Pure Character

It's Day 2 of the "Fresh" commercial shoot, and Pure Michigan copywriter Patrick McHugh is back with more behind the scenes coverage.

When the “Fresh” commercial airs on TV you will see 30 seconds of the best farm-fresh reasons why life just plain tastes better when it’s Pure Michigan. What you won’t see is the all the effort and dedication it took to capture on film the freshest and best our state has to offer. There’s our film crew and actors, writers and producers, art directors and set designers, stylists and makeup artists, local farmers and winemakers, and the best catering department in the business who keep us all going from sun up to sundown. So here’s to the entire crew that brings Pure Michigan “Fresh” to you. Hats off to Footie, Teen Wolf, The Queen Bee and the hardest workingman in show business, James Brown. And a big shout out to Christos (his real name is Chris), Powder D, Ham & Cheese, Trish the Dish, Billy Bob Clooney, Cape Town, Ace, Biz and last, but not least, The Great Baldini.

Fresh Squeezed

It’s the end of the first day of shooting for the Pure Michigan “Fresh” commercial and, man, did we squeeze in a lot of great footage. Three cameras rolled 80,000 feet of film. First shot of the day was at six in the morning. Last shot, ten at night. If you like classic red barns, you’ll be glad to know we shot 10 of them. And where there’s a barn, there’s sure to be a farm nearby. Horse farms. Fruit farms. Fresh produce farms. Farms like Black Star, Hemmings, Hoxsie’s (try the cherry jalapeno salsa with Michigan-made blue corn tortilla chips – good stuff) and the Drake family homestead. Then we hit the fields. Vegetable patches with the biggest zucchini I’ve ever seen. A meadow entirely dedicated to sunflowers stretching acres and acres long. And wait ‘til you see the spread we laid out on the harvest table. Sweet corn. Red, yellow and orange Heirloom tomatoes. Fresh-picked salad greens. And big, juicy burgers that say ‘summertime’ in every bite. For dessert, you guessed it. Homemade cherry pie from the Cherry Capital of the World. We then ended the day with the perfect nightcap - sunset (also known as the Magic Hour in the film business) at the Chateau Chantal Winery on the Old Mission Peninsula just north of Traverse City.

Cheers until tomorrow.

Check out these pics from today: