoodie.

  66. Our favorite Pure Michigan destination is the Munising area of the Upper Peninsula. Pictured Rocks, waterfalls, Dogpatch, the list goes on and in my suitcase would be a Pure Michigan fleece jacket, but only because there isn’t a bicycling jersey. :-)

  67. My favorite Michigan vacation spot is Lake Ann. It is close to Traverse City Sleeping Bear Dunes and Cherry Pie. I would bring my fishing pole and lots of laughter. Sandy Sawyer. ssaw@gmail.com

  68. My favorite place thus far is Grand Haven. But this year we are going to camp at Heoft state park! So excited! I’d love the leather journal from the store in my suitcase. I love to record memories for future generations. Sarahbeth.sparkle@gmail.com

  69. We love to travel around the UP, camping along the way. We enjoy the Keewanee peninsula and Brimley State Park, especially in the fall. A Michigan fire pit would be a nice addition to our camping eperiences.

  70. My Pure Michigan vacation would be at my sister’s cabin at Sage Lake, packing a hoodie for chilly mornings & evenings, ball cap for fishing off the dock, latte mug for morning coffee watching the sun rise and wine glasses for the sunsets. kags61@yahoo.com

  71. I love Mackinac Island where my family vacationed every summer of my childhood (and I worked during college). I still go back every few years even though it’s not as convenient since I live in Virginia. My children and grandchildren are Virginians, but love the place too. We always stop in Frankenmuth and also buy Pinconning cheese, which is the best ever. We drink Vernors and buy Sanders fudge sauce as well as some Mackinac Island fudge–all special Michigan things to do.

  72. Grand Haven, where there is so much fun for the entire family I would love a Pure Michigan cooler for use while fishing on the pier, enjoying the beach or viewing the Musical Fountain thank you

  73. I would go to Escanaba and stay in a cabin with my family. We would take day trips to the shipwreck museum and the beach. I would take the snack basket from your Pure Michigan store and put it on the counter in the cabin for snacking. We’d eat pasties and fudge and have a great time!

  74. Anywhere in Michigan. One of our favorite spots to relax is Fairport on the Garden Peninsula in the UP. We’ve went salmon fishing and my husband loves fishing for small mouth bass. Fayette State Park is close and so is Kitchitikipi, both places are beautiful. Grand Marais is another favorite. I like the sterling silver Pure Michigan necklace. belkins54321@yahoo.com

  75. One of my absolute favorite travel destinations is Leelanau peninsula. It’s gorgeous with all of the water, small towns, shops, wineries, and many unique restaurants and cafes. I would love to pack a Vineyard Boat Bag to take with me on a picnic by a lake.

  76. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is St. Joseph, MI. The beach, the town, the heavenly smells, the small town feeling RIGHT next to Lake Michigan. <3 <3 <3! I have traveled far and wide, but St. Joe always holds a special place in my family's heart.

    Okay, the Pure Michigan store is AWESOME! How have I not known about it until now? I would bring the Pure Michigan fun bucket and shovel so my son and daughter could play on the beach! Love this! Perfect gift idea! :)

  77. I absolutely love the U.P. Everything about it. Mackinac Island, Pictured Rocks…. Michigan is a wonderful place to visit and live in. I would totally take a Pure Michigan hat or the snack crate.

  78. I’ve been a Traverse City trunk slammer for as long as I can remember! I can’t wait to get back there. I would buy the oval, Pure Michigan car decal so I could put it right above my blue state-of-Michigan decal that I always get asked about.

  79. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation begins along the I-75 corridor heading north to stay & relax at The Grand Traverse Resort , dining at the Apache Trout overlooking the Bay and visiting the Vineyards. An awesome item from the Pure Michigan Store would be that I would pack would be a Hoodie to keep me warm in the evenings while in Traverse City!

