Tim Allen and Pure Michigan

Tim AllenIt’s official! We’re an unbeatable combination!

Today, Tim Allen confirmed what we knew all along – the Pure Michigan Ads are among his best work.  In an article for AdAge published today, Allen talks about his pride in being a Michigander, and his enjoyment in being the voice of Pure Michigan.

Tim Allen’s voice work for the Pure Michigan campaign is one of the key reasons for the campaign’s success.  We don’t think Forbes would have named Pure Michigan one of the All-time 10 Best Tourism Promotion Campaigns Worldwide last week without Tim Allen’s contribution to this effort.

Thanks, Tim, for your dedication over the years.  We couldn’t be more proud to have you as our voice!

  • Audrey Yockey

    By far some of the BEST advertisement for the state in a long time. If not ever. I love our state and the tourism that is available here. You get it all. Most people do not appreciate what Michigan has to offer. The best of all seasons and experiences in one great state.
    I did not recognize Tim Allen at first. I just fell in love with the commercials. Some even brought tears to my eyes and made me cry. The ad for Sault St. Marie is especially close to my heart. My daughter went to college at Lake State and met her husband there. The experience was a chance at a new begining for her, along with finding out about herself, and reconnecting with what matters most. In the land where it all began. Just like the commercial states. It was almost as if it was written just for the two of them. We printed it out and used it at her bridal shower.
    Thanks so much for making me believe in Michigan again.
    Audrey Yockey

  • Trisha

    How great to hear that Tim Allen is so proud of these ads, because they are awesome!

  • Eric Lefton

    My kudos to your agency. I’ve been in the ad business for nearly 30 years and have only had chills run down my spine about 3 times. Pure Michigan, with Tim Allen’s superb “feel” for how Michigan’s voice should be delivered, is among the best work I’ve ever seen and is 1 of my 3 spine tinglers. When you can say that advertising is inspirational, there’s no higher honor.

  • Sue Beth Balash

    Whether we’re in the car or watching T.V. in our living room, (Even sometimes out in a store or restaurant!), when a “Pure Michigan” commercial comes on, everyone is stopped. My whole family gets a dreamy far-away look in their eyes. The conversation picks back up later, but it’s an unspoken family “rule” that noone talks over a “Pure Michigan” commercial. Those are sacred. Sometimes after dinner, we sit out on the deck with a laptop and watch all the ads on the website. Congratulations for the honor! They truly are the most beautiful and inspiring minutes of airtime anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!

  • Darlene Longo

    The pure mich ad is incredible. I have fallen in love with Tim Allen’s presentation. At first I was just in love , I didn’t know it was him. everything about the campaign is fantastic….mr.Allen’s voice is just simply magnetic.I want to know who wrote the scripts,who directed his presentations.who photographed everything because it is all so satisfying and compelling. Iwish it were on all evening……I am an ad and commercial follower and the last campaign I loved was the Chanel ad with a women diving into a pool, but this has never been equaled promoting a state….
    Darlene Longo,troy,Mich.

  • virginia Scheuring

    The most remarkable voice on TV and RADIO. The words and pictures are out of sight. For me it’s a source of relief after a long day and the wonderful scenes are beautiful. You should capture all these AD’S on a video, along with the words and sell it and bring another source of revenue to PURE MICHIGAN!

    For we individuals that can’t afford to take a vacations anywhere I listen to this if I want to dream!
    Hats off to Tim Allen and the fine marketing team that put this together.


  • Glenda

    Tim Allen? Tim Allen? I’m in shock. It’s unbelievable. I had no idea that he had such a sexy and soothing voice. He’s a keeper. This is the best commercial voice I’ve heard and I’ve heard plenty. I love all the Pure Michigan commercials. They’re in my bookmark.

    I’m in awe.


  • Bruce Kuffer

    PURE MICHIGAN through the voice and PASSION of Tim Allen rings true for all of us who love this Great State. People are naturally smart when it comes to truth, love and faith. So when Tim talks about his state … Michigan … with pride, we can all hear and feel it in his voice. Evidently others can as well and most likely feel some personal emotion that connects us with them. Keep up the good work Tim!!!

    Natural Michiganer, Bruce

  • Joan

    I’ve spent my summers on Crystal Lake in northwest Michigan for 50 years, and have never been able to adequately describe to others how Michigan is in my soul. The memories of walking miles of Lake Michigan beaches with my dad, the endless sunsets, the family memories that were created in such a special and beautiful place are precious. The Pure Michigan ads have captured the exact feelings those memories give me. Tim Allen’s voice is the perfect choice to deliver the words that so perfectly describe what a special place Michigan truly is. Thank you for these beautiful meminders all year long.

  • KiKi Nikk

    Thank you, Tim, for making these great commercials. I love Michigan and love the fact that you would invest your time in doing what you can for this state. The ads are awesome and deserve the adulation.

