First Look at the Pure Michigan Fall 2012 Ads

Fall is just around the corner, and in Michigan that means crisp air, football games, visits to apple orchards, and – of course – changing colors. It also means that new Pure Michigan ads are launching soon! We wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the ads you’ll be seeing on billboards across the state (and beyond) throughout the season. Take a look at the images below and let us know what you think! We also included locations of where the photographs were taken so that you can visit the locations first-hand.

 Golfing at Treetops Resort in Gaylord

Biking through the Tunnel of Trees down Conrad Road – East of Ludington


Sailing on Craig Lake in the Upper Peninsula

Look out for the billboards starting September 4th and let us know if you spot them! And if you visit any of these locations this fall, we’d love to see your photos! Link to them in the comments section below, post on our Facebook or Google+ walls or tweet them to us @puremichigan.

7 thoughts on “First Look at the Pure Michigan Fall 2012 Ads

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for your comment and thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Michigan with us and fans of the state. We would be happy to provide credit on our website if one (or more) of your photos is included there. We’re in the process of re-launching our site now; if you could provide your email address we’ll be in touch with next steps.

    As you know, since we work with several photographers, we typically do not provide credit per photo when we’re sharing on behalf of Pure Michigan since they all fall under the same brand. However, we do provide credit when we share photos from fans (like on Facebook or Instagram).

    Thank you again, John!

  2. Hi,  I am the photographer for one of the Summer billboards . (Mackinac Bridge sunset)   Do think it might be possible to have a page or post on your facebook page, credits for the various photographers shooting the pics for the ad campaigns and billboards?   I noticed a couple of my images in the UP pure Michigan magazine as well.  I really enjoy sharing my work and I greatly appreciate it being used .  I realize the images are being licensed through microstock and Getty Images, but it still seems like there would be a way to give creidt.  It sure would be a boost for my Michigan small business.    Thanks

    -John McCormick  (Michigan Nut Photography)

  3. Sorry to say but I think the pictures in your banner are more exciting then these ones the only one I really care for is the sailing photo. Although the fall colored trees are nice. I’m not of a golf person I guess. I think an apple orchard picture might be nice. Especially for fall, I’ll be out there with my cinnamon donuts and hot apple cider to dunk it in and have to have a hayride while I’m there and who could forget a good corn maze? I love the fall! I love the scenic pictures you have but for me I think pictures with people doing activities they enjoy would be the best advertisement for me to go to a place.

  4. It’s so disappointing that MDot can’t help increase our tourism and interstate travel with at least 3 lanes of I-75 in both directions in ALL counties. Huge drawback getting stuck bumper to bumper, every single weekend.

  5.  @Deadeye58 Thanks for your comment. The majority of the ad campaign is out-of-state. The in-state campaign is meant to motivate Michiganders to vacation in Michigan rather than leave for other states. 

  6. I can’t help but think that Billboards in Michigan, promoting Michigan as a vacation spot is “preaching to the choir”.  Is it wasted taxpayer dollars on this advertising or just misguided ad spending that would have been spent anyways, so why not convince Michiganders to stay in their own state?

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