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Pure Michigan has been running ads on television, on the radio, and in print, both locally and nationally, for years.  In that time, we have received a flood of emails and letters from our fans telling us what they would like to see in our ads.  Some of you have suggested locations, sent photos, and even written entire scripts for us!  Through these emails, and all of your contributions to our efforts, we realize that no one knows this state, and what makes it so special, more than you.

So, to kick off 2010, we are inviting all of you to create your own Pure Michigan advertisement.  We are looking for video and print ads featuring what YOU want everyone to know about Michigan.  Beginning in March, some of your ads will be featured on, and here on Pure Michigan Connect.

Here’s how it works:

We will be taking submissions beginning today, through February 28, 2010.  All submissions should be emailed to us at with the subject line “Pure Michigan Ad”.  The body of your email must contain the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address (if it’s different than the one you’re sending from)
  • City and State
  • Optional:  Twitter ID (and your permission to promote your submission on Twitter)
  • Optional:  A picture of yourself
  • A short bio – no more than a couple of sentences
    • o   Ex.  Chris Boyle, member and former Vice President of the Tip of the Thumb Heritage Water Trail.   Chris is currently paddling the entire trail compiling an inventory.  He has completed ¾ of the trail as of this date.  He also owns a kayak rental shop in Port Austin that services the trail.

For Video Ads:

  • Upload your videos to YouTube, and send us the link (please don’t attach the video file to the email ).
  • You can use any images, music, voiceovers, or footage that you want (as long as they aren’t stolen or obscene).  If you are interested in the music from our official ads, it is the title theme song from the movie, “Cider House Rules”, and you can download it from Amazon .  We can’t get you Tim Allen’s voice though – sorry!
  • Need some inspiration?  Check out all of our Pure Michigan television commercials on YouTube.

For Print Ads:

  • Attach your print ads to your email – use a .jpg or .pdf format if you can.
  • Like the videos, you are free to use any images and wording you like, as long as they aren’t stolen or obscene. 
  • To help fuel your creativity, we’ve created a stash of our print ads for you to comb through.

We won’t be able to respond to emails from that account, so if you have questions, please leave a comment below, and we’ll help you out the best we can.

20 thoughts on “Create Your Own Pure Michigan Ad

  1. [...] few months ago, Pure Michigan’s travel blog put out a post about a competition for people to create their own advertisements for the Pure Michigan campaign, [...]

  2. Sorry my last comment practiced very poor grammar and I wish I could delete it… What I was trying to ask is how will we find out the winner of the Pure Michigan Ad contest?

  3. Jenny – you are definitely not limited to just one submission. Feel free to send in as many as you can think of!

  4. The greatness of Michigan…

    In the architectural genius looking at our Big Mac Bridge.

    In the un-describable awesome power of the rushing water over the
    Tahquamenon Falls.

    In the primitive untouched beauty standing a top Porcupine Mountains looking
    over Lake of the Clouds.

    In the quiet majestic beauty of a sunset over Lake Superior water.

    These are my most cherished memories of “My Michigan” which will stay in my
    heart forever! CM

  5. I recieved the Michigan Travel information that I asked for but was very disappointed that there was very little information on the Upper Peninsula, “Yooper Land” as compared to the Lower Peninsula, ‘Troll Country”
    I am very proud of MICHIGAN but am a little put out about the UP coverage. The whole state is great but there is something special about the UP and I don’t mean Upper Lower Michigan. I guess you figured out that I am a true “Yooper”. Please give us more coverage.
    Thank you
    John H. “Clutch” Cloutier…now working in New Mexico for a while…(:>)

  6. Great! I can’t wait to start combing through the old family vacation albums for the most perfect pictures of our beautiful state! But, can I capture all Michigan has to offer in one print ad? No doubt, I will have to make some tough choices…

  7. Mackinaw City is the best kept secret!!! Everyone should come and see it at least once!!! You will keep coming back. Very cost effective for families also.

  8. Visit Michigan’s Upper Pennisula, with beautiful Lake Superior, stop in the town of Munising, especially during the summer months when you can take the Pictured Rocks Boat Tour, and also the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. Don’t forget to see Miner’s Castle, and the many waterfalls in the area, the fish taste great, and the people are friendly.

  9. EXCELLENT IDEA! It’s time this country and the world just see how absolutely beautiful Michigan is and what it can offer. There is no need to travel over the oceans to far-away lands to see and experience beauty…it’s right here in Michigan! I LOVE YOU MICHIGAN!!!

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  11. A fantastic idea, hope you get some great ideas from all of us that truly love Michigan. From the southern most counties up through the mitt and over the Bridge, there is always something interesting to see and do. Our history is facinating, interesting and fun for families. I’ll be thinking of an ad to submit.

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