Create Your Own Pure Michigan Ads – Spring/Summer

Check out these beautiful Pure Michigan Ads submitted by our fans.  Let us know which ones are your favorites by voting (try to limit yourself to only one vote per image).

If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out our Fall/Winter ads, and tell us which one of those is your favorite!

Click on the pictures to see a bigger version.

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16 thoughts on “Create Your Own Pure Michigan Ads – Spring/Summer

  1. The Pic. that Nathan Warren are the best for a 7 year old I give him 10 points .And that is because i am his GREATGRANDMA /OMA

  2. Just wanted everyone to know, all the photos under the name “Deanna Hamel” are in fact taken by my 7 year old grandson…Nathan Warren of Manton. He is an awesome photographer and I can’t wait to take him on another trip this summer!

  3. Word on the street is that some group – or gang, in my opinion – called Awesome Dudes in Northern Michigan was using Facebook to boost their votes. Apparently, ADINM, as they’re known, hold a rather enormous amount of sway in the upper portion of the state, where they even enforce the use of their own currency, known as John McCain Freedom Notes. Don’t get me wrong, we should all be proud of our great state, but these guys are like a group of Early Times-loving Kid Rocks circa the Bawitdaba years – seriously, they’re just getting started.

  4. the comment about lenses and/or enhancements is a little off base. Michigan is also PURE in downtown detroit rife with urban decay and filth but I see no one chose to shoot that. A photography/ad competition should include any and all techniques to make the images and ads as pleasing to the eye as possible.

    As for the discrepancy in votes, when did the voting begin? Because I for one didnt even post until late in the competition and didnt even know they were online to be voted on until yesterday and I found that by accident

  5. I see it is *possible* to stuff the ballot box, and vote many times for a single ad … so I wouldn’t put too much weight on the numbers shown here.

  6. To answer Stephanie’s question: Yes, blue collar is a good thing. Ask Kid Rock.

    Anyway, when does this thing end?

  7. I agree about the amount of votes being right, I feel a panel should vote on the pics. Most of all the pictures need to be natural and pure like Michigan and the name of the ad. Sometimes photos you see are enhanced with special lenses. I feel those shouldn’t count. It needs to be a natural caught photo with no special affect help.

  8. My favorites are the Bridge ad and the blue collar ad. After all, Michigan is a blue collar state with hard, proud workers.

  9. Very nice work all around. But I do have to wonder, are these votes legit? I find it a bit odd two of these have earned THOUSANDS of votes while others have only received one or two? And is blue collar really a good thing? Either way, great campaign, great idea.

  10. These beautiful pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful state!

  11. Some of these photos took my breath away. I went back in time 40 years. Thank you for the memories.

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