Pure Michigan National Campaign Kicks Off

This Monday, the Pure Michigan 2012 national ad campaign begins and will run through June. Look for our commercials on A&E, ABC Family, Animal Planet, Bravo, CMT, CNN, the Cooking Channel, E!, Food Network, Fox News, the Golf Channel, HGTV, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, MSNBC, Nick at Nite, OWN, the Outdoor Channel, Oxygen, Style, The Learning Channel (TLC), the Travel Channel, USA, WE and the Weather Channel.

Also, take a look at the updated spots for Ann ArborMackinac Island, The Henry Ford and Traverse City. You can also find these on the Pure Michigan YouTube channel.

18 thoughts on “Pure Michigan National Campaign Kicks Off

  1. When I’m sitting somewhere and hear one come on…I stop and smile! Makes me feel really good…then wish I was there…love that feeling!

  2. I always seem to watch these videos a lot. They are my favorite commercials! Makes me feel better when I’m in a funk! My dream is to live in Mackinac Island! Thank you for the Commercials, love hearing them!

  3. It’s funny this morning cause I was thinking of Mackinac Island like I always do. I’m driving in my car and was flipping through Channels and turned right to a Pure Michigan commercial. It’s made me a little sad cause I really wanted to go to Mackinac Island this and wasn’t able to go. Anyways it never gets old listening to the commercials. Their my favorite. Every since I went to Mackinac, I felt like I was meant to live there. Got this really nice feeling when I was there. Love that felling. Maybe that might sound crazy to some people, but not to me. Hopefully next year will be my year to go.

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  5. Still love watching these videos! It never gets old…I want to move to Michigan one of these days! Preferable Mackinac Island…My favorite place to visit!

  6. LOVE the Pure Michigan ads.  I can be doing anything, and as soon as I hear those opening piano notes, I usually stop what I’m doing and listen (even though I’ve heard them countless times) and reminisce about growing up (and camping in recent years) in this beautiful state.

  7. These are my favorite commercial, especially the Mackinac Island one. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Love that feeling, can’t wait to go this year. Mackinac Island has a special place in my heart, I’m so in love with the place, it’s crazy!

  8. Great commerical!  Set your compass true North,  I loved it.  I love this area so much that I vacationed here 6 times in less than two years and on my 7th trip, I moved here from Ohio.  Been here 6 months now and call this Northern Paradise.  I’ll use this commercial to entice friends and family that in addition to visiting me, they get the why I now live here!  PS:  I also loved the billboard ads that I’ve seen in the state.  My favorite one was in Cincinnati, OH.

  9. I am from Ohio and visit Michigan multiple times per year (Petoskey and Mackinac areas). I also love seeing the commercials. I’m also young, highly educated, and wealthy (although, except in rebuttal to you, I would never brag about those points).

    I also happen to have an MBA and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Economics, plus 4 years (not a ton, but keep in mind I’m only 25) experience working in media and marketing for a Fortune 500 company. I do media buys, placements, and analyses on a regular basis.

    While you might not understand (largely due to the fact that you probably are NOT highly educated), cable commercials are still the most effective advertising medium. Sure, Hulu and Pandora are still very effective, but they do not reach near the audience that cable does.

    Cable users might include ignorant, lazy, overweight, and poor people, but it also includes very successful, wealthy, and travel-minded individuals. Think about who travels the most… Retired folks, the very wealthy (often older), parents with children. Now think about who watches Hulu and YouTube… I can guarantee it is NOT retired folks, the very wealthy, and parents with children.

    Pure Michigan placed smart, well-thought media buys. I don’t think they’re targeting 12-year-old girls (those who watch YouTube, which probably includes you).

  10. My underlying suggestion was that they are limiting their target audience by only advertising to strictly U.S. cable users. 

    For example, they could have included advertising on services like Hulu and YouTube. It’s cheap and it gets their commercials out to an international audience.

    Michigan is a beautiful place and everyone in the world should see it! I just think they are limiting themselves too much in this campaign, that’s all. 

    I encourage everyone to focus more on why Michigan is such a great place and post about that, like Ms. Kay, instead of writing more insightful comments about nothing. Two wrongs don’t make a right…

  11. WOOOO, they use cable for the commericals b/c they are broadcasted nationally. Part of the strategy. Take chill pill.

  12.  Are you kidding? This is the most moronic post I have ever read in my whole life.  Sure those types of people may view the ads as well but they won’t be the ones doing the visiting. As for you… you may have received a lot of education but it obviously didn’t work and your youth is showing through.  If you miss Michigan, then come bring your talented smart little rump back here and help improve the state.  And why don’t you have cable?  Is that only for the people who have LESS money than you?  Honestly, I hope you were drinking when you posted this so that you have a decent excuse for publicly letting the world know just how ill informed you really are.

  13. Makes me want to go back to Mackinac & see it again. Went with  my daughter when she was in the 7th grade, we had such a good time.

  14. AWESOME job with the commercials! And I think the media buy you are using will reach a broad and open-minded audience (contrary to comment below!). Keep up the good work of promoting our great state.

  15. I’m from Michigan and I live in Georgia. I love seeing those commercials but like many of my friends down here I don’t have cable. I’m young, I’m highly educated, I’m wealthy, and I miss Michigan. Guess I’m not your target audience… Keep advertising to those ignorant, lazy, overweight, and poor cable users, I’m sure that will make your state better.

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