U.P. Road Trip in the Fall

Special thanks to Michael Trudeau for taking us along for a road trip through the U.P. The fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the sights our state has to offer. Read more with Pure Michigan Connect!

With the Mackinac Bridge shrinking in my rear view mirror, I headed west on route 2 full of excitement and wonder for what I would encounter in the next four days. I was really astonished with the Keweenaw Peninsula for it seemed to come to life for me during my visit. Houghton and Hancock were bustling with vitality and they appeared to exist within their own little world without a care of what was happening elsewhere. Calumet welcomed me as if to say, “We were waiting for you.” The people of Calumet knew they lived in a very special place and took great pleasure in sharing their own unique perspective of what Calumet is to them.

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