Tweetable facts about the Upper Peninsula (Plus a Giveaway!)

Update: The two winners of our Pure Michigan stocking cap giveaway are Brad whose favorite thing about the U.P. is pasties and Bill whose favorite is Lake of the Clouds. Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be hosting another giveaway in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is beautiful all year and here are 10 quick facts about the Upper Peninsula that you can share with your friends on Twitter. Simply click on any fact and it will automatically populate on your Twitter status bar. And while we’re talking Twitter, remember to follow Pure Michigan on Twitter as well.

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Fun fact: The Upper Peninsula contains 16,452 square miles, almost one-third of the land area of the state @Pure Michigan
Did you know Mount Arvon, the highest point in @PureMichigan, is in the Upper Peninsula?
Bird watchers in the Upper Peninsula have observed nearly 400 different species @PureMichigan
Like snowmobiling? The Upper Peninsula offers 3,000 miles of groomed trails @PureMichigan
The Soo Locks in Chippewa is 155 yrs. old and allows the passage of boats from Lake Superior to the lower Great Lakes
Fun fact: more than 30 sunken ships can be found in Bays de Noc in the Upper Peninsula @PureMichigan
Did you know some areas of the Upper Peninsula can get more than 25 ft. of snow a year? @PureMichigan
The Cisco chain of lakes in the Upper Peninsula has 271 miles of shoreline @PureMichigan
Lake Gogebic is the largest inland lake in the Upper Peninsula, known for walleye, bass and jumbo perch @PureMichigan
Did you know the Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere with 7,400 ft. of roadway?
  • Timothy funk

    Some of my favorite things in the U.P. are the Mackinaw Bridge, Tahquamenon falls, Pictured Rocks and Iron Mountain.

  • Paul Rosales

    I love the smoked fish and pasties they have at every store.. Plus the site is awesome no matter what time of yr you are up there…..

  • Stanley Godley

    The Upper Peninsula , gives you that special feeling , it’s hard to explain , Peaceful , Nature , going back in time , LOVE .

  • Andrea Young

    The vast unspoiled wilderness

  • Josh Jones

    My father took myself and my family every year for 26 years. The UP has taught me to appreciate a lot of things in life. The stars, cool mornings in the summer, fresh water, wildlife, fishing, and knowing back trails to places I want to show my own kids. My Dad has passed away but I am so thankful to spend that time with him on our vacations to the U.P.

  • Sheri Daniels

    I guess spending time with my family camping and getting to visit and live there forh time we were up there. I find it hard to pick just one with all that beauty. But you add all the beauty and good family memorys and you have something for life. I guess if I must pick one it would have to be when my boys first went to the up and saw the bridge and the great lakes. Pretty impressive way to start. It say’s come on over there’s plenty more to see and do from here. And there was!

  • Jack Prince

    My favorite thing about the UP has got to be camping and kayaking during the fall changing of the colors on the leaves.

  • Ashley

    My favorite thing about the Upper Peninsula is that it was where I was raised and shaped me into who I am today. The small-town, surrounded-by-nature, friendly community I grew up in is something I will always be grateful for…not to mention all the natural wonders to be found in da U.P.! I love my “motherland” and everybody who knows me knows it!

  • hr doran

    As with so many other folks, family camping trips and annual treks to summer camp that started when my parents were kids were the highlights of our summers.

  • Pam Keck Williams

    The peacefulness. When we cross
    the bridge the beautiful scenery engulfs you and holds you throughout your stay. Copper Harbor is one of our favorite destinations with the quaint shops and friendly people. We can’t cross the bridge without sampling a batch of freshly baked pasties. We’re “trolls” with “da yupper” waiting to be set free.

  • Chris

    The UP is a vast expanse of beauty…in any season.

  • Melanie Farkas

    I love the UP’s wide open spaces. There aren’t many places anymore that you can drive for miles and enjoy landscape!

  • Aubree Parr

    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! It truly is a Pure Michigan.. :)

  • Justin Connor

    Four favorites of mine are sitting on the beach at Whitefish Point just watching the freighters pass. Another is walking the trails in Tahquamenon Falls park on a summer evening. A nice evening cruise along Pictured Rocks Lakeshore, and also Engineer’s Day at the Soo.

  • Amy

    My favorite things about the UP are of course the bridge #1…but also the Casino’s and the Lighthouses. It’s so beautiful up there!

  • Steve Kurban

    I loved the fun times and the welcoming people. The years I lived there while stationed there we some of the most wonderful times I had in my 21 year career in the USAF. One thing I reallyl enjoyed was dipping smelt down by Escanaba…many late nights of fun. The beautfil fall colors are another wonderful sight…

  • Mike Van Wormer II

    I haven’t been to the U.P. in years, although from what I can remember, I enjoyed visiting the iron mine in Iron Mountain, the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, and Tahquamenon Falls.

  • Leah Malcolm

    I love everything about the U.P.! The Keweenaw Peninsula is the best but Grand Marais is a close 2nd!

  • Cheryl Dwyer

    the best part of the UP of Michigan is, in my opinion, Copper Harbor. Standing on the shore and looking way out on lake…nothing like it, anywhere…and looking for greenstones…unbeatable. I’ve been to ocean beaches that don’t even come close to the sheer beauty Michigan has to offer.

