Fresh Start

Pure Michigan is out shooting our next commercial this week – it’s called “Fresh”, and it’s all about the harvest season in Michigan.  We’re giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes, from Patrick McHugh, the man who conceived and wrote this commercial, along with many others.  Watch for his updates over the next few days, letting you in on the details that go into creating and filming a Pure Michigan television commercial.

I guess the idea for “Fresh” all started with memories of my childhood summers spent on the west side of the state. Good times that come rushing back every time I bring my own kids to the lake. Summer after summer, we were in and on the water all day. Camping out on the beach all night. Bob Seger and my dad’s Motown records supplied the soundtrack for every barbecue and bonfire. And in between each day at the beach there was adventure, and exploration, and summer jobs out in the fields, on the golf course and at farm markets that gave me a taste of all the goodnessPicking Produce for the Fresh commercial shoot our state grows every year. Like fresh asparagus from Oceana County, “The Asparagus Capital of the World’’. (Did you know that asparagus grows a single stalk at a time straight up from the ground?) Wild raspberries and blueberries from our neighbor’s back meadow. Giant peaches free for the taking on the back nine at Benona Shores. Sweet corn picked from the side of a country road. And the best cherry pie, cherry strudel, cherry muffins, even cherry donuts from the Cherry Point Market - just a dirt road east of the Little Point Sable lighthouse. There’s definitely something special in the water and sandy shores of Lake Michigan that brings forth this amazing bounty each and every year. Maybe I’ll ask this year’s Asparagus Queen to see if she knows what it is.

Tomorrow morning at sunrise we begin production of the Pure Michigan “Fresh” commercial. First shot of the day will be of a great old barn on a family-owned farm, its front and back doors open to let the sunshine in and Fresh_Grapesthe rolling green vista beyond. We will then be out in the orchards picking apples, in tasting rooms pouring and discovering great wines, out in the fields loading up the truck with melons, tomatoes, apples and strawberries, and then off to the farmers markets and roadside farm stands where we’ll proudly display a fresh crop of Pure Michigan for you to see and taste.

Back at it when the rooster crows Wednesday morning. Hope he has the coffee ready.