Save the Date for Pure Michigan Premiere Week

We’re rolling out the red carpet and you’re invited!

We have a whole set of brand new Pure Michigan radio and television commercials for 2010, and we want you to be the first to see and hear them.  So mark your calendars for Pure Michigan Premiere Week the week of April 19 – we’ll be sharing a new ad every day, including our first ever Behind-the-Scenes video of what it’s really like shooting a Pure Michigan commercial – a full week before they go on the air! 

All the ads will be shown right here on Pure Michigan Connect, as well as on our Facebook Fan Page. 

31 thoughts on “Save the Date for Pure Michigan Premiere Week

  1. I too agree!! I do not use Facebook and cannot access it at work either. Please send a reminder via e-mail. Facebook is more appropriate for social scenes and should not be used as a form of communication or marketing. I am afraid a program such as Pure Michigan would lose touch with its market crowd by limiting its form of communication to Facebook or, worse yet, Twitter.

  2. I can hardly fine time to check e-mail let alone facebook or twitter.

    send mine by e-mail, thanks!!

  3. Email only please, I am from Chicago, and Love spending time in Michigan!
    Can’t wait for our next travel adventures this year in Michigan!
    Peace, Love and Michigan Cherry’s yum!

  4. I have also opted-out of Facebook. I hope there is not a lot of the “Pure Michigan” budget being drained off for that purpose. Have you not yet heard that the trend is fading in popularity?

    I would like to continue to receive the information, but only by email.

    Thank you!

  5. I too would like to receive information by E-mail. I spend more time cleanning computers of Malware from my customers that use social networking sites like FaceBook. I won’t use facebook, but would still like to be informed.

  6. Ditto. No Facebook. Just E-Mail please. Am looking forward to promoting Michigan.

  7. Sign me up please – e-mail is the best. Haven’t explored Facebook but it sounds too nosey for me. Keep me posted on all events in Michigan – especially the Lansing area. Thank you!

  8. I refuse to use Facebook. If e-mail isn’t good enough, then count me out. I prefer to have this Michigan alert through e-mail. Thank you

  9. Sounds like an exciting event. Agree with the others. There is a large population that choose not to use facebook.

  10. Jeff Poling & AH are absolutly correct about facebook. Let’s add twitter to the list of usless things on the internet.

  11. Hope the new ads will spur my imagination like the last few years. I am not a Facebook person — by choice. Please send the reminder/link via email, which works perfectly fine.

  12. Can’t wait to see the new ads ….. except they will no doubt make me SO “homesick” for my birth state!

  13. Like Jeff I don’t use facebook nor do I want to start. I would rather receive important business related information through e-mail reather than through social networks.

  14. I agree with Jeff and AH, i.e., e-mail is fine; I have no use at all for any of the social networking sites.

  15. I too am NOT a fan of Facebook and do not use it. It will be good to preview the commercials so a reminder would help, but like AH, send it
    via email.

  16. I think more positive thinking by all Michiganders will put a positive spin on anyone visiting our beautiful state.

  17. I am a travel professional and I am blocked from using facebook at work. If you want me to (and I want to) promote Michigan travel, I need to do it using something other than facebook!

  18. I have to say for those of you crying and complaining about needing Facebook to get a reminder… don’t. Considering you are probably not very saavy (with technology), you might consider using your CALENDAR! I just got the same E-Mail that you guys probably got, REMINDING me of when pure michigan premiere week is. So quit your bit****g. :-)

  19. Most office computers are blocked from social networking sites. Only opportunity to communicate with business pros from 8AM-6PM will be email.

    Outdoor people don’t waste alot of time on social networking….they go outside.

  20. Totally in agreement with those expressing dislike and non-participation in those social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I will never use them either. It’s distressing how many companies are turning toward these venues rather than using e-mail, and even more distressing as to how willing people are to open themselves up to security risk and invasion of personal privacy. Here’s sure hoping that Pure Michigan keeps using e-mail as the main mode of communication.

  21. Wow, I love all there is to explore and celebrate here in Michigan, count me in but only by e-mail. I must be in the same age group of non-facebook users!! Lets spend money here and support “Michigan” and take advantage of its beauty all year round.

  22. Thank you…….you’ve made me feel a lot better. I’m on facebook and don’t understand facebook. Please e-mail me too.

  23. Looking forward to a new administration come Nov.Hopefully we can get our State back on track and put people back to work.

  24. I couldn’t agree more, Jeff. Not all of us use facebook and we should not be left out because of that. I want to be reminded of Pure Michigan Premiere Week but if e-mail is not an option then count me out.

  25. The new ads will be released right here on Pure Michigan Connect in addition to Facebook. If you want to be notified when we publish new posts, you can subscribe to our blog feed using the bar at the top of the page (next to our logo). This will send you email notifications.

    We also have an email newsletter that goes out a couple times a month that you can sign up for – it’s full of info on everything going on around the state!

  26. Please remind me of Pure Michigan Premiere Week. I am sending this as an e-mail rather than thru facebook. I don’t know how to use facebook, I don’t understand facebook, I don’t like facebook. Please don’t force us to communicate with you thru facebook. E-mail works perfectly.

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