Eleven Scenic Places to Take a Selfie in Michigan

With digital cameras readily accessible, it’s easy to capture yourself in a Pure Michigan moment at almost anytime, anywhere! Last week, we asked our fans to share their best Pure Michigan ‘selfies’ with us, and we saw some awesome shots! From in front of the Mighty Mac to skimming the open waters of Lake Superior, there are so many scenic settings to snap a selfie in Michigan. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

Admiring the Mackinac Bridge. Photo by Molly Hagerl.
Molly Hagerl Mackinac Bridge

Tulip Time selfie in front of DeZwaan Windmill. Photo by Carrie Cobb.Carrie Kobb Tulip Time DeZwaan

Taking in the view at Tahquamenon Falls. Photo by Penny Rushing.
Penny Rushing Tahquamenon Falls

Beautiful day at Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Photo by Edwin Martinez.
Edwin Martinez Big Sable Point Lighthouse

What a view from Pictured Rocks! Photo by Katie Beck.Katie Beck Pictured Rocks

Biking around Mackinac Island. Photo by Kristen Lemire.Kristen Lemire Biking around Mackinac Island

Hanging out near Turnip Rock. Photo by Megan Britko.
Megan Britko Turnip rocks

Lovely day in Ludington. Photo by Betsy Osborn.Ludington Lighthouse Betsy Osborn

Enjoying Miner’s Falls. Photo by Megan Avdek.Megan Avdek Miners Falls

Kayaking on Lake Superior. Photo by Laura Nelson. Laura Nelson Kayaking Pictured Rocks

Waiting to catch the sunset at the Holland Lighthouse. Photo by Shari Davis.Shari Davis Sunset at Holland Lighthouse

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Five Excellent Instagram Photos from Our Fans in May 2014

We’re always impressed by the beautiful and unique photos our fans share with us on social channels each day. This May, we saw a ton of magnificent shots from our Pure Michigan Instagram community that were captured all across the state. From polar plunges in the Upper Peninsula to pastel sunsets along the coast of  Lake Michigan, here are just a few of our favorites.

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A breathtaking starry night sky in Michigan. Photo by @danfreiphoto.


A priceless pastel sunrise over Charlevoix. Photo by @danberck.


Some brave adventurers take the plunge into the lingering icy waters of Lake Superior. Photo by @lizziecorser.


Magnificent shot of a blustery day along the shores of Marquette, MI. Photo by @ztwede.


 A blazing Ludington sunset to end the day in Pure Michigan. Photo by @ramble142.


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