2011 Pure Michigan Ads

We have enjoyed sharing the latest Pure Michigan TV and radio spots with our fans on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as they became available, but there’s a chance you may have missed one or two. Or, maybe you saw an ad on TV, but when you mentioned it to a friend, they hadn’t seen it.

With that in mind, we have rounded up all of the radio and TV ads shown (so far) in 2011. We are happy that the commercials continue to feature the voice of Michigan’s own Tim Allen. You can easily share the ads with friends and family, and they too can understand why one particular ad gave you chills or made you tear up.

We will continue to add new spots as they go live but be sure to subscribe to the Pure Michigan YouTube Channel for updates!

Television Ads

SuperheroesThe Henry Ford

Island LifeMackinac Island

The Good LifeGrand Rapids

Perfect Summer


Radio Ads

Let’s Go – Kalamazoo

Call of the Wild – The Wilds of Michigan

Check back next week when we debut the latest Pure Michigan ad, Traverse City! If you want a sneak peek, check out the photos taken behind-the-scenes of the Traverse City shoot!

What’s your favorite Pure Michigan ad?

13 thoughts on “2011 Pure Michigan Ads

  1. Yes, the voice-over by Tim Allen is fantastic. I was thinking that it might be Cliff Robertson, but I checked and Cliff is no longer with us. Tim’s voice is beautiful for this warm and inviting Michigan campaign. Thanks Tim!

  2. i now live in memphis tn, you can’t begin to know how much these commercial mean to me. i will stop dead in tracks to watch them. if i could pack up my tn family and take them north i would.

  3. I think they are brilliant, sure some folks have A.d.d….but for me living in hell hole Texas its memories of childhood, clean  water, clean air , friendly people, something the folks down here could learn from!

  4. I love the Ads, I have been all over the world and am still proud to say that I live on the Sunrise side, it thrills me to see the ads, and be able to say that i walk or drive by these these places every day, and they really are that beautiful.

  5. This ad series was good when it came out but it’s been played to death (Chicago) and is now so annoying that I get po’d hearing it and never want to go to MI lol.

  6. Love the commercials. I could listen to “that guy’s” voice all day. Had no idea until I just checked, who it was. Ha. Reminds me of the Always Wear Sunscreen thing. If I was going anywhere, I’d definately check out Michigan.

  7. Many people do not realize what a beautiful place Michigan is — these adds
    are great and I love them !!!

  8. I love these commercials. I am a Hoosier but love the sandy beaches of Michigan. Good choice on the voice over person! Am planning a trip there within the next few weeks.

  9. I love the Pure Michigan ads…tear up every time. The most evocative I’ve ever heard…sigh….

  10. Every time I see the Michigan.org commercials on tv here in St. Louis, my heart races and my mind is transported. Your advertising campaign is brilliant. And touching to a Wolverine at heart.

  11. I absolutely love these commercials, they always touch my heart and have even brought tears to my eyes. Michigan, my one true love ( :

  12. Absolutely love these ads as a life-time Michigander! Am sending your site to my son who is a Marine stationed in Okinawa, and missing his western Michigan. Looking forward to an ad featuring the lakeshore areas of western Michigan — Holland, Grand Haven, South Haven, etc.!!!

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