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  • Debbie

    I have watched the Pure Michigan commercials, and I recognized Tim Allen’s voice right away, but I had to google it to make sure. His voice is soothing, and just makes you feel nice. It goes perfect with the beautiful scenery they show. What a perfect match! The awesome state with an awesome man- Tim Allen! For some reason Tim Allen has always had that effect on me. He just makes me feel good! Smart to have him, and good work Tim! Thank you!

  • Gabbi

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was Tims voice.

    But as a resident of Ontario I hear these ads every day….and have loved them since the first time – and I never get tired of hearing them.

    And as all good advertising is supposed to do….these make me want to visit Michigan.

    However I am jealous that Ontario has not done a better job of making me feel that way……woops did I say that?

    Cheers and way to go Tim and Michigan..on an excellent job – you bring tears to my eyes and I have never seen Michigan…

  • caden jackson

    Is Tim allen the spokesperson for the newest pure michigan commercial may2010

  • Cynthia Thompson

    I thought the voice sounded familiar. I’m a born Michigander, now a Texas transplant. My native Texan daughter now lives in Gladstone and we visit her every year, summer and a couple of Christmas’s. The Pure Michigan commercials are absolutely breaktaking. Makes me want to visit more often.

  • paul

    I make everyone stop taking and I turn up the radio everytime i here a pure michigan ad. I even get a little emotional about it. I love being a michigander and these ads show michigan as a beautiful state.

  • Laurel

    I am new to the area and already these ads bring great pride living in this beautiful state. Thank you Tim for supply your voice. They bring tears to my eyes.

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  • http://cafetodaymyblog.wordpress.com/ barb k

    I sincerely hope Michigan hires Tim Allen to continue with the Pure Michigan campaign. The first time I heard the commercials was while waiting on hold with a Michigan agency.The promos run continuously, how wonderful! Memories of traveling in Michigan brought out emotions in me I did not even know were there. Michigan….Get Tim again! The state needs him. Chevy has him…..just makes sense.

    Thanks Tim

  • amanda

    i have never been to michigan, but have heard these ads in texas. i immediately recognized tim allen’s voice. i have heard him do voice-over work in a lot of commercials these days. the commercials seem fresh every time and never have a cheesy or sappy quality. it is nice to see michigan portrayed other than just the barrenness of flint.

  • Annette

    Thank you Tim Allen for helping to promote our beautiful state. I love PURE MICHIGAN!

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  • Debbie

    I love those ads and always wondered whose voice that was-never would have guessed it was Tim Allen! He is certainly a wonderful choice! We always traveled through Michigan on our way north to Winnipeg and have enjoyed many stops along the way, from Frankenmuth and Birch Run to Sault St Marie, St. Ignace and even west to Marquette. The roadside rest stops were always SO clean in Michigan and the little parks were so appreciated. A truly beautiful state…those ads are every bit the truth.

  • Lee Ann

    Love Love these advertisements, they are the best. Michigan is a great state for a trip. There are so many things to do and see. Every time I see a ad it goes right to my heart. I’m a Michigan gal! Also Tim Allen does a great job. I hope these ads are done every year. Michigan is a Beautiful State!

  • rob C

    you would hate these advertisements if you where unemployed and having to listen to them two hours a day before you can talk to a human….yea the max could take up to six weeks is nonsense im on my 14th week, but hey i call everyday and i could rattle off every advertisement…michigan is the worst…i hate this place

  • Angie

    I don’t know what it is, but my husand and I are captivated by these commercials. We stop and look at each other. Is that John Goodman or Tim Allen? Who knew their voices were so much alike. I thought I was the only one but am amazed that so many like these ads too. Great combination. Never been to Michigan, but kinda want to go now. We are Texans. I hate stupid commericials! We are not idiots. Thank you for something inspiring and fresh!

  • Susan Hudak

    My husband and I live in Ohio :( but we have a cabin in Upper Lower MI. We make it up there 10 or 11 times a year (all seasons) I used to live in the Soo. Tim’s commercials give me such a yearning to be there and while I’m listening I can almost feel being there…sounds weird I know… I’m in love with the state! It owns a piece of my heart! Thanks Tim! oh and GO BLUE!

  • Heather L.

    I absolutely love the “Pure Michigan” adds. It was not until today that I found out that Tim Allen was the voice, even though I knew it sounded familiar. The commercials make me have goosebumps and tears in my eyes and with knowing that an actor I like and respect is the voice just makes them all the better! So thank you to Tim Allen and the add agency:)

  • June

    Tim Allen?!!! And all this time I thought that sexy voice belonged to Cliff Robertson. They sure do sound alike. Who thunk that? :) Next time, I will have to listen closely and try to picture Tim instead of Cliff.