  • Natalie Depper

    I was born and raised in Northern Michigan and we vacationed in the UP often. I now live in Topeka, KS. My favorite thing about the UP is the quietness, and great expanses where there are very few people. Living in the city now I have come to appreciate peace quiet more than I ever did before.

  • Lori Adkins

    My favorite part of the U.P is crossing the 2nd bridge and entering the heart of the Keweenaw. My maternal grandparents grew up there and we are decedents of Copper Miners from Finland. It is a completely different world up there and I miss it terribly the summers I can’t make the trip.

  • Josh Hendrickson

    I honestly love only having to drive maybe half a mile to get away from any type of city. You are instantly in the wilderness and there is always somewhere that needs to be explored.

  • Carrie Hartenburg

    My Dad was born in Munising, beautiful Country…

  • Yvonne Bingaman

    I love the beauty, the peace and quiet, and the wonderful people of the UP. I like the I can wander on a trash-free beach and look out across the greatest lake in the world.

  • jeff sonderman

    It’s like living in Kodachrome!

  • Charles Ray

    Just the wild beauty of the u.p. is awsome, but the part I enjoyed most was the Copper Harbor Area…breathtaking….

  • Connie

    I love the Colors of Fall best!

  • Lisa Karafa

    Helen Newberry Joy, refused to concede to the internal combustion engine and drove her electric car from 1914 to 1958

  • D Somoskey

    People are always associating Michigan with Detroit only, Detroit is making huge stride to coming back, but Michigan is so complex and beautiful, from the leaves in the Fall, to the sunrise on the Great Lakes of Michigan. Michigan is so much more than people think, come to Michigan, and see for yourself, and feel Michigan in your soul.

  • Kim Moore

    I love the pasties, Pictured Rocks, and camping on Lake Superior all my life growing up, the best. Thanks Mom & Dad.

  • Betsee

    One comment? Oy. I think my favorite thing about the UP is that Michigan is the only state that has a UP. It’s ours. No one else’s. We allow others to visit and enjoy it, but it’s ours. It’s our heritage. It’s our bridge. It’s our trees and our water. Our Tahquamenon Falls, our Mount Arvon. Please, come visit, but then go back home ;)

  • Karen Meyer

    Although it’s tough to pick a favorite, I’d have to say Laughing Whitefish Falls is it. My kids and I went there in the summer when the only clue that any water was even there was the shimmer of sunlight on it. But when we returned in the spring, the falls were so intense that I was afraid the kids would be pulled into it. It’s fabulous any time of year.

  • Edd Tury

    The big woods in Iron County where we hunt every November.

  • Tina Seeborg

    That you DON’T call stocking caps or knit hats a “toboggan” which is what I learned they’re called in the South, after moving to Alabama! :O|
    The first time I heard someone say something about a guy wearing a toboggan on his head, imagine my surprise lol
    [orig. Flint, MI]

  • Emily LaBrecque

    I love canoeing and kayaking the Ontonagon River. It is very peaceful in many parts and has some fun little rapids in others. It is all extremely beautiful, though. The trip is very relaxing.

  • Sue Mance

    I have fond memories as a kid visiting family that lived near Negaunee. My favorite part of the visit were side trips to Marquette and the Keewenaw. I just loved the views of Lake Superior and remember going into a copper mine once.

  • Kathryn Roussey

    I LOVE Grand Marias. There is something so peaceful about watching the waves roll in by the pier or hiking along the Pictured Rocks trail. I can’t wait for my next visit!

  • Kelly Schindler

    Who doesn’t love the exciting moment when arriving at the Mackinaw Bridge? NO ONE! It is a spectacular view that will last in the memories of children for years to come. I should know because that is what I remember most, my first visit to the bridge.

  • Th1ck

    The almost untouched terrain, along with the wildlife and insects got love it all.

  • Michael Worthington

    My favorite places to visit in the U.P. are Tahquamenon Falls and Macinac!

  • Susan

    We spent our honeymoon in the U.P. 32 years ago. We go up there atleast once a year, it’s a beautiful place! Gotta love love those Yuppers……..

  • Christa Keller

    PASTIES!!! Also Brimley State Park, Point Iroquois Lighthouse, and Whitefish Point!

  • Caroline Lulko

    Love the fresh clean beaches!

  • Alex Roussey

    manisque east breakwater lighthouse

  • Jill

    My parents my Aunt and I go up North every year for Labor Day weekend. Its one of the best weekends of the year. I like that first glance at the Mackinac Bridge, and how photogenic it is. The cool fresh air is wonderful as well.

  • Diana Adams

    My favorite thing about the UP is Copper Harbor! OMG! I’ve lived in MI for 15 years and have only been to the UP one time and now I want to move up there! The unspoiled beauty, the lack of people (I’ve become a curmudgeon) and the seasons are SO dramatic! There’s no comparison!

  • Kevin Chrysler

    I love porcupine mtn.’s. It is a beautiful place to camp with great fishing, tons of beautiful trails, coastline, and waterfalls. It is so far off the beaten path it is the perfect U.P. Getaway and by far my favorite place in Michigans upper penninsula.

  • Erin

    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

  • Elizabeth Bowen

    My favorite thing about the Upper P. is the fall colors. I recently moved, and I continuously brag about how beautiful my home is in the fall. There is nothing like it anywhere else. Pure Michigan.

  • Maureen

    The colors of fall and the Mackinac bridge/island