The Results Are In

Wow!  A few months ago, we asked all of you to send us your ideas for Pure Michigan advertising, and we have been overwhelmed by your response.  We received over 50 fantastic submissions.

We have divided the print ads into two groups to make it easier for you to view:

View our Fall/Winter ad collection

View our Spring/Summer ad collection

We also received a few video ads – check them out, and vote by leaving your comments below!

By Justin Mills

By Philip & Chris Leclerc

By Tanya Johnson

By Mark Boardman

By Jill Jack

By Dan Czewski

And another by Dan Czewski

  • Linda Little

    OMG these ads are fantastic! The one thing that shines through is how much they love our state….

  • Catherine

    What an amazing collection of videos – so well done! Makes me want to plan my Michigan trips!

  • Suez

    Artfully portraying our Naturally beautiful state! Nicely done!

  • Cassandra Geary

    Love all the videos!

  • Mike

    My favorite is the Jill Jack video. What an awesome song & beautiful montage of Michigan photos!

  • Jessica

    I love the Jill Jack video! The song is great and the pictures are such a good representation of Michigan.. Good job, ladies! :)

  • Cheri

    It made me miss home…and reminds me why even after 15 years away i still realize when I say home I mean Michigan.

  • larry

    love the jill jack video…great song, great pictures…it shows a “pure michigan”

  • Alison

    Philip & Chris, You totally knocked it out of the park! I was sitting there thinking about how much I wanted to go to Michigan… and I have lived here my entire life. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Thank you!

  • fernando

    cast my vote for the Jill Jack video…wonderful, just wonderful.


  • elaine

    These are absolutely outstanding, I don’t think I could pick one of those videos, they are so wonderful. That song ought to be recorded – it is just beautiful. Talented people in Michigan.

  • Julianne

    Well done, Jill and Dee. Beautiful!

  • Beth Logsdon

    Jill Jack is great! It has my vote!

  • Joel

    I vote for the Jill Jack video. Incredible song and beautiful imagery. It makes me want to head North right now!

  • Mike

    The others are OK, but casting my vote for the Jill Jack video. She covers so much more of what Michigan has to offer.

  • Lori Osmond

    Jill Jack has my vote!

  • Jo

    All fabulous. Of course I have a soft spot for Jill Jack’s music behind the beautiful landscape.

  • Jan

    Love Jill Jack’s song — particularly the chorus. It’s pure Michigan!

  • Trish

    JILL JACK Video is the best and my favorite!

  • Doug Bukantis

    The jill Jack Video is my favorite.

  • T Hubert

    Jill Jack video is great!

  • dennis camilleri

    Please cast my vote for the JillJack video

  • Gary

    Jill Jack IS Pure Michigan! What a great video. Thank you Jill for helping Michigan’s Pure Michigan Campain.

  • Rhonda

    Jill you totally nailed it:) You have my vote:)
    Rhonda Nesbitt

  • Tom Bowen

    I loved the Jill Jack Video!! Great song that went really well with the pictures.

  • Pamela

    My vote is the Jill Jack video, it was wonderful and it makes you want to go to Michigan.

  • Bill & Max

    What a talented State we live in. These are all wonderful, but Jill Jacks says it all. Awesome, purely awesome!

  • mike

    jill jack video gets my vote

  • Richard Rudlaff

    The Jill Jack Video is truly outstanding and the perfect tool to promote the State of Michigan.

  • Fiona

    Jill Jack video was fantastic!

  • Ray Juliano

    I vote for Jill Jack who is really a Michigan gal at heart. Great music…great photography……

  • Jennifer Hall

    Jill Jack has my vote for favorite video!

  • Ken

    All videos are excellent. However, Jill Jack has my vote as the best.

  • Heather

    The Jill Jack video is the best. Great song and perfectly paired pictures.

  • Brian

    My votes is for Jill Jack. The songs evokes all that is wonderful about Michgan.

  • Brian

    My vote is for Jill Jack. The songs evokes all that is wonderful about Michgan.

  • Bill Sroka

    They were all good, but Jill Jack’s song was best by far.

  • Gerry Deighton

    Beautiful videos all….but my vote goes to Jill Jack!

  • Barbara

    I liked the Jill Jack video the best. Made me cry the music so pretty.

  • Back Draft Roasting

    Its Jill Jack for me, Its what Michigan is all about

  • Dave Falk

    I liked two videos here, Mark Boardmans and Jill Jacks, but my favorite is Jill Jacks video…..its Pure Michigan!

  • Beth D’Anna

    Jill Jack’s video is incredible. Hands down it is far and away the best of the video’s submitted!!!

  • April Carcone

    I second David Falk, Mark Boardman and Jill Jack, with my favorite being Jill Jack

  • tracy lynn walker

    Jill Jack Jill Jack Jill Jack I LOVE JILL JACK’S MUSIC!!!!! I’m her self-proclaimed favorite fan/ friend!!! The video does Michigan and her proud. My vote is for JILL JACK!!!!!

  • Jessica

    My vote is for Jill Jack!!!

  • Linda

    I vote for Jill Jack!!!

  • Loni

    Jill definitely has my vote!!

  • Jacqui Eroh

    I vote for Jill Jack. She and Dee have put what I think of “Michigan” into music and pictures. I will be forwarding this to my friends, family and family out of town for votes and tourists. Thanks Jill Jack for the music and Thanks Dee for those fabulous photographs!

  • Christine

    Jill Jack gets my vote hands down! She’s a Pure Michigan lady! Beautiful job — thank you!!

  • Linda

    I vote for Jill Jack. Love it!