  80. I would really love to visit the Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw- I’m sure it would be an instant favorite, but for now my favorite spot to visit would be the Sleep Bear Dunes. I would love to own the apron you have in your store to aid in my newly found love for baking and cooking. :)

  81. My favorite place are camping in the UP, where it is wandering around Fayette or hiking to Hungarian falls. I would like to have with me the ladies microfiber jacket, because you have to be prepared for any weather in the good old UP

  82. I love anywhere by a great lake! My favorite the Pure Michigan Mittens. They won’t help on the beach this summer but all winter long I could point out where I want to go!

  83. Canoeing down the Rifle River is a fun, relaxing get-away. Skidway Lake beach is another fav….swimming to cool off then sunning on the sand, drinking from my Pure Michigan fruit fusion bottle.

  84. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore for some beautiful backpacking. That camp mini mag flashlight would be great in my backpack.

  85. Any where is an ideal vacation in the Great Lakes State, from the bustle of one of the busy cities to the quietness of the wilderness, Michigan has it all. I LOVE MY STATE and all it has to offer. I would make sure to have my Michigan Mittens with me, two maps are better than one.

  86. Anywhere in the U.P. or Mackinac Island. I’d be wearing a pure Michigan hoodie and drinking wine out of the pure Michigan wine glasses!

  87. South Manitou Island and the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. I like the Pure Michigan decal — my car would benefit from one more sticker!

  88. my favorite pure mich. destination is camping at family owned cabin near higgins lake.would love to have pure michigan clothing to show my michigan pride where ever i go.

  89. Mackinac Island an a visit to the Mackinac Ice Breaker retired from the Coast Guard. A hoodie would complete the trip.

  90. Perfection for me would be M-26 (west side of the Keweenaw Peninnsula in a Pure Michigan Hoodie!

  91. Holland State Park is my favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination. I have been going there since I was a little kid, and I now get to take my kids there! What a treat! I would pack my Pure Michigan water bottle and Pure Michigan bucket and shovel and head to the beach with my kids!

  92. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is camping in the UP and the Thumb of Michigan. Beautiful sunsets, great fishing and small towns. My Pure Michigan purchase would be a sweatshirt and phone cover.

  93. Any Great Lake beach is my favorite destination, but I would pack my suitcase with Pure Michigan wine glasses, go up to the Traverse City area, and fill them up with Michigan wine.

  94. My favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is camping for a week in Ludington State Park (which we were lucky enough to book a site at the end of July). We enjoy all there is to do there including hiking, biking, canoeing, and swimming in Lake MI or Hamlin Lake. Walking in the dunes at sunset & seeing the stars at night is an awesome site. Too many things to mention. I would bring along the Pure Michigan firepit to enjoy at the campsite & at home! http://www.puremichiganstore.org/product.asp?dept_id=15&pf_id=10FTJ

  95. I’ll vacation anywhere in Michigan I can see a beautiful Sunrise or sunset on the lake! I would definitely buy the Pure Michigan Ornament and probably a few t-shirts and hoodies!

  96. Roger City, great beaches for watching the ship sail by, miles of bike trails, and beautiful starry night sky’s. I would buy the Michigan Mittens, no matter where I go I’ll know my way home to Michigan.

  97. I don’t think I could pick just one destination in this state. There are so many areas that my husband and I have visited, with so many more to go. Some of our favorites are Holland, Grand Haven, Traverse City, Marquette…the list goes on.

    As far as the store, I’d probably want that Iceberg Cooler. My husband and I love going to the beach and this would be perfect to use. :)

  98. St. Joseph/Stevensville. I grew up there and moved away almost a decade ago. I love going back to visit family, and to watch the sunset over all the beaches, especially Lincoln Township Beach. I love the Unisex Pure Michigan hoodie! I’d rock that down here in Tennessee to represent the Mitten!

  99. Manistee National Forest on the west side and Huron-Manistee National Forest off of the Au Sable, on the east side

  100. I’ve visited lower Michigan many times and would really love to go visit the UP. I really love Saugatuak and Holland.

  101. I love so many different places in Michigan, from Mackinac Island to Frankenmuth to Michigan’s Adventure. But I’d have to say my top pick would be boating along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan to see all the lighthouses. And I’d want to pack the iceberg cooler since it’s so beautiful & useful at the same time.

