The Results Are In

Wow!  A few months ago, we asked all of you to send us your ideas for Pure Michigan advertising, and we have been overwhelmed by your response.  We received over 50 fantastic submissions.

We have divided the print ads into two groups to make it easier for you to view:

View our Fall/Winter ad collection

View our Spring/Summer ad collection

We also received a few video ads – check them out, and vote by leaving your comments below!

By Justin Mills

By Philip & Chris Leclerc

By Tanya Johnson

By Mark Boardman

By Jill Jack

By Dan Czewski

And another by Dan Czewski

  • Janet

    Jill Jack has my vote

  • Sausha

    Jill Jack really expressed the essence of Michigan in the video/ song. Great job.

  • chris

    I liked Jill Jack’s the best! She has my vote

  • Ryan D

    Gotta go with Justin Mills… he looks to be about the only one who didn’t use stock video footage.

  • TOM

    JILL Jack the best awesome job gets my vote

  • Jill G.

    I think Jill Jack was the best with the music and pictures going together and it was very soothing. My vote is Jill Jack

  • Linda G

    Jill Jack is my favorite. She has my vote.

  • Jen Wright

    Definitely Justin Mills. It’s original. It’s personal. It’s pure Michigan.

    Stock-art slide shows or stock footage don’t seem right under the tagline “Pure.”

  • Andrew

    Justin Mills took the time to not only come up with an interesting idea, he executed it well, too. Great job!

  • Nancy K

    Jill’s the winner hand’s down. Listening to her song stirs up so many memories of trips all around the mitten. Makes me long to hit the road.

  • Vicki

    We like Jill’s the best!!!

  • Alice A.

    I think Jill’s represents a great view of Michigan. She gets my vote.

  • Craig

    It’s great that Jill wrote a song and all, but this was a video contest let’s not forget…not a songwriting contest. There’s some great videos on here, but personally I could’ve done without the slideshows. Cheers to Justin, the Leclercs, Tanya, and Mark

  • R Daup

    Certainly a wonderful song… but let’s be honest, friends of Jill Jack, a photo montage does not a video make.

  • Frank

    Go Double J!

  • Chris Leclerc

    I vote for Leclerc Brothers. For the record its not stock footage.


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  • Chris G

    The only true video add here is the one by the Leclerc Brothers. By far the highest quality, and the only one I could see used in a professional environment. They have my vote!

  • Danielle Fox

    DEFINITELY the LeClerc brothers. It’s head and shoulders above the rest.

  • Caleb P.

    The LeClerc brothers by far. Why would anyone select jill jacks? (No offense but I’m pretty sure my mom can put a slideshow together.)

  • G. Gill

    Leclerc Brothers for sure! It is the only one bringing together fantastic quality, while also being beautifully artistic.

  • Peter Serven

    No question about it, Philip & Chris Leclerc. Nicely done!

  • Jake G

    Leclerc Brothers by far! There work is amazing!

  • Esther Zimmerman

    Philip and Chris Leclerc’s blow the rest out of the water…none of the rest even came close. Amazing!

  • Ashley Zimmerman

    I was peeking over Esther’s shoulder while she played them all… um, some had some nice/decent photos but, there really was no competition. The Leclerc’s is best.

  • Lizzy

    Leclerc Brothers caught my eye before the others. Definitely the most professional, beautiful and intriguing of the bunch! Great color and quality, wonderful way to represent Pure Michigan. My vote definitely goes to Leclerc Brothers.

  • Cassidy

    I think Leclerc Brothers’ video was high above the rest!! And I must say, Jill Jack’s was cheap and definitely not professional enough for advertising. I’m disappointed in how many votes she’s getting!
    Leclerc Brothers for sure!!


  • Michael Chickadee

    I watched these films and was almost brought to tears when i saw the work Philip and Chris Leclerc were doing. It compares with the quality if not better than the TV ads we’re used to. My vote is Leclerc Brothers.

  • Ben Kayser

    The Leclerc brothers made the best one. I vote for them.

  • Andrew

    The Leclerc Brothers are masters of their trade. They have brought a level of professionalism, both in their presentation as well as their footage quality that non of the other shorts have. If this commercial is to be used for professional purposes my vote is with the Leclerc Brothers.

  • Rachel Jones

    I think the video by Phillip & Chris Leclerc is by far the most professional and eye-catching. Not only is it enjoyable to watch; it captures the beauty and sentiment without feeling “forced” or cheap. It is truly excellent.

  • Mark

    The Leclerc Brothers production really represents what Michigan is all about. I firmly believe, and so should you, that there are none better than the Leclerc video.

  • Kim J.

    The ad the Leclerc Brothers did brought out strong, loving emotions of Pure Michigan for me. The innocence of the children running around, older people on horseback and the awesome water shots truly felt like a professional ad to me! I vote for the Leclerc Brothers hands down!!

  • Sue Mead

    Watching The Leclerc Brothers Pure Michigan Ad has changed my life. The children running though the fields, riding off into the sunset and glories waterfalls made my heart skip a beat and a tear fall from my eye.

    My vote is for THE LECLERC BROTHERS!

  • Amanda Johnson

    If this is what Michigan is all about then I’m packing my bags and and moving ASAP!

    My vote is for THE Leclerc Brothers!

  • Steve Hammer

    I enjoyed the Leclerc footage and music. It’s got that beautiful, relaxed feel that makes me want to spend my vacation in Michigan!!!

  • Anna Tomic

    The Leclerc Brothers commercial captures the multifaceted beauty of ALL of Michigan. They tie everything together magnificently bringing it back to the precious children of our future running joyfully through the fields. This is true quality.

    my vote goes to the Leclerc Brothers!

  • Mandy

    I agree with Michael Chickadee. Pass the tissue box please! :*)

    I vote for the Leclrec Brothers.

  • Anna Johnson

    Beauty is what describes the Leclerc Brothers commercial. When I first saw it I thought it was a National Geographic ad. JUST WOW!

    My vote is with the Leclerc Brothers.

  • Zach Handziak

    The Leclerc Brothers’ video was the only one that I watched twice. Most of the others I didn’t even finish once. If this were a cliché video contest… the other entries might have done well.
    Phil & Chris captured Michigan, and did it beautifully with video they shot themselves. (not stock)

    Cheers brothers of Leclerc!

  • Steven Beske

    Leclerc brothers are the choice

  • katherine L

    LECLERC BROTHERS above all!!! AMAZING!!!!! I don’t know how you could choose other wise!!!! IT’s so obvious:)

  • Mercy Morecraft

    WOW! The Leclerc Brothers have my vote! outstanding filmography, beautifully crafted and fit with the perfect music. I have never wanted to visit Michigan so much!

    I vote for the Leclercs :)

  • Jamie Warner

    I watched all of these, and I really think I like the LeClerc Brothers the best. Fantastic job! I liked Mark Boardman’s as well, but I definitely like the LeClerc’s the best.

  • Melissa

    I do have to say, that my vote goes to the Leclerc Brothers. Good work guys!

  • Brooke powers

    The Leclerc Brothers are amazing! They have my vote.

  • Amity

    The Leclerc Brothers have my vote. They do very high quality work and go the extra mile to make it look good!
    They are very dedicated to getting the job done right!

  • Amy T.

    Most DEFINITELY the Leclerc Brothers. First time I saw it I thought it already was a Pure Michigan ad! The cute kids make it unique and the beautiful scenery ties it all together.
    Nicely done!! :D

  • Bryan

    Leclerc all the way

  • Mallorie

    Definitely the Leclerc Brothers!