Five Amazing Instagram Photos from Our Fans in June 2015

No matter where you are in the Great Lakes state, your views won’t disappoint! Our fantastic and talented Instagram community ventured outdoors to find some captivating Pure Michigan moments. From sunrises to magnificent stars, here are just a few of our favorites from June. 

A beautiful capture of the shores of Bay Harbor. Captured by @laurenstarmer.

Instagram User @laurenstarmer

A gorgeous sunrise seen at the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron. Photo courtesy of @tony.bennett.

Instagram User @tony.bennett

You never know what you’ll find traveling the back roads. Captured by @up_north_life in Presque Isle County in Northern Michigan.

Instagram User @up_north_life

A morning shot off of the coast of Isle Royale. Captured by @ntayers.

Instagram User @ntayers

Staring up at the stars off the coast of Lake Huron. A magical sight. Photo courtesy of @danfreiphoto.

Instagram User @danfreiphoto

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Five Jaw Dropping Instagram Photos from our Fans in May 2015

We’re always impressed by the beautiful and unique photos our fans share with us on social channels each day. We’ve seen a ton of magnificent shots from our Pure Michigan Instagram community that were captured all across the state. From the majestic views of Pictured Rocks to the beautiful inland scenery in Petoskey, here are just a few of our favorites from last month.

The view from the top of Pictured Rocks is quite the stunner! Thanks to @trippfayphoto for sharing this Pure Michigan moment.


We can’t help but stop and stare at this breathtaking reflection of a Midland bridge. Instagram fan @he_lium captured this tranquil Pure Michigan shot.


We could sit and stare out at the horizon all day! @ash.ley.w shared this beautiful shot of Lake Superior near Little Presque.


Michigan is known for stunning Great Lakes scenery, but the sights inland are equally as breathtaking. This picturesque view of the country side in Petoskey came from @markeross.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about this picture of Detroit? What are your favorite places to go when you’re in the Motor City? Thanks to @regalt for sharing.


Have you captured a fantastic Pure Michigan photo recently? If you’re on Instagram, follow us @puremichigan! If you’d like us to share your photos from across the state, please tag them with #PureMichigan to give us permission to “re-gram.”

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Take a Michigan Vacation (CLOSED: Plus a Giveaway!)

Traveling is a great way to reconnect and have fun with family and friends.  But, did you know that studies have shown that taking vacations can lead to better productivity, less stress and better health.  

However, many people aren’t taking advantage of their vacation days.  More than 40 percent of Americans say they didn’t take a single vacation day last year, according to Skift.

In honor of National Tourist Appreciation Day, here are five reasons why you should treat yourself to a Pure Michigan vacation.  We are also giving away a $100 gift certificate to the  to kick Pure Michigan Store start your summer!  See details below.


Photo courtesy of Castle in the Country Bed & Breakfast

1. Recharge Your Batteries: A 2011 study by Expedia found that 35 percent of Americans feel better about their job and are more productive after a vacation. Vacations help us recharge because we sleep better during and shortly after them. When we return, our brain responds quicker. To recharge your batteries, try a relaxing weekend at one of the 400 cozy Bed and Breakfasts throughout the state.

2. Unleash Your Inner Picasso: Staring out at a beautiful Michigan sunset isn’t just a treat for your eyes; it’s good for your brain too! Studies have shown nature scenes activate areas of the brain associated with less stress. Daydreaming allows you to be more creative and be a better problem solver, too.  Take a look at our Instagram page for inspiration on places to take in a Pure Michigan sunset.

Tunnel Park

Photo courtesy of Holland Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

3. Great Lakes, Great Relaxation: Stress is known to be harmful to our health. One of the many antidotes to stress is a vacation, especially near water! One study showed that people were five percent happier when they were near a body of water. The color blue is known to stimulate positive emotional responses, too.  With numerous beaches to choose from along 3,126 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, a Michigan beach vacation is good for you

4.Connecting While Relaxing: Picnics on the beach or canoeing as a family can strengthen your bond with loved ones while creating unforgettable memories! Some studies suggest that group travel builds social ties, which encourages life-long learning.

Copper Harbor Trails

Photo courtesy of Copper Harbor Trails and Hansi Johnson

5. Get Physical: Active vacations are proven to lower health risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and more, according to the Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a mountain biking excursion in Keweenaw.

Vacations offer the opportunity to discover new things and places to enrich and transform your perspective. Where will you take your next Pure Michigan vacation?

Do you want to score a $100 gift certificate to the Pure Michigan store? Simply tell us in the comments section below what your favorite Pure Michigan vacation destination is and what item from the Pure Michigan store you’d want to pack in your suitcase. We’ll then select one lucky winner at random to win a $100 gift certificate. To be eligible, simply submit your comments (along with your email address) by Thursday, May 7 at 11:59 p.m. EST. We’ll contact the winner Friday morning using the email address provided (we won’t share it or sell it to anybody).

UPDATE: This contest has ended and the winner has been contacted via email. Thank you to all those who participated!