  102. I had the best time biking around Mackinac Island and stopping on the beach to paint en plein air as part of the annual International Worldwide Paint Out. Exploring any shoreline in or around Michigan is my idea of Heaven. I would def pack the handy dandy Michigan map mittens–both to keep my hands warm on brisk morning bike rides and to show to Michigan visitors for their amusement and possible guidance!

  103. Fisherman Island Campground, peaceful and beautiful and its located close to some of our favorite towns! I would buy the Pure Michigan necklace…a lifetime use purchase

  104. For me one of the trips we try to do each year is to go camping at Petoskey State Park. Our kids love to walk along the white Lake Michigan sand and search for Petoskey stones in the sand! They spend HOURS doing this!!!! I would pack in my suitcase the Unisex Tri-Blend Hoodie Item# 114PX so I could also let my wife wear it when she gets cold since it’s a Unisex!!! advancewithbryan@gmail.com

  105. We love salmon fishing in early fall in NW Michigan. Would love some of that fishing gear from the PM store!

  106. We love everywhere in Michigan, but our current favorite place to go is the Keweenaw Peninsula. Our son is attending Michigan Tech, so as an added bonus we get a visit. I would like to pack the Margaret Agriculture jacket for my husband!

  107. Our destination would be the beach off US 2 in the UP! One of the most peaceful places on Earth. We’d take the Pure Michigan Umbrella to provide shade.

  108. I love all of Michigan but Traverse City is my favorite destination. So much to do in the area and one of my favorite bed and breakfast, Oviatt House, is just blocks from down town. I would love the stemless white wine glasses from the store to drink some of the fantastic Michigan wines out of. Clarktl318@aol.com

  109. One of my all-time favorite Pure Michigan family vacations is driving up to Empire, Michigan in the summer and spend the day climbing and hiking trailers of the Sleeping Bear Dunes and then watching the sunset over beautiful Lake Michigan.

  110. Looking forward to spending the 4th of July week with my family in Saugatuck. Love being on the Lake Michigan coast. We need the Made in Michigan snack crate to share while enjoying our time together.

  111. I love “Up North”, but of course I love Mackinac Island! And I’d love to bring along the Pure Michigan Cheese Board!

  112. I often call Michigan my home away from home and it all began 20 years ago with a trip to Kalamazoo for a campus visit. I will never grow tired of visiting my 2nd favorite state and revisiting my old stomping grounds or discovering new areas. My husband and I recently visited Traverse City and instantly fell in love. It’s a little further of a jaunt for us compared to our usual stops-South Haven and Saugatuck-but we are very much looking forward to another visit anywhere along the West MI coastline very, very soon!

  113. Leland and the Manitous!! Perfection everytime. Would love the Women’s Pique Polo Shirt.

  114. Muskegon – for the 4th of July fireworks over the lake! The Pure Michigan mittens are great.

  115. Anywhere on the west coast of Michigan is nice but I would have to say that one of my favorite places to go is the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Taking in the fresh Lake Michigan breeze as you enjoy the spectacular views from atop the dunes and listen to the stories from others or how it got its name. I would like to pack a men’s and women’s zip up fleece for those cold nights. drapes33@live.com

  116. We like traveling to the Roscommon area to ride the trails and swim in Higgins Lake. Would purchase the Pure Michigan linen perfect book journal to keep at the cabin and record our adventures and any guests that come up ~~ jklongtine@yahoo.com

  117. Michigan has many unique spots to vacation. One of our family’s favorites is along the coast of Lake Michigan in the Whitehall/Montague area. We love the beautiful beaches, lighthouses, farm fresh produce and dairy ice cream and of course the scenic Hart/Montague bike trail. wjs630@hotmail.com

  118. Port Huron is awesome. I’d stuff my kids’ suitcases with shirts from the store.

  119. One of my favorite places in Pure Michigan is Ludington, MI. Lots of nature to explore and take pictures of. I would take along the sterling silver MI necklace in the store. :) jstdee2@gmail.com

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