From Our Community: Fall in Pure Michigan

The official start of fall is this weekend! In honor of that, we asked fans on Facebook and Google+ “what does fall in Pure Michigan mean to you?”

From cool, crisp days at the cider mill to football games, homemade apple pie and fall color tours, fall means something special to everyone. See a roundup of some of our favorite responses below, and let us know what you’re doing this weekend to kick off the start of fall in Michigan!

“The beauty in color, the smell of crushed leaves that just fell from the trees. The fog rolling off the pond in the morning and the cool quietness just before I start my bike to enjoy this great state of Michigan trails.” - David Oliver

“Football. Tailgaiting at college and Lions games. Throwing the football. Fall in Michigan is just the best!” - Edward Kowalczyk

“Driving up to the U.P for a color run, Fall makes me happy, look forward to it every year, beautiful skies, beautiful trees , beautiful pit fires, it doesn't get any better than a Yooper Fall.” - Richard Kuklinski

“It means our annual family Fall Campout at Hartwick Pines State Park and Logging Camp the first weekend in October! Our parents started the tradition about 52 yrs ago....This year we will have about 10 campsites and 40 people, including 3 new babies!! We are soooo blessed!” - Mary Jane Noteware-Cotta

“Canoodling in downtown TC with friends or lovers, Spiced Chai Tea at Brew TC, and fall hikes on the Sleeping Bear Dunes = Pure Michigan, Pure Romance!” - Dee Deering

“I love the way the air smells! So crisp and clean and the way the leaves crunch under foot. The colors are beautiful and the chilly mornings make my coffee taste even better!!! I love fall in Michigan!!!” - Chanda Arnold De Sutter

“Fall in pure Michigan to me means going to Blake’s Cider Mill in Romeo. Moved down to North Carolina in 2006 and I miss my mitten!!!” - Lenore Yeszin

“Definitely the best time of year anywhere in the world....” - Brent Mathews

“It means salmon running at the Hamilton Dam, deer season about to be here, trapping and ice fishing are just around the corner ye’haa!!! Can't wait.” - Matt Johnson

Camping! Crisp, cool mornings with a campfire. Mmmm” - Stacy Gatz

“It means trees changing colors.. .Which leads to awesome tree tunnels down back roads in MI along with pumpkins cider and doughnuts and great sights to be cherished.” - Jennifer Sommers

 “ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Grand Valley Football, apples-donuts-cider, great selection at the farmers market, chilly wonderful nights.” - Samantha Prater

 “It means HOME to me!” - Laura Gronseth

“It means northern brewery tours!” - Jenny Yarbrough Erickson

 “The end of summer. :( It is when every hillside becomes a beautiful tapestry of amazing color. Cool nights, hot bonfires, and more great Michigan times with friends and family.” - Caryn Charter

 “I spent my first Pure Michigan fall on my honeymoon! I fell in love all over again. We stayed at Chateau Chantal, the colors were so beautiful and I've been trying to get back there ever since.” -  Vanessa Ray Hansen

“That I wish I was in Michigan!!!” - Blanche Ann Stoutmeyer

“Pure Michigan to me is the sun setting over Lake Huron, a chill in the air and the smell of a campfire in the distance.......AHHH home! ♥” - Lacie Kay Sidell