Deep Breath…

We’ve got a brand new television ad, and we wanted to share it with you.  This one is called “Deep Breath”, and it highlights the beauty of fall in Pure Michigan. 

Fall in Pure Michigan

Fall in Pure Michigan

Fall in Michigan means fall festivals, apple picking, corn mazes, cider mills, and an explosion of brilliant color that you have to see to believe.  We have great driving tours that allow you to see the amazing foliage, and miles of hiking and biking trails that take you right into the thick of it.  We hope you make time this fall to explore Michigan, and see for yourself. 

If you’re out and about in Michigan this fall, don’t forget to play MIspy with us – show off your fall pictures, videos, advice, and experiences on our Facebook fan page, or tweet them out using the hashtag #MIspy

We hope you enjoy our newest commercial – let us know what you think!

32 thoughts on “Deep Breath…

  1. I can’t understand why anyone would want to go outside of Michigan for vacation. We have it all for EVERY season. Nothing can be better!!! I am 51 years old and have traveled many places in my lifetime, but Michigan is by far the best of the best and I do not intend to vacation any other place for the rest of my life!!! We were just in Petosky this past weekend and the scenery took my breath away and brought great tears of joy!! Life is Hard these days, but God talks to us in Michigan through our beautiful seasons!!

  2. Thank you for all your Pure Michigan adds,they ROCK. Tim Allen has been awesome in the adds. I have lived all my 57 yrs here and don’t plan leaving. The change in seasons only add spice and beauty to life. With support from the State Senate and House,Pure Michigan adds will keep on the air and in print. Keep up the good work.

  3. Love the ads – makes me homesick, especially in the Autumn. Houston doesn’t have many trees that change colors – a few chinaberry trees and an occasional shumard oak. Maybe next year we can make it to Copper Harbor…

  4. We LOVE the Michigan commercials and we LOVE Michigan. Everytime we hear/see a commercial it makes us smile. Michigan lives up to it’s advertisement!!

  5. These commercials are the greatest; have been all year! Everytime I see and hear them it makes me stop to watch. This weekend my girlfriends and I are going up to Northern Michigan to see the colors and shop. I may be a Michigander but I’m true Buckeye.

  6. Tim Allen and all of the michigan commercials are done very well and they make me proud to be a michigander. :-)

  7. Pure Michigan videos with Tim Allen are the best in the U.S.!
    My friends and I live in northern Indiana, so Michigan is just minutes away!
    We visit often in all seasons! A visit to Michigan is always refreshing and fun! Now it is wine country and harvest time and away we go!!

  8. I had to move away from Michigan 20 years ago for job purposes. I miss Michigan. It’s in my heart and veins and a trip back up there revives my soul! I’m coming north next week to view the colors along the Lake Michigan coast (a.k.a. the Art Coast, the Blue Coast). Can’t wait. I miss winter, summer, spring and fall; all of them. I absolutely love these ads. Tears well up in my eyes. I never thought I would miss a place so much. Kentucky doesn’t hold a candle………………

  9. I’m a native Kiwi who is based in Farmington Hills MI where I have lived for several years with my wife Mary & our 4 boys. I now am calling MI Home.
    Im currently working in Angola, Africa and am going home on leave to MI in about 2 weeks, I cant wait to see all the fall colours and take my Family up to the UP on a fall colour tour, Rock on Pure MI!!!!

  10. I couldn’t believe that these commercials could get any better, but here comes this one. I just love these Pure Michigan ads. They have wonderful music too them and are so very calm to listen too. I can’t stop watching them since they are so good!!

  11. Love this ad and all the Pure Michigan ads. The copy, the music, the photography and even Tim Allen’s voice work perfectly together to make this ad campaign a winner! One day I just sat and watched them one after another, I was spellbound and couldn’t stop until I watched them all!

  12. Love these ads and the Pure Michigan push for tourism for our state! How could anyone not want to be here! Keep up the great ads. We have one of the most beautiful states in the country!

  13. We love your state, it is a joy to travel around it and the fall season is our favorite.We hope you keep up the good work with Tim Allen and those pure Michigan tv adds are a real pleasure to watch.

    The Canadian Traveler. !!

  14. The beauty of Pure Michigan and your commercials take my breath away! We live in El Paso, TX and enjoy your spots on TV. Since our son moved to Berkley, MI a year ago we have been able to explore your amazing state and discover for ourselves your truth in advertising! I tell everyone about Michigan and your magical commercials!

  15. Michigan during the Fall Season is the most BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to see the trees change in our area. Taking in the sights of the deepest blue lake, the cream colored sandy shores and the vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow – Michigan is the place to be. From going apple picking to taking hikes through the woods to choosing just the right pumpkin…I just love living in this most wonderful State of Michigan. Your commercial says and shows it all….THANK YOU!!!

  16. Fall is the one season I really miss especially the trees changing colors. Here we have green leaves — then no leaves.

  17. YEA!!!!! This is great! Makes you want to go out right now and get into the fresh air! Autumn is the season!!

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