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  • John

    Great job Avalon Films!! You guys have done a great service for Our Great State! I Love Michigan!! We Rock!!

  • Perry Ballard

    Mackinac Island is the greatest!
    How many people visit the island in a given year?
    Perry Ballard

  • Nick

    Stunning!! These ads are pure art, I wish they could be longer. They were done in such a brilliant fashion, no doubt Pure Perfection.

  • Louise Larry

    I absolutely love this commercial. But I love all of them. You make the best commercial. They are soooooo Michigan. I love Michigan and I’ve traveled a lot. It is the best state!!

  • Mary Lou Creamer

    I absolutely love this ad! It is so Michigan! Of course, I love all of these ads. They make the hair stand up on my neck, my eyes water, and proud to say I’m a Michigander! Oh Michigan, My Michigan, I love you sooooo. I love Pure Michigan too!

  • Patty

    I cannot be happier that the Pure Michigan ads are being continued. Smart move because they are GREAT! I know they will attract lots of people to this beautiful, interesting and fun State. Now how silly am I that I like to watch these ads over and over and yes, as others mentioned, they sometimes bring a tear to my eye. They always make me feel good. Brilliant ad campaign…but heck, look at all the brilliance they had to tap from. Pure Michigan.

  • Kim

    Everything about this commercial is great…. the colors on the fruit, the scenery that is so recognizable and the music….. I live in Michigan and it makes me proud!

  • Patrice

    I was certain I smelled the wine. What a wonderful ad!

  • Lisa

    Amazing, yet again. This commercials are so much better than any other states I’ve seen. We continue to have the most incredible and beautiful commercials. Nice job!

  • http://www.selectivepotential.com Tieka, Selective Potential

    Amazing! Perfect! Wonderful!

  • Christopher

    Once again, i am so very moved by the commercial. Happiness is indeed a “bowl of cherries” especially for this guy who’s from Traverse City. Thanks for “taking me home” in every spot you produce.

  • Steve

    Beautifully conceived, shot, and edited. You could not do better than Tim Allen (another fine Michigan product) as your VO talent. Pure Michigan is a work of Pure Genius.

  • Rose

    Beautiful Ad. It makes me want to take a trip to Michigan. (I’m currently in Illinois) and stop at one of these wonderful farms!

  • Colleen

    I love the ads! Whether they are on TV or radio. It makes me want to hop into my car and head to my part, Sister Lakes, of Pure Michigan!

  • Jan Bunting

    As with all the Michigan ads I see, I love this one as well. Having grown up on a southwestern Michigan fruit farm, this brings back many memories.

  • Joe Foster

    These ads are getting even better – and I didn’t think that was possible!! You continue to enumerate all the reasons why I love living here. Michigan tastes great!

  • Georgina

    We love all the Michigan ads we’ve seen. We recognize the music when we hear it on TV and stop to listen and always smile. So many memories. Our yearly trip lets us relax and soak up the calm, the beauty and enjoy the people and the freighters!