  • Beth O.

    I think the the Pure Michigan campaign is the best EVER! For any state tourism. I’ve never been to Michigan, but everytime I hear the commercials, I have to go. I plan the trip in my head and picture myself there.

  • Kathy

    I love these ads, I love Michigan. I was very taken and schock to find that Tim Allen did the ads !!! I love his voice !!! Great Job Tim !!!

  • Terry

    Every time I hear one of these commercials, I just want to get in my car & drive to Michigan! Between Tim’s soothing voice (hard to recognize, only because you usually hear him joking!), the gorgeous scenery, and the great music, it’s by far the BEST tourism commercial there is. I’m a native Ohioan, but have spent a lot of time camping in Michigan at Grayling & Brighton State Parks, as well as visiting friends in Grand Rapids. Also love Ann Arbor – which kills me to say, as I’m an OSU fan! Michigan is a beautiful state and it’s nice to see a place that still has a lot of untouched land.

  • Joe

    I’m not from Michigan, but hearing the commercial, I want to be! I am from Western New York and recently moved to Chicago so i hear the commercial on the radio all the time. I have planned a week long vacation to Michigan! Great work.

  • Vicki

    I’m a Southerner, born and bred, but have to say after seeing (and listening to) these commercials, I’d love to visit Michigan! Great job by Tim Allen and all concerned! Love these ads!

  • Andrea Green

    As a former Michigander, I am so proud when I hear these commercials. Well done, Tim Allen and the ad company who created this ad series!

  • Jordan

    I knew it was Tim! I’m from Los Angeles, but it makes Michigan seem pretty sweet….

  • Rich

    Everytime I hear the Michigan Commercials I merely close my eyes and just listen. At first I thought the voice over waas Cliff Robertson, but have since found it to be Tim Allen. If the people in charge could make a CD of the best commercials with all the scenery, I know I would by it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work with Mr. Allen.

  • Linda

    I’m from O-H-I-O! Need I say more:) But every time I see/hear the Pure Michigan commercials, I want to drop everything and head up north! Tim Allen just makes Michigan come alive and makes it seem to be among the most desirable places on earth! Hope you never stop those commercials and hopefully we’ll make it up to the beautiful state of Michigan in the near future!

  • Ellen

    I too was sure that the voice was that of the late Cliff Robertson. I was shocked to learn that it is Tim Allen. I LOVE those ads! They bring such a sense of peace, especially when I’m sitting in traffic and they come on the radio. Great job, Tim!



  • Ken

    I’ve been listening to the Tigers playoff games on the ‘net and have been hearing the commericals and it brought back some sweet memories. I am a California boy born and raised, but had the chance to live in work in your great State five years ago. I never knew how beautiful it was until I lived there and was able to travel around the State on weekends. While California weather is hard to beat much of the time – If I had the opportunity I would strongly consider going back to Michigan. I definitely hope to visit and vacation there again someday. Back to the ads – I love the music and the voice – and while it always sounded familiar – it wasn’t until today that it dawned on me who’s voice it was – I was certain it was Tim Allen (and of course with his connection to Michigan a no-brainer). I googled “Tim Allen Michigan.org” and came across all these wonderful links and like this one – all full of praise. I have to admit they make me miss it even more. You have a wonderful state.

  • Jay

    I’ve been hearing the Pure Michigan ads on TV and radio for a couple of years now and it still affects me. Love to hear the voice and the calming music. It beckons one to visit MI. I’m from the west but I do travel to MI once every other year or so and love the state. It is wonderful. I hope these ads continue because they’re great.

  • Bcorintas

    Even the word “pure” alone draws people in because every city, town, and state has its good points and bad points. It is all in how it is marketed and the Pure Michigan ads are “pure genius”  I normally detest reruns, but I watch the Pure michigan ads over and over again because they  are magnificent in every way!

  • Chetts

    My son loves these commercials soo much it made his decision about where to go to college?!  He can’t wait to be a Spartan! Go Green, Go White! Btw any scholarships for this???

  • Jon Law

    No doubt about it….These ads are genius.  Well done, folks!

  • Eslebederkaiser

     I was born in Michigan and my whole family is still there. I live in Alabama and these ads make me home sick. Michigan has a lot to offer and needs some money back into the economy. 

  • Opatio4

    without a doub, the best commercials on television. how could you not want to go there and hope that tim allen would be there to welcome you !!

  • crw

    Loovve the home boy.  Every time I hear him it makes me smile.

  • Olivia822

    Love these Pure Michigan ads. Love Pure Michigan. Brings back such wonderful memories of our times spent in Michigan.  Heading there again in a few weeks for the first time this year of many.

  • Katausrac3

    Love Tim’s voice and he makes it real, not commercial like!! Goooooo Tim!!!!!