From Our Community: The Ultimate Michigan Dish

With Michigan being home to so many unique, local restaurants, we thought it would be fun to ask fans “what do you think is the ultimate Michigan dish?” We got some great responses from our Facebook fans, and wanted to share a roundup of our favorites below.

If your answer isn’t on the list below, share with us in the comments section!


“Pan-Fried Whitefish!” – Noelle Kelly

“Pasties, of course!” – Lalah Godwin

“Mac~n~Cheese, or Saurkraut~n~brats, or chili, I could go on…. !!!!” – Bonnie Nethercott

“ANYTHING with Morel mushrooms!” – Steven Katz

“Fudge” – David Roney

“A coney from Lafayette Coney Island with a bag of better made chips and wash it all down with a Vernors.” – Kevin Patrick

“morel mushroom sauce over pan fried whitefish mmmmmmmmmmm goooood” – Jamie Lynn Mccall

“Since moving away 7 years ago, it’s coney dogs I miss the most.” – Troy Rice

“Anything with Michigan produce: asparagus, cherries, blueberries, peaches….” – Denise G. Cantrall

“Is this even a question? It’s coneys!” – Mark N Jillian

“LAKE PERCH!!!” – Anthony Orlando

“BLUE MOON ICE CREAM FROM SHERMAN’S DAIRY BAR!!!!! Can ice cream be classified as a dish? Lol” – Tracey Deddo

“By far, Pasties!” – Fran Stringer-Shoobridge

“Corn on the cob in August… or pasties… or cherries… or coneys… or whitefish from Superior… what a great state!” – Amy Heydlauff

Zingerman’s Pastrami or Corned Beef Reuben or a Sherman’s Sure Choice!! With a pickle of course. UP – pasties. Flint – Angelo’s Coney Dogs and Halo Burgers” – Jayne Doyle Jarvis

“Everything in all the above posts! Can’t wait to come home in a few weeks! :)” – Jodi Handley Perez

36 thoughts on “From Our Community: The Ultimate Michigan Dish

  1. Ice-creams are my favourites too! Does white fish mean fishes like Sear fish—its great. Do visit Cochin sometimes ;we do have a variety of fishes–fresh water ones !! Have a nice day

  2.  Maybe I haven’t had a good one. I’ll try your suggestion next time I’m on my way to Pictured Rocks. – Amy aka “reluctant troll”

  3. Any Kogel meat product.  Yummy!  Ground bologna sandwiches.  And(drum roll please) Corner Bar hotdogs in Rockford.

  4. It’s like a hot pocket: pastry like crust filled with meat, potatoes, veggies etc.  Usually fresh-made.

  5. Shepherd maple syrup with pancakes; Bells Brewery beer, Traverse City wines; Macinac fudge; Clare’s Cops n Doughnuts; Mt Pleasant’s The Pixie coney dogs; U.P. wild rice; Shepherd’s Kenny and Ramon Farms dried beans, especially their red beans-they are huge and beautiful in Red Beans and Rice. 

  6. Morel mushroom sauce on grilled whitefish with a side of asparagus and some fresh cherries and peaches for dessert.

  7. We miss Marie from when she had her place in Houghton.  Wonderful lady.  If you see her, tell her Jim Curtis from Houghton said “hi”.

  8. Wolfgangs omelets, Marie catribs cabbage soup, yesterdog, all in grand rapids. I will also be making a stop at Sherman’s for some blue moon ice cream. Those are my must haves whenever I visit home.

  9. Cross the bridge, go 20 miles West on US 2 to the White Tail Resort and get a Bison Pastie…the farthest thing from a dry mound of yuck you’ll ever eat :-)

  10. Definitely coney dogs, lake perch and whitecastles, since moving to Tennessee, I have to drive 40 miles for whitecastle, and there’s just not any coney islands around.  Can’t wait to come home for a visit.

  11. Sounds like a comment from an “Under-The-Bridge” Troll. CCG! (Cheshire Cat Grin) ….. “I improved my image by marrying a Copper Harbor YOOPER Girl!”

  12. I’m coming home to Grand Rapids next week from Whidbey Island, WA and the second thing I am doing is hitting Marie Catribe’s in Easttown for anything they’ve got! The first thing I am doing is throwing myself on the grass at Meijer Gardens in the sun. The third thing I am doing is eating having a cone at Custard by the Dam in Rockford!  Hello West Michigan!!!

  13. Pasties are disgusting! With so much good food in this state why choose those dry mounds of yuck? I like Jamie Lynn Mccall’s suggestion.

  14. Road Kill Roy’s BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich from Chef Shell’s Catering in Port Huron, MI

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