The Results Are In

Wow!  A few months ago, we asked all of you to send us your ideas for Pure Michigan advertising, and we have been overwhelmed by your response.  We received over 50 fantastic submissions.

We have divided the print ads into two groups to make it easier for you to view:

View our Fall/Winter ad collection

View our Spring/Summer ad collection

We also received a few video ads – check them out, and vote by leaving your comments below!

By Justin Mills

By Philip & Chris Leclerc

By Tanya Johnson

By Mark Boardman

By Jill Jack

By Dan Czewski

And another by Dan Czewski

  • Frank King

    The color, cinematography, music, and poetic portraity makes the work of Phillip and Chris Leclerc nothing short of magical! A beautiful, enchanting escape…I want more!!!

    Great work, fellas!

    God bless!

  • Brewier Welch

    I vote for the Leclerc brothers. Theirs’ was the most professional looking and could immediately be used as an ad for Pure Michigan. And based on the quality of the video, you know they would be able to produce more ads if needed.

  • Jonathan Kayser

    Wow, that ad by Phil and Chris Leclerc was gorgeous! Beautiful, pristine footage! Makes me want to come up to Michigan for a vacation or something!

  • Jeremiah Warren

    LECLERC BROTHERS, hands down, they get my vote. Their videography work blows me away, it’s so beautiful.

    Jill’s song was good, but this is a video contest, not a song writing contest.

    Marc had some really nice shots, but they didn’t seem to interest me in what he was trying to sell.

    The others who did a photo slideshow, well, I’m not ever going to be interested in a product that has a commercial that is a photo slideshow.

  • Seth Dykstra

    Great ad by the Leclercs! Michigan looks awesome!

  • Emily

    I watched all the videos and the Leclerc’s most definitely stands out far above the rest! Most professional for sure. Makes me want to visit Michigan!! Gorgeous!
    Philip and Chris Leclerc have my vote

  • JosiahE.

    After watching all of the ads my vote is solidly for the Leclerc brother’s production! The cinematography is simply gorgeous and makes me want to visit Michigan!

  • Nathaniel S.

    The video done by Philip & Chris Leclerc is by far the best. They get my vote.

  • Candle

    the LECLERC BROS., def!!!!

  • Nathanael Brunner

    Leclerc Brothers, obviously.

    And to other voters who shall not be named: it’s really not fair to simply vote for a video because your friend did it. This is an ad that will represent your state, and you should vote based on quality…not levels of friendship.

  • Abigail Powers

    Phil & Chris LeClerc’s video is beautiful. It takes me back to the summers of my childhood. Great job guys!

  • Sally

    I really liked the one by Philip & Chris Leclerc

  • Lauren Brittany

    I definitely have to vote for Philip & Chris Leclerc’s ad! It’s by far the best and most professional ad of them all!

  • Robert Cook

    Philip & Chris Leclerc
    Has my vote! Very nice, Our family will vist your state!

  • Joseph Weathers

    I watched them all, and the Philip & Chris Leclarc ‘s is the best, hands down.

  • Jason

    Leclerc Brothers!

  • Debbie Hanselman

    Pure Michigan Full of Life – what better way to describe our Great State – my vote is for Jill Jack – hands down.

  • Craig

    My vote is for Jill Jack. Pure Michigan Pure Beautiful.

  • Nancy Scheuer

    Nothing beats Jill Jack’s song to the wonderful video put together by Jill and Dee Carpenter…they are a great team! Anyone can dub music into a video but this song is an original by one of our own Michigan artists and song writers!

  • Nancy Scheuer

    Jill Jack is the best. She and Dee are a great team and what better than a song and video from Michigans own artist and song writer!

  • Kate McBride

    Loved Jill Jack’s song. She gets my voice!

  • Craig

    I really enjoyed Tanya Johnson’s Vedio because it showed every how great our state is with great artistry.

  • Naomi

    I enjoyed Tanya’s because it shows a lot of different parts of Michigan. From the simple back yard beauty to the great beauty our state has to offer all over.

  • dkchristi

    My vote is for Tanya Johnson’s video because she stressed that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder from a panorama view to a falling leaf. It gives the viewer a feeling that they are actually there, not simply looking at an ad. The music is appealing also.

  • Craig N.

    I vote for Tanya’s video. The wildlife and seasons are such an important part of our state and her video encompasses it all.

  • Ramona

    I too viewed all the videos and felt most did some very original work, which is what I think represents Michigan – it’s originality. I enjoyed Tanya’s the most because of all the different elements she put into her video. The wide rage captured many areas of our state and meshed very well with the music.

  • Katie

    I enjoyed Tanya’s video. She captured Michigan’s beauty with awesome cinematography!

  • David

    Tanya Johnson’s was creative but simply to the point but pointed.

  • John

    My vote is for Tanya’s video. While all were well put together hers really stuck with you and left you in awe of the natural beauty of this state.

  • Esther Gilbert

    I vote for Tanya. I throught hers covered such a vast area. And her comment that we can see whatever we want was so evedient in her pictures. Each picture was so very, very beuitful and so inviting.

  • Renee B.

    I vote for Tanya J.’s video. It offerered the complete package which is what Michigan is all about. I thought overall hers was the best that captured the true Michigan spirit.

  • Steven Santose

    Definately Tanya Johnson’s video. Very tastefully done, great images…especially of the deer!

  • Nick E

    tanya johnson’s, very moving, and bealtiful.

  • Joe James

    I have a question for Leclerc productions, Your a Production Company from Wisconsin, did you shoot this footage in Michigan?

  • Bill Gramprie


  • Nicole

    I vote for Tanya. Her video had beautiful footage that truly encompasses what Michigan is about.

  • Hannah

    I vote for Tanya, hers was very beautiful!

  • Rebekah Briggs

    I vote for Tanya J.’s video. I think it was the best video by far!

  • Linda

    I vote for Tanya’s video. It is very well done and shows how beautiful Michigan is.

  • Martha

    My vote is for Tanya’s video. I thought it was very beautiful!

  • Gretchen Jameson

    Dear Michigan Travel Team,

    First, thank you for building a collection of ads that tells a true story – you invite those of us who love Michigan to return for more memories. And you inspire those who’ve never been to come and join the narrative.

    My family has lived for generations in St. Joseph, MI. My great-grandparents started a fruit farm and vineyard in the early 1900s, and my childhood memories are rooted there playing with my parents, grandparents, and the “greats.”

    It inspired me, on a recent visit where my 2-year old daughter was introduced to the farm, to create my own tribute to your ads. Thanks for letting me share it here:

    And keep up the awesome work!

    Gretchen (Staude) Jameson

  • Chris Kronenberger

    Because of it’s stunning imagery and fun feel, I preferred the commercial by Philip & Chris Leclerc.

  • Info

    Does anyone have any reliable information on what the current Pure Michigan spot’s production budget was?