Aerial Assignment: Beaver Island

Photo credit - Kevin J. Miyazaki Kevin Miyazaki, a contributing photographer for Michigan Travel Ideas, shares his experience of shooting Beaver Island Michigan from a two-seater airplane.

I’m a frequent flier for photography assignments, but one thing I’m not accustomed to is chatting with the pilot during flight. Through the use of a headset and microphone, my partner in conversation is Keith Teague, owner of Fresh Air Aviation. Keith makes several trips a day from Charlevoix to Beaver Island in small but comfortable passenger planes. The one we’re in today is much smaller—a two-seater he’s pulled out of the hanger specifically for this occasion.

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Midwest State of Mind

Photo credit - Berlin SohnGuest Blogger Michelle Martin has moved out of state, but her Michigan memories have taught her that there is no place like home.

I am what is called a New York City transplant—I live here, but I’m certainly not from here.

I am the cliché: the starry-eyed Midwestern girl who journeyed to the Big Apple in search of fame and romance, destined to make all my dreams come true. My cozy little Shoe Box, a nickname for my studio apartment which is only slightly bigger than an actual shoebox, is truly an Upper East Side haven, steps away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and nestled among the classic and quaint brownstones that NYC is famous for. That must be what my jaw-dropping rent payment is for—quaintness. Continue reading