Pure Michigan Premiere Week Day 5 – “Mermaid Tails”

It’s Day 5 of Premiere Week, and that it means its time to share our brand new radio ads. First up today, a beach escape with ‘Mermaid Tails’. Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

If you missed any of the previous Premiere Week ads, you can go back and check them out!

18 thoughts on “Pure Michigan Premiere Week Day 5 – “Mermaid Tails”

  1. These ads are quite possibly the most well written pieces I’ve ever seen or heard. If I didn’t already live in Michigan, I’d consider moving here. They do a great service to our awesome state and make me proud to say I live here. I’ve never heard anything that comes closer to touching the heart or bringing back wonderful childhood memories like these ads. Great job having Tim Allen narrate them as well. His voice adds a polished level of credibility.

  2. The Pure Michigan ads take me back to my childhood, remembering camping trips on the “Big Lake” and other things I haven’t thought about in years. I live in Michigan, and these ads remind me that this state is part of my soul. Wonderful job!

  3. I have fallen in love with Michigan all over again because of these beautifully descriptive ads. When I listen to them, I remember my family going on trips to Irish Hills, Traverse City, Iron Mountain, etc. These ads bring back so many wonderful childhood memories while managing to tie in our adult lives as well. I don’t know who writes these promos but they are one BIG glorious lovefest for those of us who live here and those who wish they did!

  4. Who writes these fabulous ads? Is it an Ad Agency? Let’s give credit to whoever creates these childhood memories and makes me want to jump in the car and head north. Hope they never end.

  5. Can’t say enough good things about this WHOLE ad campaign. There are two ads which ran last summer which brought me to a standstill as I worked in my Michigan garden: One was about the west coast wineries and restaurants, “Come taste Pure Michigan”; the other was about golf, “Remember when you used to play in the grass with your buddies? You still can.” We have taken our vacations on the west coast of Michigan every year for the past 30 years, and will again this year. These ads only share with the world what we have known for a very long while, and they do so through impressive facts, while evoking wonderful emotions, and with fabulous class and style. So nice to see this great state get the positive promotion it deserves! BRAVO to everyone involved.

  6. Beautiful! brings back memories of my childhood and encourages me to create new memories with my kids. Thank you.

  7. I love Pure Michigan–I love Michigan in every way and they make me want to jump in the car and just go ‘home’ to my Michigan!!!

  8. Thank goodness that the state pick Tim Allan to do the voice overs for these Pure Michigan Ads. If it wasn’t him doing it, it will be a whole diffent look for our state. Sometime these ad make me cry, maybe becasue we have a great actor from our state that really cares and wants it to grow. For Me glad to be born and raise in Michigans west coast!

  9. I absolutely adore the Pure Michigan ad campaigns, and have loved them since I saw the first ad on the Golf Channel last year! They are marvelous, and as so many others have commented, do a tremendous job of capturing what captivates those of us who love this state. I’m a native Texan who moved to Michigan during my high school years (in the dead of winter!), and found myself back in Texas several years later. But I still very much look forward to my visits “home” to Michigan whenever I can. Especially during the fall and winter months!

  10. It couldn’t be better. I want to be there… right now! Keep up the good work!
    Pure Michigan is THE best branding campaign ever.

  11. it makes me want drop everything and get out and enjoy this beautiful and wonderful state we call Michigan

  12. No video? Just editorial? I love the editorial. Would have loved to have seen a video to go with it. I love the guy who narrates this. Great job!

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