Premiere Week Bonus: ‘Different’

The response to Premiere Week was so overwhelming that we decided we had to share one more new ad with you.  This one focuses on one of our cities – one that’s a little ‘Different’.

Thank you so much for joining us for Premiere Week, and for all your kind feedback.  We appreciate it so much!

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  • Ocean’s Reach

    Great idea with the videos, and they’re quite well done too!

  • Lane Milligan

    What a great postcard look at a city that has so much meaning to so many and so much to offer to everyone. Great classic video. It makes me want to be there right now.

  • Cathy Varney

    It is impossible to choose a favorite. All the ads have been fabulous and I am excited to see them air!

  • Dick Davies

    As others have said, I enjoy all of the Pure Michigan ads. They’re more than a cut above others of that type.

    By the way, Tim Allen’s brother, Jeff Thompson (Dick), lives about a block from me, though I don’t know him personally. He’s a local teacher and Tim comes to visit him occasionally.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the great smile this campaign puts on the faces of all Michiganders!