Tweetable facts about the Upper Peninsula (Plus a Giveaway!)

Update: The two winners of our Pure Michigan stocking cap giveaway are Brad whose favorite thing about the U.P. is pasties and Bill whose favorite is Lake of the Clouds. Congratulations to our winners! We’ll be hosting another giveaway in the next few weeks, so be sure to check back.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is beautiful all year and here are 10 quick facts about the Upper Peninsula that you can share with your friends on Twitter. Simply click on any fact and it will automatically populate on your Twitter status bar. And while we’re talking Twitter, remember to follow Pure Michigan on Twitter as well.

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Fun fact: The Upper Peninsula contains 16,452 square miles, almost one-third of the land area of the state @Pure Michigan
Did you know Mount Arvon, the highest point in @PureMichigan, is in the Upper Peninsula?
Bird watchers in the Upper Peninsula have observed nearly 400 different species @PureMichigan
Like snowmobiling? The Upper Peninsula offers 3,000 miles of groomed trails @PureMichigan
The Soo Locks in Chippewa is 155 yrs. old and allows the passage of boats from Lake Superior to the lower Great Lakes
Fun fact: more than 30 sunken ships can be found in Bays de Noc in the Upper Peninsula @PureMichigan
Did you know some areas of the Upper Peninsula can get more than 25 ft. of snow a year? @PureMichigan
The Cisco chain of lakes in the Upper Peninsula has 271 miles of shoreline @PureMichigan
Lake Gogebic is the largest inland lake in the Upper Peninsula, known for walleye, bass and jumbo perch @PureMichigan
Did you know the Mackinac Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere with 7,400 ft. of roadway?
  • Tom Crites

    Tom C.
    I like being in the U.P. with my wife. We are always on another adventure. We’ve been going 2-3 times a year. Discovering new interesting places each and every time. Never a disappointing trip, rain, snow or shine. Experinenced one of the best color tours of our lifetime along the Lake Superior shoreline the first week in Oct., great weather to boot. Just love reading novels of the U.P. also. It’s just great aye!!

  • Bill Southwell

    Marquette is my favorite place to be. Walking in the park at Mattson Harbor, visiting Presq Isle park and watching the waves of Lake Superior crash on the black rocks. In the fall nothing surpasses the beauty of the trees changing colors in contrast to the black rocks and the water spraying up on them. Say ya to da Up eh?

  • Wendy LaFond

    My favorite place in the U.P. is Porcupine Mountain State Park. Lake of the Clouds is breathtaking, the Black River area is a lesson in raw natural beauty, and the Lake Superior shoreline is a beachcombers paradise. Wisconsin to Colorado, Puerto Rico to New York – I have seen and experienced a lot of Gods wonders and natural beauty in this great country, but nothing compares to the Porcupine Mountains of the Upper Peninsula. I live in Port Huron and the Blue Water Area comes in a close second on my Michigan favorites list. Spectacular sunrises across Lake Huron.

  • Amy Ney

    I love Lake Superior and also the pictured rocks. Gorgeous!!

  • Stephen Upham

    My favorite thing about the Upper Peninsula are the awesome sunsets visible from the Les Cheneaux Islands!

  • Bergstrom

    One of our favorite U.P. spots is the jumping and climbing the logslide at Pictured Rocks and then we head over to AuTrain beach for a jump off the bridge and a float in the AuTrain river…great memories!

  • Bert Broesamle

    My favorite thing gee its hard to pick . Every place is so special to me because its mi. The lakes the rivers forest and beaches how could u pick one I luv mi. and proud to live in pure mi.

  • Amy Berridge

    I can’t pick just one favorite. The list is:
    Fayette ghost town
    Oswald’s bear ranch
    Seney Wildlife Refuge
    Pictured Rocks
    Cut River Bridge
    And Chet and Pat’s Ice Cream Shop in Curtis.

  • laura orlowski

    I’ve only been as far as the Soo Locks and that was 20+ years ago. I’d love to dip my toes in Lake Superior!

  • Dusten Retcher

    One of my favorite things to do when traveling to the U.P. is driving across the Mackinac Bridge, it is just gorgeous! Truly it is an engineering marvel.

  • Alysa Hoffman

    My favorite part of the the UP is spending every summer growing up at my Grandparents property right on lake superior between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. The most perfect place ever!

  • Tara Opsteen-Van Dyke

    My favorite part of the U.P. is EVERYTHING! My husband knows that when I hear a “Pure Michigan” commercial or see a billboard, we’ll be making the drive. As lighthouse buffs, we love driving to Crisp Point. Pictured Rocks is breathtaking, and we enjoy camping at Hurricane River and hiking to Au Sable Lighthouse. In the winter we love Marquette and the whole lakeshore while following the U.P. 200.

