Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

It’s been quite a year for Pure Michigan, and none of it would have been possible without you.  So, to celebrate, we thought we would do an expanded edition of our MIspy roundup.  MIspy will continue in the new year, so remember to keep sharing your pictures, videos, memories, observations, and recipes on our Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter, with the hashtag #MIspy.  Along with MIspy, we have something new and fun that will start in January, so stay tuned…

Happy New Year!

We want to say thank you to all the MIspy contributors, our guest bloggers, our readers, our Facebook fans, our Twitter followers, and to everyone who has done so much to make Pure Michigan successful.  We hope that you continue to share your Pure Michigan thoughts, stories, pictures and videos with us, and that 2010 brings each of you peace, health, happiness and success.

Our creative Facebook Fans have shared so much with us over the last few months – so much that we couldn't add them all here.  Thanks to Sharolyn Macomber Metternich, Karl Wertanen, Chris Vernon, Kim Alexander Crudo , Cindy A Ratowski, Thomas Berriman, Matthew Raysok, Allister Reynolds, Ron Frasure, Lydia Robinson, Robert Wilson, Nate Jorgensen, and Michael Rehling for sharing the pictures in this slideshow!

Be sure to check out the Fan Photo Album on our page for even more amazing shots! (hint - clicking on the pictures will take you to Flickr, where you can see a larger image, and the name and description)

It wasn't just photos that they shared - they had plenty to say too!

Chris Hammond I'm a brit that has been taking my vacations with family in Michigan for the last 2 years now cant think of anywhere else I'd rather go... I do love your state

Christopher Charles Bley i dont live or work in the Mitten right now but Michigan is my Home and it is the greatest most beautiful state in the nation :) If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you man!

Robin Schmidt I grew up in Muskegon, Michigan and although I've been gone for more than 20 years I still miss that beautiful state! I'm so glad I saw this site. It has been wonderful to see some of the pictures posted on here.

John King Can't beat the fall season in Michigan, So colorful, so beautiful, love taking rides up & around the lakes, back roads, it helps clear the mind.

Becky Davis Michiganders know how to have fun w/winter.

Tam Hamilton Andersson my favorite part of Michigan are all the beautiful lighthouses.

John W. Holmes ...and the album of photos here depict the majesty of Michigan!

Jackie DiGiovanni There is always something new to love about Michigan.

Our Twitter followers have also been great at sharing pictures, comments, memories, and advice.  Thanks @leftandright, @_StephanieYoung, @ChiSteven, @rochelleyerrick, @TimChilcote, @ewygnal, @thereason, @mwygnal, @michaelzukewich, and @c2cmom for sharing your pictures!

@MiSkiReport: @PureMichigan Lets keep things moving in a positive direction! 2010 is the comeback year!

@KrisSlager: @PureMichigan I resolve to go out & enjoy MUCH more of our beautiful Michigan!

@stinsonc: skiing, sledding, family joy and fun in america’s winter wonderland @PureMichigan

@chrisayar: Note to self - buy the really big size of maple syrup next time I go to Rock River Farm in AuTrain. It’s delish and is #puremichigan. #MIspy