From Our Community: The Best Ice Cream in Michigan

Ice cream is a staple treat in Pure Michigan during summer months. From dairy farms to local shops, there are plenty of ice cream options to satisfy any sweet tooth across the state.

With July being National Ice Cream Month, we thought it would be fun to ask our fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ “what’s your favorite place to get ice cream in Michigan and what’s your favorite flavor?” We learned that if there’s one treat that Michiganders know and love, it’s ice cream! If you’re looking for a yummy treat this summer, here are some fan favorites to check out.

House of Flavors, located on the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan in Ludington, is one of the clear fan favorites. Serving some of the finest made ice cream in the Midwest, it’s sure to please anyone who stops in this summer. Here’s what fans are saying:

“House of Flavors in Ludington, Michigan. My favorite flavor is Blue Moon. :)” – JoLynn ‘Tacktor’ Jones

“peanut butter cup ice cream at House of Flavors in Ludington” – Karin Dereske Rourke

“House of Flavors in Ludington, after a day at the beach! #icecream” – @beckykoepke

Cook’s Dairy Farm is another cherished ice cream stop for Michiganders. Locals and visitors make it a point to stop by this Ortonville gem. Here’s what people love about Cook’s:

“Ahhhhh Cook’s Dairy Farm is the best and tractor trails ice cream yum-o!!!” – Lisa Jakuszeski Terry

“Cook’s in Ortonville. Cook’s Butter Pecan is the best ever!!” – Dale Ramig

“Favorite place: easy – Cook’s Farm Dairy in Ortonville. Favorite flavor – now THAT’S the hard one to answer – butter pecan, strawberry, cowpuccino, chocolate raspberry torte, eggnog (the best eggnog ever, and then as ice cream – double heaven). I dare anyone to try their triple scoop.” – Karen Kohn

The Michigan State University Dairy Store isn’t just for students. The dairy complex at the university produces some of the freshest ice cream you’ll ever taste. Fans around the state love this East Lansing establishment:

“Hands down the best ice cream in MI is at the MSU Dairy Store. As far as I’m concerned, they only need one flavor: Sesquicentennial Swirl. Chocolate and vanilla with huge chunks of cake and ribbons of frosting running through it.” – Mandy Wakeman

“MSU Dairy Store! Love the butter pecan ice cream!” – Paula Causie

“I’m a u of m guy but I gotta say msu dairy store!” – Scott Moore

“MSU Dairy Store. The best…” – Mary-Jo Lacey

Jones Homemade Ice Cream, an old fashioned ice cream shop in downtown Baldwin, has been manufacturing delicious ice cream since 1942. Fans love this nostalgic, friendly shop:

“Jones Ice Cream in Baldwin is the best place. There are way too many flavors to pick a favorite, though.” – Kathy Nefsey

“Jones Ice cream Baldwin, Mi.. Butter Pecan!!!! The best and biggest cones ever!!!” – Cl Whitman

Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City is another clear favorite among fans. Moomers makes over 120 different flavors, offering 20 daily to locals and visitors. Here’s what fans have to say about this family friendly shop:

“Moomers, Traverse City. Coffee toffee, yum!” – Karen Brenneman

“Moomers Traverse City….. Best Ever!” – Bob Stites

“Just went to Moomer’s in Traverse City a few days ago! AWESOME!!” – Dwight Billings

These are just a few of the many ice cream options around the state. View our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ posts to see what others’ favorite ice cream shops in Michigan are. If we left off your favorite, leave it in the comments section below!

69 thoughts on “From Our Community: The Best Ice Cream in Michigan

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  2. how can anyone leave out Alinosi in Grosse Pointe area now – formerly 6 mile rd. Bisque Tortoni is pure heaven, other flavors are only superb!

  3. I remember stopping at Jones Ice Cream in Baldwin when a kid and always getting one of their big delicious ice cream cones. Always the highlight of my trip.

  4. Dairy Station in downtown Tustin. Cleanest ice cream shop around and the service is excellent. THE BEST!

  5. Love Clarks on 12 Mile in Berkley, Michigan.My favorite is the Jacked Up Tennessee Whiskey.

  6. On my annual trip “home” to Pure Michigan I love to drive the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City and always stop for an ice cream cone at Old Mission General Store…believe they may serve Moomer’s, but not 100% sure…whatever, it is a big cone and hits the spot…the setting, the big front porch, and all of the stuff inside (food, wine, etc.)…always a joy

  7. Bunnys Frozen Custard in Lexington on Lakeshore rd. on Lake Huron…the Best Frozen Custard/Ice Cream…there is….
    The Best….