  • Nancy Daughtry

    My favorite spot is at (can’t spell it) Taquamnimumnumnum….Falls! The walk up to the small falls is so peaceful. The whole sight is breathtaking and beautiful. I want to paint them in oil and place them side by side in my living room. The color on a sunny day is wonderful and has all the rainbow colors! Love it!

  • Julie

    Whitefish Point is my favorite place in the UP. Especially walking along the beach there and watching the freightors and the great Lake Superior.

  • Susan LaFrance

    Paradise, pure Paradise. Spectacular sunrises. Tacquamenon Falls, natural footpath trails between the Upper and Lower Falls,Hiawatha State Park, and there is a Blueberry Festival in August. The whole town turns blue!

  • Cathy Brubaker

    I love everything about the UP. Our son goes to Michigan Tech and it is such a beautiful drive anytime of the year. My parents have a cabin on Indian Lake and every summer I go for 1-2 weeks and just relax. The UP is the one place I can go and forget about life back under the bridge!! So my favorite place to go is Indian Lake in Manistique and of course shopping at Peoples downtown. :)

  • Stefan Sandelin

    I would have to say my favorite place in the U.P. is the pictured rocks. Specifically the section of the North Country Trail that goes right along the edge of the cliffs. That section of trail is the most beautiful place I have ever been! Every turn gives you yet another absolutely amazing view! Wish I could live there!

  • Murphy Gill

    My wife and I love St. Ignace, MI. It’s a beautiful little town just across the Mackinac Bridge.

  • g l garlock

    I love the Eagle Harbor area. Great lighthouse; nice “feel” and a very warm small town on the end of the earth, the north side of the north part of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

  • Bill Longenecker

    The UP is so kewl. How can you pick one spot? If I have to I’ll go with Lake of the Clouds.

  • Sandra Sabo

    Ilove the UPjust because its Michigan. And the Lower P where i live isnt bad either.

  • Amy Trotter

    Watching the sunset and skipping stones at Whitefish Point is one of my most memorable stay-cations in Michigan, which also included fishing just about every little stream and AuTrain Lake, visiting Picture Rocks, and every other scenic turnout and waterfall as we drove east from Munising. It was my first vacation with my then-boyfriend, now husband. We even took pictures of our butt prints in the sand and have it framed on our mantel.

  • Susan Wallick Schemmer

    My favorite spot? My house:
    (Shameless plug)

  • Toni Berry

    Love the view from Brockway Mountain in Copper Harbor. In one direction is Lake Superior as far as the eye can see; it fades right into the horizon. In the other direction are the beautiful trees, lakes, and rolling hills. It is especially breathtaking in Autumn!

  • Linda mckinney

    I don’t know if I can pick just one place ….
    Sand pointe…. Munising falls…
    Fall in all it’s spelendor…
    The people of our upper penisulia
    Are just the finest people around
    I love the u.p.
    My favorite place

  • Treva B

    Waves along Lake Superior are spectacular in the cold season. Having one of them wash over you in November while you view them is chill to the bone.

  • Robyn Lamb

    My Favorite part about the UP is the sand. We feel we are truly on vacation once we hit the clean, soft sand of the UP, we also love looking for Petosky stones ! !

  • jane m domagalski

    My favorite place in the UP is the roadside park on the western side, top of the keewinaw penninsula fin. Also the monks Jam Pot in the same area. Close seconds are the views of Keewinaw Bay from Baraga and I love the Porkies!

  • Kerry

    My favorite part of the UP would have to be where I made the best memories ~ Michigan Tech! …and the whole Keweenaw peninsula! We just love all the hidden waterfalls sprinkled through the UP. It’s hard to just pick one favorite part.

  • timothy price

    Crisp Point Lighthouse.Well off the beaten path so usually you have the area to yourself with spectacular views of mighty Lake Superior.

  • Dan Cojanu

    Marquette. Anything in, on or near Marquette is most beautiful place in Michigan

  • Jennifer Geno

    Although I love the Lake of the Clouds, I have to say that Whitefish Point is my favorite U.P. spot because that is where my husband and I had one of our first dates shortly after we met. I have the best picture of him walking on the beach.