  8. Butter Pecan from Calder’s Dairy in Carleton Michigan and Chocolate Custard from Cool Cone in Belleville!

  9. How could this article NOT mention Sherman’s in South Haven? They have been making ice cream in the same location since 1916. Nothing beats it!

  10. Sadly, i have a dairy allergy and cannot eat ice cream. But there is a place in Livonia that sells Dole Whip (nondairy-type frozen deliciousness). The only other Michigan location I know of that sells Dole Whip is in Traverse City. Please give a loud SHOUT OUT if you know of any others in Michigan that serve Dole Whip. And thank you!

  11. Have seen many entries in this favorite ice cream in Michigan blog but none have mentioned “Higgens Drug Store” in Alden, right on Torch Lake. Absolutely the best Butter Pecan in the world. Honey coated pecans throughout and if you can eat a double dip you are better than I.

  12. Doozie’s Ice Cream Place in Mt. Pleasant!! It’s a must stop when we come back to town :)

  13. Miller Bros. Dairy of course!! It’s a Mt. Clemens staple. The longest running business in MC – if that tells you something ;) 42 favors of hand dipped Ice Cream. Flavors range from Grandma’s old fashioned oatmeal cookie to Red Velvet Cake! Kids love it and parents love the price! Come in and visit Irene, owner since 1982, works 7 days a week at the age of 88. Oh yeah…home of the “Blue Mooner” their most popular shake.

  14. Ice cream cones at Lennon Cafe in Lennon Mi….on M-13 just north of I 69 (exit 123)

  15. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really ended reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  16. Een toffee is een snoepje dat oorspronkelijk uit Engeland komt en dat vervaardigd werd uit karamel. Deze karamel werd op haar beurt vervaardigd door karamelisatie van suiker of melasse. Dit wordt gekookt met boter en soms meel. Het resultaat is een taai en zoet snoepje.

  17. There is a place up in the UP in Paradise just before the falls. I do not know the name of it but they have the best and u get alot for the price u pay. Next time u r up there stop in there and give them a shot. I bet u will feel the same way I do and my whole family.

  18. My favorites include: Aloha Camp Store (outside of Aloha State Park on Mullet Lake), The Big Dipper in Cheboygan, Shermans in South Haven and Oinks in New Buffalo. All flavors work for me!

  19. Guernsey Dairy in Northville/Novi has the richest premium ice cream in these United States!  Mmm Mmm Good!

  20. Jilberts ice cream at The Berry Patch in Copper Harbor is by far the best ice cream! The Mint Mackinac Island Fudge was divine! The family that serves the ice cream enhances the experience in this old-fashioned small town. Hats off to Berry Patch!!

  21. YUM the Washtenaw Dairy in Ann Arbor, Michigan!! Quaint old timey place with tons of flavors & butter milk to boot :)  but close enough to U of M to get college kids too!! they even sell homeade donuts to go with their dark, rich coffee:) A fav. with oldtimers!!

  22. Grindstone City General Store, in the thumb just outside Port Austin…Soft Chocolate of course!

  23. Caron’s Country Cones in Langston, MI.  It is the best home made ice cream in the state.  Their butter pecan is just loaded with pecans.

  24. With a Cherry on top in Pellston has really good ice cream, then owner gets it from moomers in Traverse City and has different flavors every other week so it ain’t the same ice cream week after week!! 

  25. The Parlour in Jackson should win hands down. It’s hard to even finish they give you so much.

  26. Mooville Creamery in Nashville…they have about any flavor you could possibly think of and its fresh made from their own dairy farm right next door

  27. Dairy Maid is the best!  The cousins all take the little ones after a day on the lake.  It’s a tradition!

  28. Dairy King, in downtown Plymouth, MI, has a great variety of flavor, my favorite is Black cherry. It is a great business too, highschoolers love to work there, some of them has been coming back to work in there for many years. There is a list at the window showing how long each employee has worked there.

  29. Sadly, Mandy’s assessment of the  Sesquicentennial Swirl from MSU’s Dairy Store is off a bit.  It is only vanilla ice cream.  But she is correct that it is the best ice cream around!  

  30. Anything from Captain Sundae in Holland!  Just ask George Bush!  He stopped there on his campaign trail.

  31. I am a Frankfort, MI native and ice cream shops are a staple on Main Street (3 in two blocks!). Therefore I rotate between them all! The Cool Spot, The Scoop, Kilwin’s, and The Dairy Maid are all amazing! 

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