  • John Mills

    One of my favorite places in the UP is Pictured Rocks. I have hiked the trails along the top of Pictured Rocks and can tell you that there is no other place like this on earth! The views are simply breath-taking. I was able to take a picture while hikiing with a friend of mine over a three-day weekend and used that picture as a cover for our Christmas cards that year. It had aqua water and blue sky in the background and greenery with red berries in the foreground. I will never forget those great times along Lake Superior!

  • Debi Murray

    So many things to love about the Upper Peninsula, but my favorite is rock hunting

  • Arnold Fox

    What do you mean there isn’t a bus to take you back to the lower Tahquamenon Falls? Hahaha. The joke was on me, but the hike back was even more stunning.

  • Denise Twarkowski

    I will never forget the salmon run in the Porcupine Mountain State Park. Wow…you could have caught those salmon with your bare hands.

  • Dane Andree

    The memories, of all the fun and exploring we have done in the U.P. over the years.

  • Judy Sharum

    I love going up to Porupine Mountains! You stand out at the tip and can see forever! Its like looking at many states all at same time. The wilderness is beautiful(except the bears! LOl) and camping there-amazing! Go around end of august to middle of sept and see some of the color changes!!!

  • Julie Falk

    I love the UP – the trails, the waterfalls, Porcupine Mountains… so much! But I think my favorite place is Twelve-Mile Beach, just north of the Pictured Rocks. The rustic campground there is situated on a sandy bluff that overlooks Lake Superior. On the beach you can find beautiful rocks just under the surface of the clear water or go body surfing when the waves are high. A deep woods trail climbs the hill, loops around, and brings you back to the campground a couple of miles later. And don’t forget the white birch forest!

  • Jim Coffey

    The 1st time I visited the UP I was amazed at how beautiful Sault Ste. Marie was. It remains my favorite place in Michigan, as I can not think of any other place that better defines the “Pure Michigan” label.

    Jim Coffey

  • Donna Roberts

    It’s all so gorgeous, but my favorite thing to do is to get a big honking muffin at the Jampot then drive up the road to Cat Harbor and sit at the picnic tables there and watch Lake Superior and eat my muffin. Heaven!
    I also like exploring the over 150 U.P. waterfalls. Whitefish Falls is my favorite, especially when the sun shines on the water and makes it sparkle.
    And of course I have to mention Winter Carnival at Michigan Tech. What a blast!

  • Laurie O’Dell

    I love Tahquamenon Falls and White Fish point!

  • Anny Hubbard

    I might have done this already . I have so many favorite places in the UP.
    One of my favorites is the mouth of the 2 hearted river. The bridge to the beach and having both a river and the big lake to play in make it too much fun! Nothing like a misty sunrise and hot campfire coffee chillin’ with my friends.

  • Lisa Greutman

    The best of all was backpacking on Isle Royal, awesome hikes. We even saw a moose.

  • Nick Wildey

    Either Pictured Rocks or Copper Harbor. I love the formations and colors of the pictured rocks and would love to someday kayak alongside them. I love Copper Harbor for it’s small-town feel, seclusion, and natural beauty. Plus, it’s Michigan’s top of the world and the last stop before Isle Royal!

  • karen

    there’s nothing quite like hand picking thimbleberries up at Copper Harbor and then going back to our camper and making margarine tubs of thimbleberry jam right there. It’s a gem that only can be found in the UP!

  • Tom

    So much to choose from; Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Escanaba, the Soo Locks, Marquette, Porcupine Mountains, Lake of the Clouds, Father Marquette site, Tahquamenon, Seney National Wildlife Refuge, anyplace that sells a good pasty.

    But I guess if pressed I will go with Fayette Historic Townsite. It’s haunting to step back in time and visit a vanished way of life that really didn’t last long but is brought back so vividly you can almost feel the heat of the blast furnaces smelting iron and the smell of a father’s pipe inside one of the modest homes that dot the site. I’ll go with Fayette.

  • Ilene

    I love the UP’s beauty, Waterfalls, fresh air, black bears, and lake Superior.

  • Terri Jo Umlor

    Chapel Rock/Mosquito beach loop of the pictured rocks national lakeshore is my favorite part of the U.P.
    Although, the village of Paradise and all the nearby hiking trails are a close 2nd.

  • Pat Raap

    I love all the beautiful waterfalls of the UP. I have a book of over 100 natural waterfalls in the UP……there are many that take you off the beaten path. One in particular is a Rest Stop along side the road, you follow the path back to Canyon falls… of the prettiest falls up there, I think. The roads you drive on to find them can be very scenic as well, and some of them you will find are as beautiful as Tahquamenon Falls. The Picture Rock National shoreline, is also gorgeous, with a few of those falls running right into it.